Ways To Incorporate Chrome at Home

Collaborative Post

Is chrome making a comeback? There has been a noticeable buzz around adding chrome to your home interiors, and it’s time to start wondering if the cyclical nature of trends in this case is worth our collective attention. After all, chrome isn’t for everyone, but dedicated followers of fashion could find themselves missing out if this new look lasts. What do you think? Is chrome welcome in your home? Let’s take a look at how Chrome could work for you this season. 

Light It Up

Before we even get started on the recent spike in chrome trends for seating, coffee tables, picture frames, and lamps, let’s get one very important observation out of the way. Chrome looks best when lit up. Highlight the full character of any chrome additions to your home with lighting to suit your new found your modern look. Always match your lighting to your overall décor – for example, warmer soft lighting will match cosy colour schemes such as yellows, creams, and light reds, where as a cleaner looking blue or white colour scheme should always be complemented by brighter colder lighting. Get all the inspiration you need at LED Hut.

Is Less More?

Many years ago, I can recall a short-lived trend for silver bikinis and gold bikinis. They weren’t subtle or understated in any way – the holiday beaches were littered with full-on bright shining gold or silver two pieces. That was just the way to go that summer. But was it too much? The trend obviously didn’t last, so was it a victim of its own success? Will chrome go the same way? Luckily there’s a very reasonable way to hedge your bets while keeping up with the times.

If you’re willing to give chrome a chance, but if you think that a gleaming coffee table will dominate your living room and almost look a bit silly, why not try weaning yourself onto the chrome trend without over committing. How? Easy. Check out these under the radar ideas on chrome drawer handles and eye catching chrome front door accessories.


Chrome Mirrors

In case you haven’t gathered by now, I’m not 100% convinced that the rush for chrome furniture and fixings will take hold and stick around. But it’s never safe to assume you have all the answers and to refuse to pay attention to new ideas. So, I’ve been thinking. How can I open my home to chrome and pay attention to trending themes without abandoning my usual style? Then it hit me. There’s something we can all do to add a touch of chrome to our living rooms or hallways that will almost go unnoticed and give us all time to really get a feel for how much chrome is too much. The answer is mirrors.

You don’t need to overdo it with the amount of chrome around the edge of your chrome mirror. There are even mirrors available with stepped chrome edges that actually don’t look like the mirror has a chrome frame at all – the shiny edge looks like a continuation of the mirror. Whatever you choose, remember to light it up to get the full effect – let the chrome shine.

That’s all from me for now on how much chrome is best in your home, get involved and good luck!