Wedgwood introduces Wild Strawberry Gold

Throughout 2019, Wedgwood celebrates 260 years of innovation and craftsmanship. Since its foundation in 1759, Wedgwood has since developed a rich heritage throughout the centuries and, with a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen, Wedgwood is known for a standard of excellence. Wedgwood designers have continued to bring inspiration to the table throughout the decades and for Spring 2019, we celebrate with a new edition to the Wild Strawberry Collection. 

To mark 260 wonderful years of Wedgwood, the Wild Strawberry Collection is complimented with the addition of gold foliage and delicate butterflies. First designed in 1965, Wild Strawberry continues its journey of transformation with 5 new accent shapes to the collection.

The design features crisp and white fine bone china with finely drawn leaves, flowers and succulent red strawberries. Made in England the Wild Strawberry Gold collection showcases British craftsmanship and time-honoured decorative skills synonymous with Barlaston, the home of Wedgwood.

Wild Strawberry Gold.jpeg
Wild Strawberry Gold1.jpeg