White Parquet Flooring: 3 Fabulous Styles

Parquet flooring is chic, elegant and exciting. It was born in the grandest of houses and has a beautifully prestigious feel.

Traditionally found in natural oak and warming coffee shades, the familiar herringbone design often brings a period look to interiors. Yet, white shades have a lovely twist. They’re a distinctive mix of the classic pattern and contemporary colour.

Understated and fresh, white parquet is still wonderfully characterful. It features all the exciting details of natural timber, including the knots, grains and tonal variations.

With Scandinavian décor, it’s bliss.

Take a look at these 3 fabulous styles of white parquet flooring. Which would you choose?

Double Herringbone

Goodrich Whitened from woodpecker flooring.jpg

[Goodrich Whitened Oak]

Calming hues of white parquet look striking in a double herringbone pattern. The design is a little different to the timeless herringbone we know and love yet still has a refined feel.

Goodrich Whitened marries naturally rustic charm with subtle ashen tones and a smooth, matt surface. Style with a light colour palette for a relaxing look. Think airy shades of grey and aqua blues found at the coast. Add contrasting warm wood furniture and mix-in metals too. Don’t forget a few black accessories.

Rustic Textures

Goodrich Salted Oak from Woodpecker Flooring.jpg

[Goodrich Salted Oak]

Capture the modern rustic look with a sawn white parquet floor. This style of wood brings the raw beauty of nature to a cool, casual colour. Marks from the saw are left on the surface of the blocks, capturing the rough feel of freshly sawn timber. The design is unusual and imperfect. A fusion of urban and rural design.

Salted Oak is brimming with texture and has a warm, whitewashed shade. Pair the design with distressed wooden furniture and antique items for a traditional, industrial feel. Add sleek metals and houseplants for the modern touch. The quirky look is collected yet eclectic.


Goodrich Haze Oak from Woodpecker flooring.jpg

[Goodrich Haze Oak]

With an even more unique take on white parquet, there’s chevron. These blocks are angled and meet at points for a fantastic, statement effect. They have a sense of the geometric, evoking the clean, interesting lines that we love in today’s minimal home design.

Find ashen tones and fun character in Haze Oak. It’s perfect for an undone, bohemian space with lots of textures, mixed furnishings and cosy touches. Stick to a palette of greys, warm neutrals and black. Add brass for a hint of glamour.

Found a look that you love? Take a peek at Woodpecker’s white parquet flooring and get free samples for a closer look.