The Victorian Style Nowadays

Victorian architecture took place in the United Kingdom in the mid-19th century. It’s named after Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901, the so-called Victorian era. Many of the most famous elements of typical Victorian architecture were not popularized until the end of her reign. This style is characterised by eclecticism, in other words, the mixing of different architectural trends in a way in which everything has a sense of unity (everything is connected). It's a moment of historical revivals, often mixed with features from the Middle East and Asia.

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Today, Victorian architecture is alive and well. It’s even possible to find properties in this style and have a lovely home for a reasonable price. Victorian houses have their own unique personality, but they also share common characteristics. Sometimes these can be a bit scary. They are usually narrow and high, often three-storey dwellings, with a front porch that marks the entrance to the house. The kitchens used to be in the back, because it was an area reserved for servants and, therefore, didn't have a privileged place. The spacious living rooms and the rest of the spaces were decorated with mouldings on the ceiling and walls. It was a very important decorative piece and it involved a great deal of carpentry work. Nowadays, the houses that wanted to keep their special style still have them.

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Thanks to the opportunities offered by interior design, new furniture can be placed in antique-looking places without making it seem weird. It is very common to find stark contrasts in this type of homes, such as modern design items with other vintage ones. The mix of styles and materials can always look good if it's done with good taste. However, lovers of the classical style can take advantage of this to recover the old furniture of their ancestors, because the antiquities look wonderful in this type of houses.

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