Tis the Season of Spring Cleaning

Now that it's officially spring, our thoughts are naturally turning to the annual ritual of cleaning the house. Just the sight of some sunshine (and the sight of our dirty windows!) is enough to spur us on it seems. Even more so when we can hang washing on the line! And since most chores are more enjoyable when you have the right tools, we think they are even more enjoyable when tools are beautiful as well as useful.

tis the season of Spring Cleaning.jpg

Above: From the Meadow Cookshop range at Sainsburys Home.

More Beautiful Tools

tis the season of Spring Cleaning [1].jpg
  1. Rug Beater, Homesense.
  2. Pot Brush, £3.50, National Trust.
  3. Indra Coil Basket, £120, Amara.
  4. Wash-Up Tidy Storage Container, £16, Cuckooland.
  5. Wooden Indoor Clothes Airer, £69.95, Cuckooland.
  6. Metal Bucket, £7.99, TK Maxx.
  7. Natural Starch, Homesense.
  8. Wooden Dish Brush, Homesense.
  9. Lambswool Duster, £12.99, Homesense.