Top Tips for Choosing Your Garden Furniture

Our outdoor spaces are no longer the forgotten areas of our homes. Gardens are now becoming an extra room in which to relax, entertain and eat with the family. So whether you have a small balcony or a large terrace, a huge choice of new materials and fabrics as well as new technology can make the task of finding your perfect garden furniture anything but simple. Bramblecrest, the leading garden furniture company, have come up with five things to think about and some simple tips to help.

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Saba Italia New York Soleil Garden Furniture, Go Modern.


  •  Measure your seating area accurately – particularly if space is tight. Allow for 1m around the back of any chairs or sofas you will need to navigate, or the space will feel cramped.

  • If your seating area is small but has a suitable wall along one side, putting modular seating against it will be the best use of space.

  • If you don’t have a space for storing cushions, buy a storage sofa or storage boxes which can also be a useful hideaway for outdoor toys and tableware.


Palermo Corner Bench And Coffee Table, Danetti.


  • Make a list of how you will use your garden furniture – from al fresco entertaining, to casual family lunches and sunbathing.

  • Modular dining sets are the most flexible when it comes to seating larger groups and for casual dining.

  • Bramblecrest’s adjustable dining tables also offer flexibility – they can be instantly lowered and turned into a coffee table or vice versa.

  • If you want a more traditional dining set but also want to kick back and relax, leave room for some recliners and foot stools.


Paris Volcano/Grey Round Dining Table with 4 Paris Volcano/Grey Stacking Armchairs, Bridgeman.


  • Sales of teak garden furniture are generally in decline. Check it is sustainably sourced and be prepared to oil it once a year and store it over winter.

  • For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, choose upholstered chairs without loose cushions. Bramblecrest’s Panama range, upholstered in a new season-proof fabric, can be safely left out in the rain and only needs to be covered or stored over long periods of non-use. No other cushion storage required!

  • For low maintenance tables and chairs that are impervious to the elements, choose synthetic woven furniture (the most popular choice in Britain) or aluminium, which is light to move and very easy to clean.


Riviera Garden Chair, Cuckooland.


  • Relatively neutral colours tend to look best in most gardens, but some more definite colours can also work well.

  • Use scatter cushions, throws and rugs to add brighter colours which tie in with planting, paving and nearby architecture.


Dynasty Fire Pit Set, The Garden Furniture Centre.


  • A large, adjustable parasol protects people (as well as phones and tablets) from glare and excessive heat in the summer.

  • Some parasols have built-in LED lights to give your evenings a little extra light and sparkle.

  • Keep your guests warm, particularly in more exposed seating areas, with a dining table with a built-in firepit.