Trends Straight From Pinterest into Your Home!

If you’re anything like us you can spend an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest. It’s a great source of inspiration for the home, but sometimes it’s almost like there’s too much inspiration! So many different trends, and so little time…

So here are 4 of the most popular trends from Pinterest which you can easily recreate in your own interior, using patterned wallpapers, wall murals, stickers, prints, and posters.

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The Terrazzo Trend
Stones and minerals have been very popular in interior design trends for several seasons. This time, the trendy terrazzo, fashionable in the 1970’s and 1980’s is back, which in a modern, refreshed form takes on a unique charm and futuristic character.
The new terrazzo is refined, and elegant, but at the same time unpretentious and light. Interior decorators suggest moving a stone motif from the floor to the surface of walls, accessories and even furniture.

Wallpaper and wall murals resembling terrazzo is a great idea for decorating the walls in the dining room, kitchen, hall and living room, and in a colorful edition also in a kid’s room.

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The Trend for Sage
In times when the 24-hour day is too short, and life is quick, like never before, we are looking for peace and solace. No wonder that now a delicate, greenish color with a soothing name and properties has become a hit.
The color inspired by the herb with healing properties and culinary qualities is a combination of green and blue, through which gray and purples break through. We can find several shades of sage in the Pantone collection: light Desert Sage, silvery Silver Sage, olive Sage Green and deeply saturated Sagebrush Green.

Sage in its delicacy and restraint can be the leading color that will not dominate the space, nor overwhelm even in a small interior. A room with wallpaper in the color of sage will become fresh and more cozy.
If greenery does not satisfy our appetite for color, we can combine it with beige and browns, creating calmness and naturalness. Sage also goes well with an appetizing peach, pastel lavender and sunny yellow.

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The Trend for Decorative tiles

Mosaics and ornaments straight from One Thousand and One Nights decorate kitchens and bathrooms all over the world today, and their popularity is not diminishing. Patchwork tiles, each one of them is a way to express a pronounced and stylish interior for people who are not afraid to experiment with color.
A mish mash of colors and patterns on the wall is a ready arrangement, which does not require thoughtful treatments and sophisticated accessories. It's the ornaments that play the main role and it's going well.

People who dream about colorful tiles no longer have to worry about the difficult renovation and replacement of ceramic tiles. Modern tiles stickers will work on kitchen and bathroom tiles, and if we get bored we can simply remove and replace them, or return to the original interior design.

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Big wall art 

Wall galleries are growing right before our eyes! Stylists suggest prints and posters in large format - the bigger, the better. Effective, eye-catching decorations can hang on the wall, and if there is no space for them, we can put them on the floor, desk or dresser.

Large prints and posters will work in every style. All painting techniques and styles are allowed: abstraction, classicism, modernism, photo-realism. Size and exposure are important in a place where everyone can see them.

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