The Metro Tile - Still a Stylish Choice

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There’s no doubt about it, the classic metro tile is still as popular as ever. From it’s utilitarian roots lining the walls of underground tunnels it’s now been elevated to a stylish choice for kitchens and bathrooms. And one that never seems to date or go out of style.

Crown Tiles - Metro Grey.jpg

Part of the reason for this is because the metro tile suits all kinds of interiors. It’s the natural choice for country style kitchens, but it doesn’t look out of place either in industrial style lofts and barn conversions. Or, come to that, traditional style homes or uber contemporary and slick interiors.

Crown Tiles - Metro Green.jpg

It’s also possible to ring the changes with application. Metro tiles can look quite different depending on the colour used for the grouting. White grout will always look traditional with white tiles but change the grout to dark grey and the look changes to a more industrial style.

Crown Tiles - Metro White.jpg

Or indeed, the tiles can be hung differently. Herringbone patterns are now quite popular, as is laying the tiles one on top of the other instead of in the more usual brick pattern.

The only limit is the imagination.

Crown Tiles - Metro.jpg

All tiles shown are from the Rustic Range at Crown Tiles, which have a lovely handmade, vintage feel.