What Do Your Colour Choices Say About Your Personality?

Collaborative Post

Julian Charles have been supplying beautifully made home furnishings since 1947. So they know a thing or two about transforming the look and feel of your rooms, by adding comfort, texture and style throughout your entire home. They recently asked a few bloggers to reveal what colour choices they made at home, with the object of revealing what that says about their personality.

I have to say, when I moved into my current house I wanted to be a bit more consistent room by room, and tried to stick to a more restrained and restricted colour palette. So, this little project is quite easy for me.

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Black and White

Apparently, using black and white suggests that you like the simple things in life. You enjoy sitting down with a good book, or just having dinner with loved ones. It doesn’t take much to please you. You might be a bit more cautious with your interiors too. Perhaps you’re scared of colour, but regardless, your home is still beautiful and stylish with simple monochrome colours.

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Green is a very calming colour, so if you have this in your home, it demonstrates that you’re a very patient, collected person. You’re a loyal friend and a very faithful partner. Other people always come first, making you completely selfless. You’re the friend everyone comes to when they need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to, because you’re compassionate. You don’t stick to house trends, but are happy to buy what you like when you see it. This means your house is full of wonderful knick knacks, and mis-matching furniture.

Pretty spot on!

If you’re interested in what other colours say about you. Read On.


Grey is a reliable colour; you can’t go too wrong with it. It’s the same for you as a person. You’re reliable, but sometimes a bit scared of being the centre of attention. You’d much rather fade into the background. Grey is also the colour of compromise. It shows that you can be indecisive, and would rather sit on the fence than make any big decisions. You’re mostly a calm person who likes to be in control of a situation. Sometimes you can be a little bit too serious, but your fun side comes out when you’re with your best friends.


If yellow is your go-to home colour, it shows you’re creative, but also a bit of a perfectionist. You’re always the person giving advice out to friends and family, and are definitely a glass-half-full sort of person. You see the positive in everyone and everything, although not necessarily in yourself. You often dress to impress and are extremely houseproud. You love having people over so you can show off your incredible abode. It’s always immaculate and everything has its own place.


If purple is the colour you use most often in your home, it can demonstrate you’re organised, and everything at home has a place where it belongs. You like to have structure, which means that routine is important to you if you want to keep stress levels low. You’re a person with a creative mind, and your home is an inspiration to other people. They’re always asking where you got that lamp from, or that rug. You’re extremely house proud.


Pink isn’t always for women. If often means you’re in touch with your feminine side, whether you’re a woman or a man. You’re a warm, friendly and approachable person, and the same goes for your home which feels inviting. Your love of pink also shows that you have a warm and maternal side. You’re the person everyone comes to when they have a problem. You always see the good in other people, but not necessarily yourself. You can be reserved and shy.


Blue, like green, is one of the most calming colours. You’re a bit of a free spirit but prefer tranquility and peace over hustle and bustle. You hate discord or conflict, and can never hold a grudge for very long. This means you can be a bit of a people pleaser, but this isn’t always a bad thing. You prefer to have a close circle of friends anyway, over a large group of friends or acquaintances. This means when it comes to socialising in your home, you’d rather have your mates over for a few drinks than a full on house party.


Most people see orange as a fiery colour, like red. However, you’re actually a friendly, good-natured person. If you use lots of orange in your home, it shows that you enjoy socialising and partying. You’re always having social gatherings and house parties because you love entertaining in your own space. You can also be a bit of an adventurer. You prefer to be outside camping, climbing, walking, than stuck at home by yourself. You’re a people person, and love to make new friends.