The Top 5 Best Colour Kitchen Worktops

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When it comes to interior design, the focus is without a doubt on the kitchen and for good reason; the kitchen is labelled as the heart of the home. We cook our food in the kitchen, we often eat in the kitchen and let’s not forget, we hang out in the kitchen at parties. The kitchen is where it’s at which means getting the design right is nothing short of imperative. 

When it comes to kitchen design, even the smallest of details matter and the kitchen worktop is one such detail that could make or break your kitchen space. In this article we’re going to look at the top 5 best colour kitchen worktops and which one would work best for you. 


The Best Kitchen Worktop Colours For 2019

Flecked/Veined White

Lighter coloured kitchens are definitely becoming a more popular option. Just one quick look at Pinterest will tell you it’s way up there on the popularity scale and now more than ever, people are appreciating the natural finish in their kitchen worktops. From the veins of marble to the flecks captured by the light in granite and quartz, this natural richness is highly coveted thanks to its expensive feel. The pale tones are also highly sought after for giving that clean and contemporary look. For those wanting a modern take on traditional styles, this is usually chosen over pure white countertops. They’re also great at hiding a few crumbs and the odd speck of dust that would otherwise be highlighted on a pure white countertop. Consider it the family friendly option.


Pure White

Pure white countertops are the epitome of minimalism and freshness. They’re usually only available in man-made materials but because of this, they tend to withstand staining that little bit more which, when you have a white countertop, is a huge bonus. Having a crisp white kitchen worktop works well in contemporary spaces, fighting the traditional décor and creating a truly modern space. It’s also incredible in small spaces as it creates the illusion of space. 



Soft grey worktops, along with other mid-tone shades offer a modern solution for those looking for a more neutral look. Grey also happens to be an incredibly popular colour at the moment. Just take into consideration the influence the famous Mrs Hinch has over her followers with grey being a strong theme throughout her home. Whether you opt for softly flecked grey stone or a shiny, flat grey finish, the choice is yours but what we do know is that grey will look amazing in any modern home. You’ll also love the fact that grey is a great choice for those looking to match their worktop with more colourful cabinets. Let’s not forget soft, friendly and ideal for showing off metallic accents.


Whether you’re looking at black, charcoal or another dark colour entirely, it’s worth noting that this colour worktop can be super versatile. From helping create the ultimate gothic feel to finishing off a super modern monochrome effect kitchen; dark colour countertops offer a weighty finish and create a real presence in a room. In fact they’d be considered quite a prominent feature all on their own. Dark worktops work well with dark cabinets, light cabinets and pretty much everything in-between.



Wood, while not necessarily a colour, it offers a look all on its own. Whether you opt for dark wood or light wood, any wooden worktop will offer a natural appearance. Paired with crisp white cabinets, you’ll enjoy a more homely feel however, if you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, this can be achieved with the help of lighter, glossier cabinets. Similarly to darker worktops, wooden worktops are equally as versatile which is no doubt why they’re so popular.

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