Tips To Arrange Wall Art

It’s always a great idea to add wall art to a room, it makes it far more interesting and personal. Whether it’s paintings, prints, photographs, here are a few tips to help you arrange your wall art (for a good selection try ) without the stress factor.

Keep It Eye Level

Think about where you want to hang your wall art. Usually people have a tendency to hang it too high. A good tip is for the centre of the image  to be at eye level. In living rooms, in particular it is always a great idea to hang it about 10cm  above the sofa,.

Make It Personal

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words especially if they are your own photographs. There are so many ways to achieve this especially with canvas prints. They can look great on their own or grouped together. A good tip is to keep the colour schemes together; either group the black & white photos or the coloured ones together.

Size Matters

The wall space available and the size of your art is essential. If you place small pieces on a large space it will end up looking lost. Small photographs or prints look great between doors or windows to fill up those small gaps.

Arrangement Is Key

As mentioned above small pieces on their own will end up looking lost in big wall spaces. However if you gather lots of artwork together in different sizes, then arranging them on a wall can end up looking great. Best way to do this is use masking tape to grid out the frames and play with the display. A great way to see the overall look. Make sure to add interest by mixing it up with different picture sizes and different frames.