The United Kingdom’s Top 10 Most Instagrammed Cities in 2017 

Munich, August 2017 – If you visited a city but never hashtagged it, were you ever really there? Holidu, the leading global search engine for holiday lettings, has uncovered the Top 10 Most Instagrammed Cities in the UK as of August 2017. While the usual suspects made the list, some cities – and their rankings – may come as a surprise. 

1. London

London’s calling! And it says what most British may already know, London is the most famous city when it comes to hashtags! With more than 80 million hashtags, it is not only taking on 1st place in the UK, but also making it on top of the Top 10 ranking in Europe, even overtaking Paris, the city of love. Popular hashtag hotspots of the city are for example; the Big Ben (2,622,383 hashtags), the London Eye (2,056,034 hashtags), and the Tower Bridge (1,305,010 hashtags). It seems like Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was right when he said, “London is a nation, not a city”. 

2. Manchester

In a battle of football cities, Manchester – only ranked the 7th place when it comes to population in the UK – narrowly took second place over Liverpool, with more than 7.7 million hashtags. But of course, there is more to see than just football in Manchester. For example, the National Football Museum (6,754 hashtags)! Beside that, the John Rylands Library offers not only many beautiful books to read, but since, as many “Potterheads” may already know, the library was once used as a set for the Harry Potter films. Looks like the 9,846 hashtags are not only coming from historians and bookworms. 

3. Liverpool

Another football city made it into the Top 3! The Liverpool FC ensures that the eponymous town ranks 3rd place, narrowly over Edinburgh, with about 5.6 million hashtags. The Liverpool FC itself  counts 875,222 hashtags – not taking the number of #anfield (449,037), football stadium and home of the Liverpool FC, or the #liverpoolfans (41,257) into account. 

Image  @sylviiacms

4. Edinburgh

Did you know that Edinburgh only counts about 500,000 inhabitants, but over 3.5 million visitors each year? The 4,777,632 hashtags of the city will give you a few hints why visitors and travellers from all over the world, are so in love with the city. The capital of Scotland gives them an idea of how Old Scotland had been like. Being built atop a series of extinct volcanos, the city offers a lot of photography potential for bloggers, instagrammers and photographers. Hotspot of the Edinburgh hashtags is the Edinburgh Castle, with about 260,000 mentions. 

5. Brighton

“Life is good at the beach” – this also applies to Brighton! Thanks to its beach and the high amount of young people living here, Brighton counts 3,797,233 hashtags – and with that, closes the Top 5. You may see that Brighton, moreover, is “the unofficial gay capital of the UK”, as once called by the Metro, when you search for hashtags like #brightonpride (58,834). 

6. Glasgow

Another Scottish city made it into the Top 10! Concerning the population, Glasgow is on third place in the UK. However, when it comes to hashtags, the largest city in Scotland only narrowly misses the Top 5 with 3,698,413 hashtags ever used. Most used hashtags, except for #glasgow, are: #glasgowuni (23,644) #glasgowlife (31,863) and #glasgow2014 (71,049). Why Glasgow 2014? Because in 2014, Glasgow hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which was the biggest sport event ever held in Scotland. 

7. Birmingham

The second largest city in the UK takes 7th place in the hashtag ranking! With its six universities, a living nightlife, and many other sights, it is clear why Birmingham counts 3,442,330 hashtags. Being the fourth-most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors, might also help. Fun fact: the hashtag #birgminghamhair has been used 31,941 times. 

8. Bristol

The best city to live in Britain counts 2,928,246 hashtags and with that ranks 8th place in the Top 10. Seems like, people really love the city of bridges and balloons and wants to share it with the whole world! The number one tourist attraction in Bristol, the SS Great Britain, is a great spot for instagrammers (11,562 hashtags) as it is a museum coming to life. The old steamship was the longest passenger ship from 1845 to 1854 and now is museum for anyone interested in the old Victorian age. You may even have your wedding celebrated here! 

9. Leeds

If you ask Instagram, the most famous sight in Leeds is the Leeds festival. With more than 110,000 hashtags, #leedsfest is the most used hashtag in Leeds. Leeds itself counts 2,786,406 hashtags and ranks 8th place in the Top 10 most instagrammed cities in the UK. Other hashtags used, are #leedslife (82,100), #leedscastle (55,855) and #leedsuni (32,451). 

10. York

Thanks to the very cute Yorkshire Terrier, York is probably the most surprising city in the Top 10 ranking. While scrolling through the posts containing the hashtag #york, you will understand how a city, that only has about 200,000 inhabitants, was able to make it into the Top 10 most instagrammed cities in the UK. Most of the pictures using one of the 2,492,468 hashtags “york” are showing the Yorkshire Terrier. 

Image @jchatterley

Image @jchatterley