The Underestimated Potential of Oriental Rugs

Let me tell you a story about Meghan. She’s had the same, comfortable home for the past ten years. Since coming into its luxury, Meghan’s life has flourished: marriage, kids, and joining a community. Every day after a hard day’s work, Meghan comes home and reclines on her couch surrounded by ornaments her and her family have collected over the years. Every day it’s the same song and dance, with its own ups and downs, positives and negatives. This place that Meghan calls home, that you spend your personal time in, that your family shares in, is starting to feel odd—a sense of monotony is beginning to bubble. After all this time of the same routine, Meghan wants something to break the norm and add zeal to this space she’s called home for so long.
That’s where the Oriental carpets of Fine Rug Collection come into play.

Your household is the place to express who “you” are. It’s your home; it’s your space; it’s an extension of you. From posters, to portraits, to furniture, to the very colour of your walls, the aesthetic choices at your disposal have always been your choice. Like these prevalent choices, an Oriental rug is no different, offering you that same level of customisation you’ve always published in your home. 
No matter what room, an Oriental rug is the perfect addition for any Interior Designer, amateur or professional. The options at your disposal are comprehensive for a specific reason: each Oriental rug is handcrafted knot by knot from wool, cotton, or silk. 

From the weaving to the dyeing process, no part of an Oriental rug is either machine-made or manufactured. The product you end up with is authentic in every single aspect, built on a history and craft that have endured for several centuries. This overall process allows for no two Oriental rugs to ever look the same—even rugs that belong to the same category. 
With these products, your choices are thorough, giving your home the potential for a profound presentation. Are you seeking something to synergize with your light tan walls? An Oushak Oriental rug, with its flavorful floral designs and muted colours can do that. 

Are you pursuing that extra zest for your bedroom to give it a savory touchup? A Heriz Oriental rug adorned in medallions, geometric patterns, and a blend of dyes such as red, beige, and blue can do that.

Do you want something to give your dining room that finishing touch, but you’re unsure just what it could be? A Kashan emblazoned with centerpiece medallion, floral brush, hard borders and varied dyes can do that.

The flexibility when it comes to an Oriental rug are genuine and extensive. Our company, Fine Rug Collection, is here to help you along every step of the way. We understand the ins-and-outs of Interior Design; we respect your time and interest; we want to put the best possible product in your hands. There’s no comparable feeling to the first time you set foot on a soft, handcrafted Oriental rug, and we want to bring that luxury to you in any way possible.