Warm Winters with Calor

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Over two million rural homes in the UK are ‘off grid’ with no access to mains gas, and so rely on alternative energy sources for heating and hot water – vital for a warm and welcoming home during the festive period.

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Oil is often the default option, and some properties use solid fuel or electricity. However, there is another option that has been growing in popularity in recent years – LPG.

Here, the experts from Calor run down the top five reasons why it makes sense to use Calor LPG…

Versatile and convenient

Firstly, it’s just like having mains gas, and LPG is perfectly suited to central heating and hot water, as well as cookers, gas fires and even tumble dryers! If you love to cook, you’ll have an instant, controllable flame and the additional reassurance that you can still rustle up dinner in the event of a power cut.

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A more secure option

Shockingly, the annual cost of rural crime in the UK has increased 13.4%*, and oil is often targeted as tanks are easy to identify and siphon oil from. Crime can increase in winter with the cover of darkness, and it’s also when most people stock up their oil tanks for the winter months, so you may want to look at a more secure way of heating your home. LPG is stored in tanks and is virtually impossible to steal, so you can put your mind at ease, put your feet up and relax in your warm and cosy home.

Green and clean

An increasing number of homeowners are considering the environmental impact of their fuel choices too. Global warming and greenhouse gases are hot topics and initiatives have been introduced to tackle these problems. For example, the Government’s recently announced Clean Growth Strategy focuses on reducing carbon emissions and helping the UK become eco-friendlier.

With this in mind, Calor has created its exclusive BioLPG, created from a mix of renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials. What’s amazing is it can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 38% compared to heating oil! **


Simple switching

Calor makes switching simple with a number of tools to help you through the process, such as the helpful online quote tool that allows you to quickly see at a glance how easy it is to switch to LPG or BioLPG.

Also, Calor’s handy LPG Boiler Installer tool provides you with details of gas safe registered heating engineers in your area. All you need to do is simply enter your postcode and you have a whole list of professionals who can install, maintain and service your boiler.

Fuelling rural communities

Calor also gives back to local off-grid communities via the Rural Community Fund, which offers grants for projects that will improve local life. In 2018 a total of £50,000 went to 21 rural projects across the UK from as far as the Orkney Islands to rural Cornwall.

For more information visit their Community Fund website. Entries can be used to help community centres, village halls, sporting venues as well as initiatives to support local schoolchildren and the elderly.

With all of these reasons why LPG could be the perfect rural fuel choice for you, why not switch today?

For more information on heating your home with Calor LPG and BioLPG, visit www.calor.co.uk or call 0808 159 7864.


**Atlantic Consulting, 2017 ; BioLPG’s Carbon Footprint Savings