Updating Office Interiors - Lessons from an Exhibition Stand Company

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Interior design for beginners is often not an easy task. And, why would it be? As you delve into the world of the designer, it can quickly become overwhelming, and with sites like Pinterest and Houzz it’s very easy to suffer from information overload, and overthink any choices you had going in to a project.

The reason we’ve started the article out this way is because, for many people, renovating or refreshing their office interior is often the first time that interior design is considered in their lives. Whether at the home or within a business space, the way an office is designed speaks volumes about an individual, and how they want their business to be perceived.

We wanted to ensure that, if you’re upgrading the interior of your office, that you go into it the right way and don’t get pulled off course.

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Community whiteboards are key to a creative environment – This first point may sound obvious, however is an often overlooked part of an office. Particularly for larger teams, whiteboards are proven ways to introduce a sense of community into an office and foster a creative environment.

Whiteboards can also be integrated into the design of an office, whether used as a blank canvas against a wall design, or as a free-standing feature to break-up space, as an almost interactive partition with which to log creative ideas.

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Integrate home comforts for happier employees – This final point is one that we believe very strongly in, from years of visiting workspaces across the globe and working on exhibition stand designs for businesses of all sizes. And it’s as simple as this… A happy interior ‘vibe’ means happy employees.

Now, that’s not to say that you should be painting smiley faces all over the office. What we mean by this is that, by introducing aspects of comfort into a workspace such as a large couch and comfy chairs, privacy booths in which to take calls, and even allowing employees the chances to update their own office interior with items from home, your staff will thank you.

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Introducing these comforts also allows further opportunities to combine textures and blend colour schemes across the office in a way that conveys your brand, and will force you to stay away from bland furnishings or any interior additions that appear to be too harsh.

We hope that this post has given you a lot to think about, and urged you to take a slightly different approach when it comes to breathing a new lease of life into your office space!

This post was written by the team at Focal Exhibitions, a UK-based exhibition stand design company.