Weekend DIY Project: Colour Wash Crates Shelves

Spruce up interiors using a new twist on a classic painting technique with Rust-Oleum Colour Wash paint.

This fashionable, pearlescent paint (available in four shades) lightly tints wood, adding bright pops of colour whilst still displaying the woods natural grain. By adding beautiful translucent colour to bare or unpainted wood you can add texture, dimension and natural paint layers to your piece.



We upcycled wooden wine crates to create inexpensive colour wash bathroom shelves! Fill them with your favourite toiletries and admire your handy work while soaking in the tub.


Rust-Oleum Colour Wash (750ml , Β£12.99) Wooden crates,
Paint brush, Pliers, Electric screwdriver,  Screws

Step 3.jpg


1. Ensure the surfaces to be painted are clean, dry and free from grease and contaminants.

2. Using pliers, remove staples from the outer edges of the boxes. Give each wine crate a light coat of Colour Wash (we used Cloud Blue and Mint Sorbet) and leave this to dry. For a more intense colour, add a second coat.


3. Screw the boxes together, alternating colours . .


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