The Urban Jungle Trend in the Home

The urban jungle trend is not just a fickle fad. It is a living, breathing lifestyle choice. It is living a life among plants and in harmony with nature, even if you live in the heart of a big city. Whoever tries it once, cannot imagine life without soothing greenery in the home. It is suitable for any interior and brings positive energy and more oxygen to every room in the house. Plants can stand on the window sills, the larger ones will proudly decorate the floor, and the fancy vines will grow robustly in wall planters.


Pixers Green Kitchen

Luckily, you don't have to be that green fingered to include greenery in your own little pad. Wallpaper, cushions, and carpets in floral patterns, as well as vases and knick-knacks in the shape of leaves and flowers, will complete the look and make your home bloom throughout the year.


Pixers Summer Palm Tree and Banana Leaf

And if you choose to adorn your walls with urban jungle inspired wallpaper and wallmurals you will optically enlarge your space as well as experience the full 'communing with nature' benefits. 


Pixers Leaves and Pink

This sweet and elegant yet casual combination of succulent green and pastel pink is very popular.


Monochrome Vector Leaf Pattern

White and all the colors of the earth, like beige and browns of various shades are ideal for lovers of the classics and minimalism. And all of these combinations are good backgrounds for green compositions. 

All wall murals are from Pixers.