The New Autumn Collection from Abigail Ahern at Debenhams

Abigail Ahern, celebrated interior designer, stylist and author, is one of our favourite designers and one of the most exciting Designers at Debenhams. We look forward to her new launches every season and this Autumn sees one of her best. The Autumn Winter collection is full of unique accessories and stunning pendant lights, striking photo frames and mirrors, and her now famous animal lamps, it's all there. Adding a splash of personality and an eclectic bohemian vibe to your home has never been easier.

Chandelier £220, Lamp £95, Vase £38, Lantern £30, Cushions £45, Planter £16, Rug £360, Table £80, Bench £420

1. String and Bead Cream Easyfit Shade, £80

2. Metallic Cylindrical Vase, £38

3. Cobra Lamp, £95

4. Goldenball Cactus (large), £98

5. Cushion, £45

6. Gold Large Pineapple Lantern, £22

7. Cushion, £45

8. Bead Chandelier, £150

All from Debenhams