Vegan Mediterranean With Chef Katherine Frelon At Borough Market

Chef Katherine Frelon is delighted to announce the third in her ‘Love Your Market’ series of monthly cookery courses, hosted at The Cookhouse in London's infamous Borough Market. This month’s will focus on vegan dishes with Mediterranean influences, from the Amalfi Coast, France, Spain and Morocco. Katherine will demonstrate how to find the finest and freshest ingredients in your local market and incorporate them in to delicious dishes.


As a continuing Demo Chef for Borough Market and having authored her own successful cookbook titled “Shop, Cook, Eat” alongside working in Michelin star kitchens, Katherine brings a wealth of expertise on how to source the best produce for an all-year-round seasonal pantry and will share her vast knowledge on how to ensure you choose the greenest ingredients for the current season.

This course will teach students how to make unique salads, marinades and dressings with a focus on how to select ingredients based on their colour, fragrance and vibrancy. Dishes will include a French Roasted Peach and Beet Salad with Rocket and Hazelnut Dressing, a Moroccan Bakula with Couscous, and a Spanish inspired Baked Red Lentil Falafel Salad. The one day Mediterranean course will be held on Saturday 23rd June, with tickets costing £95. Guests will not only have the opportunity to watch Katherine make the dishes, but assist in the creation of each course and walk around the Market and select the produce from an assortment of award winning traders. 

Credit: Walter Zak

Credit: Walter Zak

Starting at The Cookhouse in Borough Market, Katherine will introduce the day by outlining pantry essentials and the importance of a balanced vegan diet. Katherine will then show guests around the market, lending her insight on what is in season and how to spot prime produce. Following this Katherine will prepare lunch in front of guests along with a selection of vegan wines. In the afternoon guests will have the opportunity to cook alongside Katherine and learn hands on, whilst getting the chance to discuss topics of interest before they enjoy the meal freshly prepared by themselves and Katherine.

Event date Saturday 23rd June, 2018; Time – 9:30am – 16:00pm; Location – The Cookhouse, Borough Market, 8 Southwark St, London SE1  Link to book: