Top Tips for Hanging Wallpaper in the Bathroom

It’s often thought that the damp and steamy atmosphere of the typical bathroom is bad news for wallpaper. But we have news for you! Using the right wallpaper and applying it properly means wallpaper can last for years in the bathroom – even in the most humid conditions. So there’s really no reason to shun stunning and colourful wallcoverings as long as you keep a few things in mind.

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Using tiles on the bottom half of the wall ensures that splashes are kept away from the wallpaper. This is the Palm Springs Tropical wallpaper from Mind the Gap.

Alex Whitecroft, head of design at I Want Wallpaper shares her top tips for using wallpaper in bathrooms.

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A bespoke printed self adhesive wall mural, made to your own exact measurements creates a unique feature wall. Available from Purlfrost Window Film.

1.Select the right wallpaper for damp and steamy atmospheres

There is a wide selection of bathroom wallpapers designed specifically for use in damp and steamy conditions.  Look for hard-wearing vinyl finishes, wipe clean surfaces and embossed detailing for looks that will last.

 “When applied correctly, modern wallpapers can stay strong for years. A top tip is to apply a coat of Decorator’s Varnish over the top to seal and make any wallpaper moisture resistant”.

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A mix of tiles and botanical wallpaper creates a fresh and bright scheme. This is the Edge bathroom suite from Bathroom Takeaway.

2.Feature walls can be fabulous in bathrooms

Feature walls actually work really well in bathrooms for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Using wallpaper on one wall can avoid the dampest areas next to the bath, shower or sink. It’s also a time-efficient way to inject modern designs into the room.

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This unbreakable pvc wallpaper featuring detailed Portuguese tiles looks as good as the real thing. One of many from Lime Lace.

3.Get tiles at a fraction of the price and effort

Tiles certainly have their benefits, but they are expensive and it can be a big job to change them when it’s time for a refresh. Some of the most popular bathroom wallpapers mimic tiles and they’re extremely realistic. Plus, there’s no grouting required!

Mosaic, slate and marble tiles are all popular bathroom looks that can be easily created at a fraction of the cost. For a wet room look - fit tiles in key wet areas, such as the inside of the shower and around the bath and sink, with tile-effect paper elsewhere.

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Behind a free-standing bath is the perfect place for wallpaper, as the bath is some distance from the wall. This is the Betsy Fan Large wallpaper in charcoal and cream from Woodchip and Magnolia.

4.Make small bathrooms feel bigger with patterned papers

Pattern can actually help to create the illusion of space in small bathrooms. Far from dominating the room, it can merge boundaries when used on as many walls as possible, even extending to the ceiling. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to stick to small scale pattern either, murals or large-scale patterns work extremely well in bathrooms.