Make Your Own Industrial Style Hanging Planter

It has been proven that biophilic design in the workplace (the art of bringing the outdoors inside) can have a positive impact on creativity, productivity and well-being. So, maybe Autumn is the perfect time to add a little of the outside to the workplace with this industrial style hanging planter.

Images and instructions courtesy of Furniture Choice.


What you will need:

  • A flat wire memo board

  • Wooden crates (we used three)

  • House plants in sealed pots to prevent leakage

  • One roll of tan or fake leather with a thickness of 5cm

  • Six leather screw brass rivets

  • A utility knife



  1. Time to get organised! Carefully lay your wire memo board flat so you can plan how you want your crates to sit.

  2. Thread the leather roll around the crate, and loop it behind the wire rack to get the desired length and height for your crate. Once you’re satisfied, overlap both ends of the straps by a good 5 cm, and cut off the excess with a utility knife.

    Repeat this step twice for each crate. You can keep your finished crates and straps aside to make way for more working space around the wire rack.

  3. Using the hole punch pliers, punch a hole into the centre where the leather straps meet. After you have done this, secure the straps using one of the screw rivets. Repeat this process for all your crates.

  4. You should now have the wire rack with your secured leather straps on. Place your crates in between the leather straps with the rivets underneath the crates.

    After ensuring that all your crates are hanging safely in place, carefully mount the wire frame to the wall with suitable hard wearing fixings.

  5. And for the final step, place your plants of choice inside the pots, and sit back and admire your handiwork! Remember to keep your plants healthy by regularly watering them.


Milton Dining Table with Kendal Chairs from Furniture Choice.

How to Make Shibori Tie-Dye Napkins

Discover the art of shibori - a traditional Japanese dyeing technique that uses indigo to produce patterns on fabric. This fun and innovative technique is a great opportunity to experiment with textiles while bringing a breezy, summery feel to the home at any time of the year.

Shibori Tie Dye Napkins.jpg

Based on this traditional technique, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice shares 4 shibori tie-dye designs that can easily be done at home.

What you will need:

  • Fabric dye

  • Rubber bands

  • White cotton napkins

  • A bucket

  • Empty squeeze bottle

  • Rubber gloves

  • Salt

Prep the napkins for the tie-dye process

Machine wash the napkins first; this will help the fabric absorb the dye faster, so it’s best to use them right out of the machine when they're still damp. When washing the napkins make sure to avoid using fabric softener. This may repel the ink.

Meanwhile, prepare the dye using the instructions on the packet. Add salt as it will help the fabric absorb the dye easier then mix well in a packet.

Tie and wrap with rubber bands

These four designs (swirls, crumpled, stripes and circles) require plenty of rubber bands to achieve the right pattern when the dye is poured onto it.

Swirl design

The swirl and crumpled methods are quite similar. For the swirl, lay the napkin out flat then pinch and twist the centre of the napkin. Keep twisting until it looks like a flat rose shape.

Crumpled design

The crumpled method starts with crumpling and twisting the napkin until it’s shaped like a ball. Tie rubber bands around the napkin to split into sections.

Stripes pattern

The stripes method is probably the most straightforward. Fold the napkin from the bottom up in pleats so the napkin is in a long thin shape. Use 5 to 8 rubber bands to along the piece of napkin.

Circle design


For the circle design, choose the areas of your fabric where you want dyed circles to appear. Pinch and pull up these areas and tie a rubber band around them so the fabric sticks up.

Squeeze the ink to begin the tie dye process

Pour the dye into a squeeze bottle to start the dyeing process. Squeeze the ink onto the tied area where the rubber bands are. Leave them tied up for 24 hours.

Rinse and machine wash the napkins

Help reduce any dye bleeds by rinsing the napkins with cold water until the water runs clear. When that is done, remove the rubber bands and rinse with warm water. This is the time to admire your handiwork!

Rebecca advises: "You should machine wash the dyed napkins again but make sure to do it without any other clothing just in case the dye still bleeds. Iron them once they dry and they are now ready to use."

"The carefree look of these shibori tie-dyed napkins are a playful, chic way to bring a summery feel to the dining room when entertaining. Round off the modern coastal theme with organic elements like wood, rattan and sea-inspired artwork."

The Language of Flowers

The prettiest things we have ever seen and the work of Helen Wilde, a Decorative Arts graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Helen has worked within the design world for many years with such brands as Harrods and Lush cosmetics creating products that use only the very finest of materials. But it wasn't until recently that Ovo Bloom was born, a brand that is the outcome of many years of designing, creating and growing.

Helen says" The products and contents of Ovo Bloom are where my true passion lies, this is me, this is what I love and I hope you love it too"

Organza Pressed Flower Embroidery

Organza Pressed Flower Embroidery

Hand embroidered blossoms sit on a layer of organza with pressed and preserved florals underneath, then sealed within the wooden hoop.

“The botanicals were picked and pressed from my own garden, sealed beneath the layers displayed within a window they create the most beautiful shadows.”

Cow Parlsey Embroidery Wall Hanging

Cow Parlsey Embroidery Wall Hanging

Part of the new hedgerow collection for 2019, A highly textured embroidery depicting a wild flower hedgerow scene, featuring Cow Parlsey and grasses.

”Hundreds of tiny French knots depict a classic English Hedgerow scene, embroidered on to a sumptuous cotton satin fabric that has been printed with a hedgerow image captured by myself, from the fields within the village where I live in Derbyshire, England.”

Foxgloves Embroidery Wall Hanging

Foxgloves Embroidery Wall Hanging

The design has been embroidered on to a cotton satin fabric printed with wild fern images, the flowers are foxgloves and the thread has been hand dyed using avocado stones, dying for longer periods to create that ombre effect. Several different brands of embroidery thread have been used to achieve the textural grasses, using satin, French knot and textured stitches.


Previous collections have been featured within Elle Decoration Magazine and The Guardian to name a few, and Helen was also presented the prestigious 'SBS' award by the British retail magnate Theo Paphitis in July 2015.

Ovo Bloom can be found on Etsy.

How to Create a Monogram Wallet

If like us, you are obsessed with monogramed wallets and handbags, why not DIY your way to fashion icon status with this easy project.

In this make, Teri from shows you just how easy it is to personalise leather and faux leather accessories with Rust-Oleum's Flexible Fabric Spray Paint. Made all the easier because this clever, flexible paint moves and stretches with fabric, which means it won't crack. 

Lifestyle .jpg

What You Will Need

  • Rust-Oleum Flexible Fabric Paint

  • Alphabet Stencil

  • Masking Tape

  • Double Sided Tape

Step 1

Cut out the letter you wish to use from the alphabet stencil and use double sided tape to cover any areas of the stencil that may lift when spraying. This will ensure clean lines when you spray.

Peel the backing off the double sided tape and stick the stencil to the leather face up.

Step 2

Move the wallet to a well-ventilated area and place on top of newspaper or a dust sheet.

Apply the masking tape all around each edge of the stencil and ensure you completely cover the remainder of the wallet to protect it from spray mist.

Spray with two light layers of paint, allowing to dry in between each coat.

Step 3

Once dry, peel the stencil away from the leather and voila!

Rust-Oleum’s Flexible Fabric Spray Paint is available from B&Q, Homebase and more for an RRP of £4.99.

Make Your Memories Larger Than Life at CanvasChamp


Wouldn't it be nice if we could bottle that 'just back from holiday' feeling? But all too often the back to work and back to school routine, makes those sunkissed and carefree days nothing but a distant memory. All too often the photographs get shoved to the back of the cupboard, or more likely, never even get downloaded from the camera. So why not make a feature of those holiday snaps? Display them with pride and let them inspire the entire family.

Make Your Memories Larger Than Life at Canvas Chimp (3).jpg

Not just holiday memories either. Why not display those wedding pictures on the wall instead of hiding them in an album? Or proudly show off the family portraits that have captured everyone at their very spruced up best? has partnered with Heart Home to offer readers free shipping on all orders over £35.

Make Your Memories Larger Than Life at Canvas Chimp (2).jpg

The canvas prints are a popular choice for family portraits and wedding photographs, as well as holiday pics. Even family rules! You can choose your perfect size and style of print and Canvas Champ have lots of inspiration on the site for how to display your photographs too. Black and white photos look great in black frames for instance, or you can create panoramic impact with the help of a photo spread. You can even create a gallery wall using mismatched frames using various photos, images and canvas prints of different sizes and shapes.

Make Your Memories Larger Than Life at Canvas Chimp (1).jpg

Or maybe you would like to see your favourite pet photo printed onto a cushion? Photo cushions are new to CanvasChamp but look set to be very popular. Be it your family photo or just you with your partner, the personalised cushion photo gifts aren’t just cozy and super comfy but they are also durable and don’t lose their vibrant appearance for years ahead. All you need to do is select your best pictures portraying your favourite moments with loved ones and upload them.

The canvas prints and photo cushions also make perfect gifts. After all Christmas is not that far away!

What's more, for all products CanvasChamp have very simple to use design tools that allow you to customise your own cushions or canvases in a few easy steps.

To take advantage of the free shipping on orders over £35, please quote FREESHIP35 at the checkout.

Expert Advice - How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh in a Heatwave

How are you coping with the hot weather lovely readers? Lately Britain has experienced some of the highest temperatures for more than 100 years; with the whole nation on heatwave alert and experiencing temperatures in excess of 30 degrees. We're just not used to it are we? Whilst a whole host of advice is available to mere mortals on how to cope in the heat, your flowers will suffer too. With this in mind tech-first florists Bloom & Wild have prepared five easy tips to keep flowers fresh this week and for the rest of the Summer.

Lana Letterbox Tropical Tlowers

Lana Letterbox Tropical Tlowers

Top Tips

  • Place stems in tepid or lukewarm water as they will enjoy this more and absorb the water more quickly than cold, keeping your flowers hydrated!
  • In this heat, trim 5cm from the base of the stem to remove any blockages and creating a new permeable drinking area. Don't forget to always cut at an angle to increase the surface area.
Soleil Handtied Bouquet

Soleil Handtied Bouquet

  • Bacteria breeds within dirty vases, and the heat welcomes this breeding! Make sure you clean your vases really thoroughly with anti-bacterial wash to sterilise them. Don’t leave any leaves or bits in your water, only perfectly trimmed stems. Bits of greenery and leaves will rot in the water, especially in the heat and breed bacteria that will shorten the life of your flowers.
Sofia Handtied Tropical Bouquet

Sofia Handtied Tropical Bouquet

  • Keep flowers as cool as possible. Changes in temperature can make blooms die quicker, i.e. a room with sun that moves around the room can have a negative effect. The sun also evaporates the water in your blooms and stems, so keep them out of direct sunlight.
Violet Letterbox Bouquet of Meadow Flowers

Violet Letterbox Bouquet of Meadow Flowers

  • Choose a wider neck vase than the width of the flowers, which allows air around the stems and prevents mould building.

This Summer Bloom & Wild launches Destinations, a collection of 10 bouquets inspired by three very different Summer vacation spots. Perhaps most apt for this week is The Tropics, which sees a range of bouquets inspired by fiesta and the poolside parties of South America:

Because Lampshades Needn't Be Boring

Papershades is the brainchild of artist Rosalind Freeborn who specialises in paper collage. One glimpse of her colourful and cheery lampshades and we were completely hooked. It may be cold and depressing outside, but inside we could have a burst of sunshine just by the addition of a lampshade or two. On Rosalind's website you will find two ranges of shades. Floral and Nostagia

Shaftesbury from the Floral range.

Shaftesbury from the Floral range.

Of the Floral designs she says  ‘I wanted to create a collection of bright, tissue paper collages which conjure feeling of summer,' says Ros. 'The canvases are covered with a riot of poppies, roses and wild flowers.’ 

Leicester from the Floral range

Leicester from the Floral range

The Nostalgia Collection is unashamedly…well, nostalgic!  Ros says: 'I love nothing better than collecting fragments of paper – from magazines, wallpaper, pages from books, old packaging and prints which I collage into designs which please me.' 

Victorian Kitchen from the Nostalgia collection

Victorian Kitchen from the Nostalgia collection

VICTORIAN KITCHEN - is based on woodblock wallpaper in a childhood home.
The collage features images of dishes, jugs, toys and lanterns which used to adorn the kitchen walls in a Victorian house where she lived as a child.  I found a spare roll in the cellar and used it to cover books, decorate objects and just snip up, in that abandoned way that children do without realising it’s true value. Fortunately some of it survived and I’ve used part of it, together with a collection of bits and pieces which go with it, to create a wonderful kitchen lampshade.  

In Olden Days from the Nostalgia collection

In Olden Days from the Nostalgia collection

IN OLDEN DAYS – the dainty delight of carefully engraved button boot
I know we don't use fans these days, and not many of us go out in button boots or use cotton handkerchiefs, but it's fun to channel those days when dressing was a much more complicated business.  Ros has combined these images from yester-year with pieces of marbled paper and swirly shapes. The finished Papershade actually looks very contemporary but it's only when you look closely that you can see that the images are quite 'old school'.

Papershades was launched in January 2017.  Both collections are available on the website and cost £25 each including postage and packing.

Introducing Susi Bellamy - Maximalist Homewares

Susi Bellamy is a former fashion editor and practising artist who began designing for interiors when she realised her artwork would make beautiful and vibrant cushion covers. Her colourful, abstract cushions were first picked up by Liberty, and she is now on her third season with her ongoing collaboration with Heals.

Susi Bellamy Home Collection (1).jpg

These stunning designs work in conjunction with each other to create a maximalist explosion of colour, or (if you like a neutral interior with splashes of colour) individually as a statement piece. Their combination of uniqueness and vibrancy will impact any interior in much the same way as a piece of artwork.

orange feathered wallpaper, lampshade and cushion

orange feathered wallpaper, lampshade and cushion

Being an artist means that Susi approaches her interiors from a unique perspective as she explores how colour and texture can add depth to a room. She launched last year her newly expanded home collection of wallpaper and fabric at Decorex International where she received a fantastic reception: with Elle Deco naming her as one of two to watch for the event. She has also just shown at Maison et Objet expanding into the international marketplace.

Blue fantasy wallpaper

Blue fantasy wallpaper

‘Creating something in the studio that looks fabulous in the home is a creative challenge that I relish, and I enjoy injecting interiors with an unexpectedly eye-catching array of colours and patterns’ Susi explains.

new selection of velvet greens

new selection of velvet greens

All products are made in England and are available from Susi Bellamy.

New Work from Angie Lewin at St Judes

We've shared the work of Angie Lewin with you before. You can see some of her nature inspired wallpapers here. But we were blown away by this new linocut called The Gardener's Arms.


Angie's cherished 'Gardener's Arms' jug was the inspiration for this new seven colour linocut print, The engraved and hand painted decoration flows off the jug, forming the landscape in which it sits and merging with the teasels, echinops and astrantia that were gathered from the garden.


The print measures 585mm x 430mm and is printed in seven colours. The edition size is 85 copies and unframed copies are £395.00 unframed.

Inspired by both the clifftops and saltmarshes of the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands, I depict these contrasting environments and their native flora in wood engraving, linocut, silkscreen, lithograph and collage. These landscapes are often glimpsed through intricately detailed plantforms.

As well as designing fabrics and stationery for St Jude’s, which she runs with my husband Simon, Angie has completed commissions for Penguin, Faber, Conran Octopus, Merrell and Picador. She has also designed fabrics for Liberty.


The Gardeners Arms is to be first exhibited as part of Airs, Reels and Ballads at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh from 1-29 November. 

Photographs by Alun Callender

Introducing Alrun Nordic Blankets

You may be forgiven for thinking that we've gone Nordic mad here at Heart Home. We've been sharing how decorate as a Scandinavian, how to cook Scandinavian and we've recently shared a Nordic website as our 'Website of the Week'. And last week Arianna and I travelled to West Sweden for a few days and yes, we're a little bit obsessed.

Alrun Nordic Blankets (2).jpg

So naturally we'd like to share this latest find. Alrún Nordic Design is a small family company based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Since 1999, they have been creating original bindrune jewelry in the spirit of a Nordic tradition which is more than a thousand years old. And now they have added blankets to their website.

Alrun Nordic Blankets (4).jpg

Their gorgeous Nordic wool blankets are woven from pure Icelandic wool, dyed especially for them in Iceland. The exceptional quality of these blankets reflects all the best characteristics of wool produced in the Nordic regions – warmth, durability, breathability, and water-repellency.

Alrun Nordic Blankets (3).jpg

"As with our jewelry, our latest homewear designs are rooted in ancient
Norse tradition, with our patterns based on our very own Love and
Strength bindrune symbols. Reflecting the evolution of bindrune-making
through the reiteration, mirroring and overlapping of the symbols, the
meaning of each symbol is thus embedded into the fabric itself."

Alrun Nordic Blankets (1).jpg

Available from Alrun Nordic Design

Dark Blooms from Surface View

Surface View have just released a fresh batch of archived Dark Bloom images which feature vivid Dutch Still Life paintings. And we love them!

A 'Forest Floor' Still Life Of Flowers Mural By Rachel Ruysch from the  Ashmolean Collection

A 'Forest Floor' Still Life Of Flowers Mural By Rachel Ruysch from the Ashmolean Collection

After all, Dutch still life artists remain the masters of realism. The iconic floral masterpieces typically mix dark and moody backdrops with brilliant blooms and intricate insects. And amazingly the magnificent collection of still life paintings housed in Surface View’s extensive catalogue still maintain their lustre and appeal over 400 years later and allow us access to some of the most impressive classics available.

A Vase Of Flowers With A Watch Framed Print By Willem Van Aelst, from the Ashmolean Collection

A Vase Of Flowers With A Watch Framed Print By Willem Van Aelst, from the Ashmolean Collection

The collection features famous works selected from the National Gallery, The Royal Academy of Arts and The Ashmolean Museum, and the totally bespoke printing techniques allow you to play with size, scale and surfaces so that these classic artworks can be skilfully re-interpreted for the modern home.

Left: Hollyhocks And Other Flowers In A Vase Mural By Jan Van Huysum from the National Gallery Collection. Right: Summer Mural by Mary Moser RA from the Royal
Academy of Arts Collection.

Wall Murals from £65 per sq m, Canvas Prints from £155, Birch Ply Prints from £185, Epic Posters from £65,Textile Wall Hangings from £130, Window Films from £100, Lampshades from £90, Ceramic Tiles from £540 per sq m.

Big Art. Little Artists

Childish is a marketplace for beautiful art, created by Children, where visitors can buy prints of exciting and unique images created by kids of different ages, cultures, and locations . Funds raised by sales help children to access creative resources and thereby creates opportunities for them. 

Artist ‣ Ezmae Age ‣ 3 Title ‣ The Spaceship Location ‣ Connecticut, USA

Artist ‣ Ezmae
Age ‣ 3
Title ‣ The Spaceship
Location ‣ Connecticut, USA

In collaboration with local and international arts organizations, profits raised through sales of artworks will go back to the community, in various forms including supplies, scholarships, program development and community projects. Childish believe that creativity transcends culture and can be healing, inspiring, and enriching, for any community it reaches. 

Artist ‣ Dominic Age ‣ 5 Title ‣ Bots  Location ‣ Perth Australia

Artist ‣ Dominic
Age ‣ 5
Title ‣ Bots
Location ‣ Perth Australia

"Our long-term goal is to continue growing our collection, pairing different artworks with different causes and projects, ranging from collaborative community art installations to individual scholarships for children who could benefit". 

Artist ‣ Anushka Age ‣ 9 Title ‣ Flowers Location ‣ Kingdom of Bahrain

Artist ‣ Anushka
Age ‣ 9
Title ‣ Flowers
Location ‣ Kingdom of Bahrain

An online store has just launched, with quality selections from the first collection. They ship internationally, from their location in Berlin.

Artist ‣ Mikhail Age ‣ 4 Title ‣ Tiger Location ‣ Yerevan, Armenia

Artist ‣ Mikhail
Age ‣ 4
Title ‣ Tiger
Location ‣ Yerevan, Armenia

Introducing High Summer - Cactus & Marrakesh Designs from Bluebellgray

We've always been big fans of Fi's work at Bluebellgray and couldn't wait to share with you a special pre-launch of two high summer designs ahead of the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. Both are inspired by the colourful city of Marrakech in Morocco. Well, who couldn't be inspired by Marrakech?

Featuring a vibrant colour palette of the inky blues, coral pinks and bright teal shades that sing out in the medina and gardens, the oversized watercolour Cactus design, available as a cushion, fabric and tray, is a fresh take on bluebellgray’s signature style and sits perfectly in simple rooms or layered with contrasting prints and block colours alike.

Marrakesh depicts a typical scene, evoking the serenity of the city’s hidden tranquil corners and is available as a cushion as well as a fabric in two colourways - Dawn and Dusk, a typical
Moroccan warm pink, and a deep cobalt blue.

Design director and founder Fi, along with her lucky design team, explored the city’s tranquil gardens, vibrant markets and charming riads last year, soaking up the energy and colours to
create the Cactus and Marrakesh designs for us to enjoy.

Available from August.

Photo Backdrops for Stunning Flatlays

How often do you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and wish you had such interesting backdrops for your own flatlays. We know we do. All the time. Well, you might be interested to know that you can now purchase tabletop photo backdrops from Photo Boards®.

Photo Boards® are lightweight tabletop background boards in two sizes, measuring just 40cm and 60cm square. They are designed with small scene photography in mind and look just like real marble, linen, wood and stone - perfect for flatlay styling on Instagram, and which even under a close up lens look just like real textures thanks to the super high resolution and clever design.

They were first launched in November 2016, be photographer Lyndsey James after she tested a collection of mini photo backdrops with a small group of her photography students - all creative business owners learning product photography.

'As a commercial photographer for many years I have collected all sorts of interesting textures for use in close up work like jewellery and food photography. Large printed studio backdrops were never high enough quality to look real in close up photos, so I had nothing to recommend to my students other than suggesting they look around recycling and reclamation yards for interesting backgrounds.' - Lyndsey James, Founder.

Prices are reasonable too. The 60cm square boards are £30, while the 40cm boards are £18. Another advantage over sourcing your own boards from reclamation yards is that they are already the perfect size and easy to store in the office. Anyone who has tried to keep a collection of old wood and metal tidy (guilty) in the home will know what I'm talking about. And lastly, they are lighter and easier to transport around. 

We're sold.


Introducing Illustrator and Artist, Chloe Cheese

When we saw the cheery work of artist Chloe Cheese, we just wanted to share them with you all. Her work is delightfully informal and would add colour and character to any wall. 

Chloe spent her childhood years in an Essex village surrounded by the work of her printmaking parents, so it naturally followed that she would study art. After graduating from the Cambridge Art School and then the Royal College of Art, she has exhibited at galleries worldwide and has work in public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum,and the Arts Council of Great Britain. She has also worked as a freelance illustrator with clients including The Sunday Times, Terence Conran, and Commes Des Garcons Japan.

Chloeʼs personal work always depicts her view of the world around her, which she interprets in her own special way. Sometimes the first use or intention of buildings and objects has been lost or altered. She tries to retain a sense of that history and how it subtly infiltrates our visual landscape. 

The prints shown here are available from Athena Art as part of the 2017 collection.

Introducing IzziRainey Homeware and Interiors Products

IzziRainey is a Norfolk-based company established in 2014 by friends Izzi Rainey and Lara Mullis and we were immediately struck by their bright and cheerful products. Just what we need on a dull, dreary January day.

zzi's prints, are based on the culmination of the unexpected colour found on her family’s farm combined with the bold and textural shapes which have always surrounded her in the agricultural environment on the farm in Norfolk. This is now the location of hers and Lara's office and studio, where the changing seasons and farm activity provide continual inspiration for their evolving business.

In fact, all IzziRainey products combine a distinct and edgy nature, which means that they work just as well in a cool country house as they do in a contemporary urban setting. The designs start on paper using a wealth of hand-based techniques and then transformed onto fabric using digital printing.

And we love their latest collaboration with Norfolk furniture designer, Curzon and Co, in which they have combined their eye-catching fabrics to produce a pair of iconic bespoke stools with Curzon and Co’s high quality craftsmanship. 

‘We are so excited that we have been able to work with another designer that shares the same passions as us for British design and manufacturing. To see our fabric used on furniture, our lifestyle range expand and to be working so closely with another Norfolk craftsmen has just been fantastic.’- Lara and Izzi.

Escape to the Country on a Staycreation Retreat

Yes, you read that right. 'Staycreation' is a collection of long weekends in Devon; where you stay in residential workshops set in amazing countryside locations, crafting and making, whilst enjoying wholesome local food. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Miga De Pan Embroidery

Miga De Pan Embroidery

It's a great way to slow down, be mindful, and re-connect with the body. In a fast-paced world. A craft break is the ideal tonic - not a laptop or iPad in sight. In fact, craft is the new yoga - a modern “make do and mend”. 

The holiday retreats are set in gorgeous venues, from a rural country farm to a Grade II listed property still in the Sir Francis Drake family. You will experience local Devon food, freshly prepared, and each weekend will have a different touch, with participants travelling back home with a personalised goodie bag, together with their own handmade creation.

Anne Kelly

Anne Kelly

Autumn retreats will include Adriana Torres, aka Miga de Pan teaching embroidery and exploring ‘secrets’ from her master class ‘The Dancing Cat in my garden’. This is a rare and incredible chance to get a glimpse into her design philosophy, exquisite techniques and extraordinary talent. The next retreat has a twist, ‘Yarn in the Country’, with London based Allison and Rachel from Yarn In The City. The workshops includes plenty of knitting, yarn dyeing, a few woolly surprises, as well as time for chatting. 

Poppy Treffry

Poppy Treffry

October sees designer Poppy Treffry getting to grips with ‘Free hand machine embroidery’. Poppy will be on hand to trouble shoot as you learn to scribble, shade and stitch appliqué. Don’t forget to bring your Singer if you have one. Finally for 2016, there will be Anne Kelly, a textile artist, who will explore the theme of ‘Folk Tales’ using universal primitive motifs taken from folk and Scandinavian art; you will make your own designs to create a unique wall hanging.

For further information contact:
Mari Wilson
+44 (0) 7429 557353

Heart Home readers can claim a discount of 10% on 2016 retreats by quoting HHM16 over the phone.

Made on Holiday will make a donation to the charity Fine Cell Work, for every booking made. Fine Cell Work (, a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework. 

The New Alternative to Canvas Prints: Fabric Wall Murals

Many of us have lovely canvas prints hanging on our walls at home - after all, they’re a great way of showing off our favourite photos or artwork. Well now there’s an alternative to canvas prints, and one that could revolutionise how we decorate our homes - fabric wall murals.

These framed fabric prints are courtesy of a UK company called Transform a Wall who are on a mission to, as the name suggests, transform the walls of homes everywhere. And the thing that sets them apart is that the prints are made-to-measure.

This means that while you can always choose a regular-sized piece of art for your living room or bedroom, and it’ll still look great, you have the opportunity to create an entire feature wall and turn the room into something really quite special.

The frames arrive in sections and the fabric comes rolled up, so once the frame is assembled on the wall, you simply stretch the picture over it and you’re done. And one of the best things about the prints is that they can easily be swapped out for something else, so if you have a frenetic sports scene but want something a little more relaxing, you can just swap it for a serene landscape or beach scene.

The range of pictures you can choose from is also impressive, allowing you to create pretty much any atmosphere or match any decor. Here are some of the collections on offer…

Forest & Trees

There are few things as relaxing as a walk in the forest among the trees, so if you want to create a room that makes you feel at ease the moment you walk in, then a wall mural featuring a forest scene is ideal.

Beach scenes

How often do you wish you could just whisk yourself away to a desert island, lie on the golden sand and feel the crystal clear water lap over your feet? Well the beach scene prints can’t quite do that but it’s probably the next best thing.


If you’re not much of a countryside person, you may prefer something a little more urban, and there are some awe-inspiring cityscapes available, including New York, Dubai, London and more.

Children’s images

If you’re looking to create an imagination boosting bedroom for your little cherubs, then a giant, colourful wall mural will do just that. Think princesses, cowboys, superheroes and everything between. They might even ask to go to bed!

Traditional artwork

If you’re somewhat of a culture vulture and prefer more traditional pieces of artwork, then there’s plenty of that on offer too. There is pop art inspired images, Monet-esque pieces, abstract art and just about everything in between, so no matter what your taste is, there’s bound to be something you like.

These are only a handful of the collections on offer from Transform a Wall. Check out the full range of images on their website.

Original Tropical Watercolour Prints from Pooja Jeshang

It was love at first sight when I saw these colourful watercolour prints from Pooja Jeshang. Not just beautiful, but bang on trend with their vibrant tropical foliage and exotic birds.

So, of course I wanted to know a bit more about Pooja and what inspired her...

"I'm originally from Tanzania, and studied Fashion Design. Home decor has been somewhat another passion I really want to focus on, and by doing so I would love to work on one off painting pieces that can bring life to your home. Also not forgetting I love paintings that are bright, bold, say, or have a meaning behind them for example my Tropical Toucan painting is about a toucan who’s perched, and has a fun element with him - a pineapple! Hopefully my next range of paintings will be focusing on geometry - which is another theme I love and fits in with minimalism and simplicity". 

"Taken from my experience of really contemplating on how to design my flat, Ive taken up the ideas of putting up some tropical wildlife flora and foliage elements through paintings because this really gives it a clean fresh look to your walls in your house. These series of paintings were really inspired from rainforests of South America, where I really wish I can go and see the nature for myself". 

"I admire nature and its flawless beauty, but to capture it on paper is another whole concept!"

Pooja also likes to sew and hand-make bags. You can see them and her prints on her etsy shop.