The Slow Life Exhibition at Merci Concept Store

Ex-editorial adviser to Marie Claire maison and currently artistic director at Merci, Daniel Rozensztroch is one of the leading names in Paris design Industry.

This autumn, he invites us to discover “the meaning of things” through the “Slow life” exhibition. Inspiration, implementation and difficulties… Daniel reveals the exhibition secrets of THE Parisian destination store.

The exhibition is entitled « Slow life – Keep cool like is beautiful “; how did you come up with this idea?

Slow Life came throughout an observation that I made to myself. Like some people, I am very sensitive to dramatic events that punctuate our daily lives. They can strongly change our behaviour and influence our happiness. On one hand, I refuse to slide into a completely negative vision of our society. We need small daily pleasures to survive. Slow Life is made up of these small, simple and everyday pleasures that embody a selection of aesthetically pleasing objects that are simple and charming in nature, far from the world of ostentatious luxury and distracting gadgets. I strongly believe in moderation. I think that we are in a time where it becomes reasonable. Excess is no longer trendy; it adds nothing.  You realize that you can be happy by being “normal.” Perhaps in a few years we will need to express ourselves more strongly but today we need to get back to the basics. 

On what criteria did you base the selection of your products (colors, materials, brands…)?

First, we selected products based on their use. Then, we refined our search to the type of material with particular interest in natural materials such as wood, ceramic or concrete.

What was the most difficult part in implementation the project?

During the setup, we realized that people touched all the objects that were used to design the installation. We had to put up a barrier to protect them. It was a constraint that was eventually well integrated into the installation! 

Tell us a little bit about your home's design. 

My interior is a real mix of styles, with a clash of cultures and a predilection for mineral based materials. It is a kind of urban and contemporary industrial workshop. There are objects similar to those found in a Cabinet of Curiosities that sit alongside 18th century baroque pieces as well as very industrial objects. 

According to you, what makes Merci different from others concept stores?  

Merci stands out from other concept stores because it is a store where you feel at home. People come to walk around and discover simple things. The store imparts a desire to stay and is artistically managed in a very spontaneous, relaxed and sensible manner! 

Created in March 2009 by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen in a majestic loft, Merci is a Parisian concept store dedicated to Fashion and Design. Located in one of the trendy districts of Paris (“Le Marais”), it quickly turned into the reference of the Parisian destination shopping. With 1500 m2 split over three different floors (Hardware underground, Fashion at the ground floor and Household at the first floor) the store is undoubtedly one of the favorite places of design lovers who are visiting the French capital. So let’s shop some genius and unique pieces that you’ll certainly not find elsewhere and don’t forget to have a break in the Merci “Used book café”.

Merci concept store: 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France (from Monday to Saturday).

Opening hours: 10 am – 7pm