The New Alternative to Canvas Prints: Fabric Wall Murals

Many of us have lovely canvas prints hanging on our walls at home - after all, they’re a great way of showing off our favourite photos or artwork. Well now there’s an alternative to canvas prints, and one that could revolutionise how we decorate our homes - fabric wall murals.

These framed fabric prints are courtesy of a UK company called Transform a Wall who are on a mission to, as the name suggests, transform the walls of homes everywhere. And the thing that sets them apart is that the prints are made-to-measure.

This means that while you can always choose a regular-sized piece of art for your living room or bedroom, and it’ll still look great, you have the opportunity to create an entire feature wall and turn the room into something really quite special.

The frames arrive in sections and the fabric comes rolled up, so once the frame is assembled on the wall, you simply stretch the picture over it and you’re done. And one of the best things about the prints is that they can easily be swapped out for something else, so if you have a frenetic sports scene but want something a little more relaxing, you can just swap it for a serene landscape or beach scene.

The range of pictures you can choose from is also impressive, allowing you to create pretty much any atmosphere or match any decor. Here are some of the collections on offer…

Forest & Trees

There are few things as relaxing as a walk in the forest among the trees, so if you want to create a room that makes you feel at ease the moment you walk in, then a wall mural featuring a forest scene is ideal.

Beach scenes

How often do you wish you could just whisk yourself away to a desert island, lie on the golden sand and feel the crystal clear water lap over your feet? Well the beach scene prints can’t quite do that but it’s probably the next best thing.


If you’re not much of a countryside person, you may prefer something a little more urban, and there are some awe-inspiring cityscapes available, including New York, Dubai, London and more.

Children’s images

If you’re looking to create an imagination boosting bedroom for your little cherubs, then a giant, colourful wall mural will do just that. Think princesses, cowboys, superheroes and everything between. They might even ask to go to bed!

Traditional artwork

If you’re somewhat of a culture vulture and prefer more traditional pieces of artwork, then there’s plenty of that on offer too. There is pop art inspired images, Monet-esque pieces, abstract art and just about everything in between, so no matter what your taste is, there’s bound to be something you like.

These are only a handful of the collections on offer from Transform a Wall. Check out the full range of images on their website.