Top Tips for Maintaining a Long Distance Friendship

If you or a close friend is soon moving away and you’re worried about how it will affect your friendship, this can be a really upsetting experience, and can put a huge strain on your relationship. However, luckily, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. Staying in touch with people far away is certainly not as difficult nowadays as it used to be, as this infographic proves:

To prove it and to help you along, we’ve put some top tips together for helping you both maintain a long distance friendship!

Get connected online

There are countless sites and applications that can help you stay in touch with friends and loved ones at the touch of a few buttons on your phone or computer. There’s a whole world outside of the most popular options of Facebook and emails, such as Skype, Whatsapp and FaceTime. Therefore there are ideal options for when you’re at home, at work and when you’re out and about on the move. 

Visit each other when you can

Of course, nothing will really beat seeing each other in person. Though it might not be practical or even possible to see each other fairly frequently, you could aim to meet each other a few times a year. You could alternate going to each other’s houses, or if you’re really far from each other, you could meet in the middle too.

Make sure you make time for each other

When you’re not around someone for a while, it can be easy to put them towards the back of your priorities. However, you’ll need to work harder to keep a long distance friendship alive and well maintained. Therefore it’s a good idea to schedule some time in, even if it’s just a quick call every couple of days, or sending a quick email on your lunch break at work, for example. 

Go for the old school options

As well as using all of the technology at your disposal, why not take the old fashioned approach and put pen to paper? Receiving something through the post that isn’t a bill is always nice, too! Sending a letter to someone is a really great way of showing you care, as it takes a bit more time and effort. 

Little gifts go a long way

Likewise, sending your best friend a little gift (no matter how little) through the post now and again is a really sweet way of showing you care, and showing that they’re still an important part of your life. It’s a great way to keep things like personal jokes going, too!