The Small Decorating Details That Matter the Most

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When it comes to home decor, it is often the little things that make the biggest difference. We have all been there. After finally clearing away the paint pots, removing the dust covers and putting the furniture back, you stand back to admire the results.

Of course, the room looks far better, but for some reason, you are still not 100% happy. In time, you come to realize that not bothering to repaint the doors was a mistake, a big one. When you redecorate and renew everything, the little things that are a bit ratty seem to stand out like a sore thumb. To make sure that does not happen, read on to find out which little jobs people forget to do or skip over when they redecorate.

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Renew or repaint your skirting boards

Painting skirting boards is a bit of a pain. It is a tricky and uncomfortable job and if you do not take the time to rub them down properly they never end up looking right. Fortunately, replacing your skirting boards is a lot easier than it used to be. Firms like sell high-quality replacement skirting that is not expensive. Using this type of product, it does not take long to update your skirting boards and your room will look so much better when you do so. For a start, it gives you the chance to properly hide all of those awful cables you have been trying hard to ignore, for years.

Door handles

As we have already mentioned, it is a really good idea to repaint your doors when you redecorate. If you cannot face the idea of doing that, consider replacing them or using door stickers, instead. At the very least, take the door handles off and give them a deep clean. If they are too worn, replace them. These jobs will not take you long but they will make a huge difference to the overall finish of a room.

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Fill in any gaps

Before you paint or re-paper, take the time to fill in any gaps that you have between your windows, door frames and skirting. It is much easier than trying to paint or paper over or around them. Plus, the overall finish of your walls will be so much better.

Dirty fixtures and fittings

If you are not planning to change your lighting fixtures, take them down and deep clean each one. They will look so much better. Plus, your room will feel far brighter if you clean the bulbs and glass lampshades.

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Tips for snagging a newly decorated room

Before you put your furniture back, it is a good idea to do a quick snag check. Issues are much easier to spot and sort them out while the room is empty. This reduces the risk of things being damaged and saves you having to go through the trouble of moving your furniture again.

This comprehensive snag list is written with someone who is moving into a new house in mind. However, it can just as easily be used to help you to snag check a room you have just decorated.