The Power of Pale Blue

It's a shade normally reserved for little boys rooms, but pastel blue can pack a punch in any room in the house. It has the power to soothe, calm, and evoke memories of summer days by the sea. It has the power to uplift the spirits and put the fun back into decorating. It can cool down a south facing room and enliven a dinner table, and after pink is the most feminine of hues. Let's re-discover the power of pale blue.

Angie Lewin Dandelion fabrics 1 and 2 for St Judes.

Dulux Words and Pictures collection of paints - Blue Charm and Pebble Drift.

Loaf - Oscar sofa.jpg

Oscar Sofa from Loaf.

Herringbone, cotton Ocean runner from Dash and Albert.

Homer Kitchen Table from Loaf.