Things You Need to Know About the Mobile Homes Building Process

When you decide to purchase a mobile home, there is a whole process that goes behind building it. This type of house is manufactured and is transported in 1 or 2 pieces depending upon the size. Whether you are putting it together yourself or letting the pros take care of it, there are some things you should know about the building process.

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There are Different Levels of Affordability

One thing you need to know about the mobile home building process are that there are different levels of affordability. Manufacturers usually build their houses at 3 different levels. The most affordable are lower cost due to the use of cheaper materials.

For example, a 3rd tier mobile home may have staples instead of nails holding it together. These are the most popular types of manufactured homes due to the cheaper cost. Don’t worry though. The quality of the construction is overseen by housing development codes.

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Mid-level models typically feature more expensive materials. The windows and doors are more likely to be energy efficient. Aside from that, the features of the home are better made. Some examples are the cabinets and sink. These mobile homes typically reside in communities and have garages.

The most expensive mobile homes feature top of the line materials. This includes countertops, flooring, cabinets, roofing, and just about everything else built in. Furthermore, you won’t usually find these at dealership lots. Instead they take more time and require a lot of effort to put together.

Build on Your Own Land

It’s best to build on your own land as opposed to renting the land. When you rent, your mobile home really has no permanent resting place. Lot owners could increase the price of the land each year if they wanted. They could even potentially kick you off at any time. Another reason it is best to build your mobile home on your own land is property value. When a mobile home is anchored securely to its own piece of land, buyers are willing to pay much more.

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There are Choices

When deciding who you want to build your mobile home you should shop around. Many manufacturers have their own construction crew you can pay to go out and put it together. If they don’t, they usually have a group of outside contractors they use. Or, you have the option of hiring your own contractor. Just remember the mobile home manufacturers have a lot of experience with hiring people.

Either way, you will want to do your research on the companies first. You can simply search for reviews online. It is easy to find licensed professionals in this area. Or, talk to someone that has a mobile home you like. They may be able to recommend someone dependable like It is good to find out if they left any work unfinished or any materials behind at the end. Ask if the contractor is easy to work with. Is the communication up to standards?