Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

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With our busy lifestyles, working, looking after the children, the pets, meeting with friends, weekly chores and everything else it can be pretty difficult to find time for yourself. And not everyone has the funds to splurge on a spa day once a week!

So, why not bring the spa experience to you? How? By turning your bathroom into your very own secret spa! We've come up with 7 easy ways you can create that perfect pampering atmosphere in your own bathroom without breaking the bank. So, go on, treat yourself.

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Deep clean!

Towels on the floor? Grimy bathroom tiles? You’ll find it difficult to relax if you’re looking at half empty shampoo bottles and your old hairy razor resting on the side of the bath! Or if you’re hoping to restyle your bathroom, then click here for a few ideas! Remember, you wouldn’t find your kids bath toys or toothpaste marks all over the sink in a spa would you?

Set the mood

Lighting is key to giving your bathroom a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Try closing the blinds to block out harsh natural light and instead invest in some tea-lights or small scented candles. A comfortable, calming glow will work wonders to help you unwind and de-stress.


A posh hotel spa wouldn't be complete without some relaxing, chilled-out music, so don't forget it for your bathroom spa. Ditch the irritating radio DJs interrupting the music and create a playlist with some soothing tones - you could even order a CD of spa sounds online from as little as £4.99.

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Keep warm and cosy

Think large, soft towels and a fluffy bathrobe. it's the little touches to your homemade spa that will really make the difference. Make sure the room is warm and not draughty while you soak, and keep your towels on the radiator for when you get out of the bath.

Don’t neglect your essentials

For the perfect relaxing bath experience, essential oils are a must. Lavender oil is great to get you in a sleepy mood, rose oil is known for its relaxing fragrance while geranium and vanilla are comforting and relatively inexpensive. Do your research on essential oils, decide what you’d like to treat yourself with and find the oil that matches your requirements.

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Your body

Sometimes we forget to pay attention to our skin, especially in the harsh winter months. There are all sorts of easy and cheap things you could try to get your skin back in tip-top condition without the hefty spa price tag. Body scrubs are a great way to improve circulation and get rid of dead skin (try using one with salt or sugar in it) and using a body brush regularly can reduce the signs of cellulite. 


Facials at the spa are great, but why spend £40 plus when you can have a DIY facial at home? There are some great face masks available from as little as £1.99. When it comes to your eyes, a simple trick to de-puff and soothe is cucumber slices placed on your eyelids! Simple!