What's Your Style of Tile?

White metro tiles (lovely as they are), are not the only style of tile for that bathroom or kitchen makeover you are planning. Take it from us. There’s never been a better time to unleash your creativity and make a bold statement.

Stacey (of The Design Sheppard) in collaboration with Original Style has put together four different schemes to tempt you. And all of them are bang-on-trend….

Natural Selection


This trend has a focus on careful craftsmanship and natural materials like wood, rattan, seagrass, wicker, cork, bamboo and terracotta. The colours that feature are also very natural so lots of muted earthy tones and especially lots of dark green. It also features lots of plants and foliage, as well as botanical prints on wallpaper, tiles and fabrics.

Featured is the palm print tile 'Hothouse' alongside Lignum Cream wood-effect tile and 'Victorian Green' tiles and mouldings. From Original Style.

The New Neutrals


Grey is finally starting to wane in popularity and it’s now the turn of the ‘New Neutrals’. Think tea rose, lilac, lavender, mint and pale peach shades. Basically pastel colours in a more muted shade are 'in' in a big way. This ice-cream colour palette is given a more sophisticated feel though thanks to the grey undertones that permeate these colours.

Featured are an array of pastel themed tiles from Original Style and The Winchester Tile Company.

Colourful Kitchens


It would seem that we are done playing it safe in the kitchen and we are now seeing some really bold statement colours coming through. Kitchens in deep navy blues accompanied by statement metallic splash backs in hand-aged copper or gold leaf are adding drama to kitchens settings.

Featured is Original Style's Copper Leaf large format tile alongside Lignum Taupe Natural - a stunning wood-effect porcelain tile.

Rough Luxe


Rough Luxe sees rough, industrial finishes working alongside more refined and luxurious pieces. So use a mix of warm metallics like copper, brass and gold paired with exposed brick, concrete and rough timber finishes.

The image features Midnight Blue, London Stone, Antico Casale Fumo and Shadow Smoke Matt tiles. From Original Style.