Top 3 Ways to Beautify the Back Garden Without Breaking the Bank

Yes, summer’s sadly drawn to a close, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working on your garden. Keep at it all year round and by the time the sun finally comes out after the long, harsh winter, you’ll be able to wow the guests at your first garden party of the summer with some stunning additions.

123v Veranda.jpg

DIY garden furniture
Buying garden furniture is a nightmare. Half a Saturday wasted spent trudging around your local garden centre, you’ve blown half of your wages on items that you’re not even sure you like, and you need to get your hands on a van to transport it home. A much more creative, affordable and enjoyable way of furnishing your garden is simply by doing it yourself. Use online guides to build garden furniture from old wooden pallets, indoor furniture that you’ve replaced, blankets and pretty much anything else that would otherwise go to waste, and you’ll have some truly unique garden furnishings plus a wad of extra cash in your pocket. Why not spend it on a…

Fire pit
People associate fire pits with the warm, fuzzy memory of midsummer nights spent on holiday, in pub gardens and on the beach, and naturally assume that they’re unable to purchase them for themselves without spending an arm and a leg. Actually, home fire pits are available for as little as £20. Place some of your DIY garden furniture around it and you’ve got yourself a charming, warming outdoor seating area that can be used all year round.

Bespoke veranda
Of course, you can’t show off your new fire pit to your friends at the garden party if it’s raining. Indeed, the garden furniture you spent so long making won’t last long if it’s left to the vagaries of the weather until next summer. This is where a bespoke veranda comes in – providing an affordable, sheltered outdoor space that’s just as useful for moonlight gatherings and dinner parties as it is for storing the new additions to your garden on those grim days when the last thing you want to do is leave the house. Go with an experienced provider of quality verandas such as 123v and you’ll have the choice of some of the most affordable verandas on the market, with optional extras such as iPod docks, speakers, heating and lighting available.

Combine these three affordable, interesting and unusual methods of improving your back garden and your place will be the destination of choice for socialising all year round. Don’t go it alone; use internet guides, shop around for accessories and get the advice of bespoke veranda experts such as 123v, and for a fraction of the price of what next door paid for their seen-it-all-before patio, you’ll have the beautiful back garden that everybody wants.