Transform your Kitchens & Bathrooms with Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a stone that has been around for centuries. In ancient times it was one of the main building materials for structures built in European Civilisation and you can still see many of these buildings intact today with facades, floors as well as other applications after so many centuries. 

Today, with the technological advancement of stone production, we are now able to process travertine into a variety of beautiful finishes. This opens up the possibilities for various applications of this material as well giving it a refined look.

Travertine can be used inside and outside as floor – wall tiles, in garden patios, for facades, copings etc.

It has now become a less expensive and easily resourced material for tiling kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, conservatories with impressive results. We especially see this material being a very popular choice in high traffic areas within the home such as kitchens and bathrooms, as opposed to porcelains and ceramics, especially when you look at the competitive price, the natural and luxurious feel to the material. Also added value to the property is another major reason that people choose this stone. 

There are various finishes in travertine; such as honed & filled, tumbled, chiselled edge, brushed, pillowed. It all depends on what the consumer is looking for. A classic finish will have tumbled, rounded edges whereas honed & filled finish will provide much more contemporary look. 

In kitchens, many customers prefer chipped edge finish to give more rustic look:

Whatever the surrounding colours are, the travertine tile fits perfectly to the environment and creates the perfect ambience. 

It is your home, your choice. Travertine tiles are flexible, in colour, finish, size. They will easily fit into your design elements. With the cost now less than man made materials, travertine is the perfect choice, not just for your kitchens and bathrooms, for all areas of your property. It will last a lifetime and it will give a fabulous feel which no other materials can offer. 

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