Christmas ABC with John Lewis

It’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas, with only 46 days until Christmas, we thought it would be the perfect time to start buying those decorations. The new collection at John Lewis is absolutely stunning and we think you will love them as much as we do.

With a hand selected, intricately designed bauble representing each letter of the alphabet, the creative, mix and match ABC collection stimulates learning and fun in equal measures. Perfect for engaging little ones in the decorating process, the ABC range encourages children and adults alike to choose and cherish a beloved bauble to reflect their own personal style. With every quirky character, including astronauts and a festive whale, the range combines a rainbow of colours and textures for a vibrant Christmas scheme.

Pre Lit Belgravia 7ft Tree £349, ABC Tree Decorations From £4, Christmas Wrap From £4

Pre Lit Belgravia 7ft Tree £349, ABC Tree Decorations From £4, Christmas Wrap From £4

Unicorn £12, Glass Rainbow £8, Ice Cream £7

Unicorn £12, Glass Rainbow £8, Ice Cream £7

Golden Lion £8, Astronaut Tim£8, Glitter Whale £8

Golden Lion £8, Astronaut Tim£8, Glitter Whale £8

Flamingo £8, Glitter Whale £8, Gift Wrap From £4

Flamingo £8, Glitter Whale £8, Gift Wrap From £4

 All these are available from John Lewis & Partners , which operates 50 shops across the UK.

Oxford Navy Christmas With Annie Sloan

Create a scheme that will see you through Christmas and beyond with Annie Sloan’s newest addition to the Chalk Paint™ palette, Oxford Navy.

Smart and sophisticated, the new colour takes its name from Oxford University’s insignia, whilst paying homage to the brand’s Oxford headquarters, where Chalk Paint™ is manufactured. Pair with pops of red and Annie’s heavy ticking for a classic look, particularly suited to period and traditional homes. Bring a cohesive tonality to your seasonal scheme by using any leftover paint to give baubles a matte, chalky finish. Match your tree bucket to your walls with a lick of paint and customise wrapping paper with simple stripes – a quick, cost-effective personal touch your guests will love.

Rich and deep when used alone, lighten Oxford Navy with Old White or other pale shades in the mixable Chalk Paint™ palette and apply to furniture to create an easy but impactful trompe l’oeil effect. Visit for painting techniques, tips and inspiration.

Chalk Paint in Oxford Navy

Chalk Paint in Oxford Navy

Painted baubles - Chalk Paint in Emperor's Silk, Graphite ticking

Painted baubles - Chalk Paint in Emperor's Silk, Graphite ticking

Chalk Paint in Oxford Navy and Old White, baubles in Emperor's Silk, wrapping paper in Oxford Navy

Chalk Paint in Oxford Navy and Old White, baubles in Emperor's Silk, wrapping paper in Oxford Navy

Chalk Paint in Oxford Navy and Athenian Black, chaise in Graphite Ticking, wrapping paper in Oxford Navy

Chalk Paint in Oxford Navy and Athenian Black, chaise in Graphite Ticking, wrapping paper in Oxford Navy

Let There Be Lights At Christmas

Where would Christmas be without the twinkling magic of candles and fairylights? They can make even the dullest of corners come alive, and make every room look festive for the holidays. And it’s easier than ever now to put lights and candles all around the home with the popularity of battery operated lights. Which of course means no trailing wires and no fire hazards from candles.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (2).jpg

Living Room

The tree is the obvious place to adorn with fairy lights but don’t forget other focal points too. A fireplace can look lovely even unlit with a mantle strewn with evergreen foliage and battery operated lights. Add a mass of battery candles on the hearth too for a lovely welcoming warmth.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (1).jpg

Dining Table

Create a table centrepiece with more foliage, candles, and lots of lovely battery operated tea-lights. Remember that lights at different heights will look more interesting, and these candles will burn long after real candles have burnt out.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (3).jpg

Dining Room

Don’t limit the lights to the dining table in the dining room. You can also add wall lights or trail fairy lights around the window too.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (4).jpg

The Hall

And don’t forget a very warm welcome for your guests too.

All images and all products are from Lights4Fun.

All Wrapped Up For Christmas

Nothing gets us more in the festive mood than wrapping the presents. With Bing Crosby playing in the background, the fairy lights twinkling and a glass of mulled wine within reach it’s an annual ritual to savour.

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Garden Trading Christmas 2018 - Wrapping Station.jpg

Why not get organised and create a dedicated wrapping station and then you don’t have to do it all in one go? Much less disruptive than commandeering the kitchen table. Keep wrapping paper and tags in baskets for easy access and it’s a doddle to tidy up afterwards. All the products above are from Garden Trading who also have a great selection of gifts - see below.

Garden Trading Christmas 2018 - Gifts and Accessories.jpg

Do you have a theme? We like to get creative and choose a different style each year. It doesn’t have to be patterned paper either. Sometimes plain paper is the best idea if you want your decorations to stand out.

All gift wrapping ideas and products above are by Ginger Ray.

Sophie Allport Night Owl Gift Wrap Roll Collection.jpg

All gift wrapping ideas and products above are from the Night Owl range by Sophie Allport.

All gift wrapping ideas and products above are from Paper Tree.

Garden Trading Christmas 2018 - Presents.jpg

Large basket from a selection at Garden Trading.

Create Your Own Romantic, Nature-Inspired Festive Garland

Is there anything that says Christmas has arrived better than a homespun wreath?


This Scandinavian-inspired Benni Brass Wreath ring from Rowen and Wren comes as a set of two and is an impeccable base (complete with brass ring and hanger) for creating a romantic, nature-inspired festive garland.


Simply weave your greenery and feathers in, and attach and secure them with gardener’s wire. Don’t worry about being immaculate; there’s nothing more enchanting than a door adorned with cascading tendrils of twisting ivy and drying hydrangea heads.


Hang your masterwork on the front knocker or alternatively bring the outside in and display it over the fireplace. What’s more it can be adorned with alternative flora and foliage throughout the year for seasonal displays in the summer months too.


Sold in a set of two, one small - £26.

Naturally Festive - Christmas Wreaths That Will Last

Our pick of natural looking Christmas wreaths that will last until twelfth night. Whether you hang them on the front door, above the fireplace, or in every window, these wreaths won’t wilt and they won’t break the bank. All are under £50, and wrapped carefully, you can store them away and use them again for many years to come.

Contains Affiliate Links

600 Dunelm_2207313_NorthernLightsWreath.jpg.jpg

Mixed Pine and Eucalyptus Wreath with Twinkly Lights, £20, Dunelm.

Christmas Wreaths 2018.jpg

2. Paper Ivy, Mistletoe and Christmas Rose Wreath, £34.95, Paper Tree.

3. Leaf and Berry Wreath, £29.99, Dobbies.

4. Variegated Holly Wreath, £42, Gisela Graham.

5. Green & Gold Berry Wreath, £25, The Contemporary Home.

6. Broadwindsor Pine Cone Wreath, £14.95, The Farthing.

7. Frosted Eucalyptus Mix Wreath, £45, Cox and Cox.

We Wish You a Nordic Christmas

With Christmas preparations soon to be in full swing, here’s a little Nordic Christmas inspiration from Debenhams. Pared back decorations look sensational against plain white walls and simple furniture shapes. Lots of festive foliage and rustic wood bring the outside in, and soft rugs, cushions and throws add that extra layer of comfort that winter needs. Finish it all off with punches of black.


Nkuku Hurricane Lamp - £60. Jute Baskets (2) - £26. Black Wire Star - £20. Blue & Gold Band Vase - £18. Nkuku Rectangular Lantern - £50. White Wool Tree - £15. Pre-lit 6ft Grandis Fir Tree - £250. Bark Tealight Holders - £10. Gold Glitter Stars (8) - £5. White Glitter Stars (8) - £5. Arlo Floor Light - £150. Grey Chunky Knitted Throw - £60. Grey Chunky Knitted Cushion - £25. Swoon Porto 2 Seater Sofa in Hunter Soft Wool - £999.


Boston Large Extending Dining Table - £1,920. Boston Wooden Dining Chairs with Velvet Seat Pair (2) - £350. Boston Charcoal Carver Dining Chairs (2) - £399. Boston Large Charcoal Bench - £455. Wire Stags Head - £50. Blown Glass Hurricane - £32. Placemats (2) - £8.00. Nordic Smoke Wine Glass - £7. Nordic Smoke Flute - £7. Two Candle Gold Candelabra - £20. Eucalyptus, Pinecone and White Berry Garland - £30. Reactive Dinner Plate – £6. Reactive Side Plate – £5. Reactive Cereal Bowl - £5. Raw Edge Cereal Bowl - £5. Raw Edge Pasta Bowl - £6. Gold Cutlery (16 piece) - £35. Black Geo Baubles (4) - £16.00. Teal Faux Mohair Throw - £25.


All from the Nordic Range at Debenhams.

A Quick Guide to Preparing Your Home for Christmas

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You probably think there is still plenty of time but Christmas will be here before you know it. To avoid rushing to get everything sorted in last minute and to be able to enjoy the upcoming festivities to their fullest, it’s better to start early rather than late. That doesn’t mean you need to start with Christmas preparations tomorrow but it may be a good idea to set a date and stick to that date.


Make a plan

Before you start decorating your home, looking for Christmas baking recipes, that perfect Christmas tree, … make a plan what you need to do to make this Christmas unforgettable. Not only it will help you stay focused and avoid forgetting anything important, it will also help you appreciate the time before Christmas which is very magical as well.

Clean and clear

If you want your Christmas decoration to achieve the best effect, it is of key importance for your home to be clean and clear of clutter. So, if you have postponed cleaning that ugly stain on your carpet, storing away your camping gear or have any other unfinished “business” requiring cleaning or organising (or both!), you are highly recommended to take care of it as soon as possible. Remember, you can always call a professional cleaning company to do the cleaning for you if you are always running out of time for cleaning chores.


Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to decorating

It’s not difficult to get carried away with Christmas decoration. But if you think that there can never be enough Christmas decor inside or outside your home, you are very much mistaken. Sure, your home may stand out but it won’t stand out in a good way if your over do it. So, when you start decorating, keep in mind that less is more when it comes to both inside and outside your home.

Create a festive atmosphere

You can have the most beautifully decorated home but in order to enjoy it, it is of key importance to create a festive atmosphere. How? That’s completely up to you and your personal preferences but if you need some ideas, what about some Christmas-themed music? Also, don’t forget about Christmas food. It’s is, after all, a very special time of the year and it requires a special food. Last but not the least important, be sure to have everyone involved and don’t worry if everything is not perfect. The most important is for everyone to have a great time.


Give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect gifts

Finding the perfect gifts (at a reasonable price!) for everyone is everything but easy. And if you are doing it in last minute, you are in big trouble. Bear in mind that the best things are sold out very quickly, especially if they have an accessible price tag. Also, it’s not unusual to panic when running out of time and believe it or not, last minute gifts usually look just like last minute and don’t really impress anyone.

Last Minute Inspiration for the Christmas Table

Let's talk about the Christmas table. Is it something you plan and prepare for? Taking the trouble to write place name cards and creating a spectacular centerpiece. Or is it a last minute scrabble to get the table laid before the food goes cold? In truth for most of us it's a mixture of both. The best laid plans can sometimes go awry in the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning. So here's some inspiration from our favourite high street stores to get things back on track.

Christmas Table Inspiration from marksandspencer.jpg

White and Frosty

Marks and Spencer have created this informal setting using plain white porcelain and glittery silver baubles. It's very Scandinavian with a no frills approach (well apart from that garland hanging above the table which we wouldn't advise attempting after a glass or two of Prosecco!)

Christmas table inspiration from houseoffraser.jpg

Elegant and Traditional

By contrast House of Fraser have pulled out all the stops. You'll need your best china and table linen to create this look. A simple vase of eucalyptus leaves and some plain crackers look very sophisticated in this setting and it will all look even better after dark when the candles will flicker away.

Christmas Table Inspiration from Debenhams.jpg

Pastel Perfection

Not the usual colour scheme for Christmas day but oh, so pretty. Follow Debenhams lead and decorate the chair backs with some sprigs of foliage and the baubles you couldn't fit onto the tree.

Christmas Table Inspiration from dunelm.jpg

Grown Up Glamour

A liberal sprinkling of gold and a combination of royal blue and green gives this table from Dunelm an Art Deco feel. One that the grown-ups will appreciate.

What's your favourite?

Let's Party Like It's 1999 this New Year

Be the hostess with the mostess this New Year's Eve with this glittery range from Talking Tables. It's full of eye-catching paper partyware, confetti cannons, glamorous table bombs, shiny backdrops and disco balls! Because let's face it, once the festivities are over who wants to face a mountain of washing up?

Talking Tables Glitterati range - Disco Ball Lights, Disco Ball Stirrers, Foil Curtain, Mini Party Hats

Talking Tables Glitterati range - Disco Ball Lights, Disco Ball Stirrers, Foil Curtain, Mini Party Hats

Glitterati Disco Ball And Canape Plates, Giant Disco Ball Decoration, Party Popper Lifestyle

Glitterati Disco Ball And Canape Plates, Giant Disco Ball Decoration, Party Popper Lifestyle

Glitterati Photoboot Kit

Glitterati Photoboot Kit

Talking Tables was founded by Claire Harris who spotted a gap in the market for design-led, stylish party accessories to decorate with. The typical products on the market at the time were dull, miss-matched and often just designed for children so she decided to create her own.

And the company name came about because Claire wanted to get the table talking. 

We think it'll do more than that!

Prices from £3.49

Covent Garden Collaborates with The British Fashion Council and SHOWstudio to Create Arty Gift Wrap

If this is the week that you are going to wrap up (pun intended) all of your Christmas shopping - first of all, what took you so long? - secondly you might be interested to know about this helpful partnership. Covent Garden has announced a brand new exclusive range of designer Christmas wrapping paper, gift tags and cards in collaboration with the British Fashion Council and SHOWstudio.

(from top to bottom) Mother of Pearl, Fyodor Golan, Holly Fulton, Marques Almeida and Lauren Baker

(from top to bottom) Mother of Pearl, Fyodor Golan, Holly Fulton, Marques Almeida and Lauren Baker

The best news is, you can take advantage of the in-store wrapping service or receive complimentary gift wrapping when spending £200 in stores across Covent Garden. Now that's an offer you can't refuse.

The six limited edition designs are from British designers Holly Fulton, Fyodor Golan, Marques’ Almeida and Mother of Pearl, as well as additional pieces by neon artist Lauren Baker and SHOWstudio fashion illustrator Fiona Gourlay. 

(clockwise) Marques Almeida, Holly Fulton, Fyodor Golan, Mother Of Pearl, Marques Almeida

(clockwise) Marques Almeida, Holly Fulton, Fyodor Golan, Mother Of Pearl, Marques Almeida

The bespoke wrapping paper, cards and tags will be on sale at the Noël Pop-Up In Covent Garden and can also be bought online here

Noël Pop Up Limited
17 Floral Street
Covent Garden

Unique Handmade Christmas Gifts, Direct From The Artisans

If like us, you're struggling to find Christmas gifts that are just a little bit different. And a little bit personal. Let us introduce you to, a new online marketplace where you can shop for the very best handmade products, directly from the artisans who made them.

It's a new online home for creative micro-businesses – a thriving community and marketplace where anyone can turn their creative hobby, passion or skill into a business of their own. And where we can support small artisans and shop small, keeping independent business owners up and running and sourcing totally unique, creative products and services we wouldn’t normally find. 

Here's just some of the things we found:

Personalised Christmas Eve Box, £35, 

Personalised Christmas Eve Box, £35, 

Personalised Christmas Bauble For Mum, £12.50

Personalised Christmas Bauble For Mum, £12.50

Elderflower & Jasmine Soy Candle, £20

Elderflower & Jasmine Soy Candle, £20

Concrete Succulent Planter Trio, £19.99

Concrete Succulent Planter Trio, £19.99

Personalised Weekly Planner, £22

Personalised Weekly Planner, £22

Snowflake Wrapping Paper, £4.99

Snowflake Wrapping Paper, £4.99

6 of the Best Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a festive wreath hanging on the front door. And while we love the fresh variety there's a lot to be said for an artificial wreath. They last for several years for one thing, and they are much more realistic looking than you might expect. There's also an added bonus if you haven't already bought one, as many of the stores are now discounting prices. 

Here's our pick of the bunch....

6 of the best Christmas Wreaths.jpg
  1. Plum Floral Wreath, £29.50, Marks and Spencers. Beautifully handmade and decorated with pretty Plum roses, berries, pinecones and a mix of foliage giving a really natural feel. 
  2. Rosemary & Pinecone Wreath, was £50 now £35, The White Company. Artificial pine-tree branches with frosted winter berries and genuine pine cones that are finished with a white-frosted effect.
  3. Large Winter Berry Wreath, £45, Cox and Cox. Three different types of foliage for an authentic feel, finished with a lightly frosted effect and pure white berries.
  4. Silver Reindeer Wreath, was £50 now £35, Debenhams. Realistic pinecones and a majestic silver reindeer.
  5. Eucalyptus and Berry Wreath, £45, John Lewis. A traditional yet festive wreath studded with white and red berries.
  6.  Physalis Wreath, £59, Bloom. Skilfully woven from sprigs of faux physalis.

Dreaming of a Magical White Christmas

With all of the temptation out there when it comes to Christmas decorating, we wish we had the willpower to resist, and just stick to white. It's simply magical. White frosting, mythical creatures, glittering silver, and visions of Narnia. A fairytale come true.

And we think M&S have just about got it covered.

White Christmas at M&S.jpg

7ft Snowy Potted Tree £200, Silver Star Tree Topper £7.50, Hanging Lit House Cloche £5, Hanging Lit Snowman Cloche £5, Hanging Let It Snow Lit Cloche £5, Silver Beaded Wish Tree Decoration £3, Glass Champagne Bauble £2, White Stag with Silver Glitter £5, Smoked Glass Etched Bauble £6, Pearlescent Glass Droplet £4, Tall Silver Light Up Tree £17.50, Champagne Vintage Style Lights £25, Clara Tea Light £5, Beaded Tea Light £5, Renee Tea Light £5, Renee Large Mercury Hurricane £29.50, Silver Glitter Wreath £19.50, Hartley Tea Light Holder £39.50, Clara Decorative Bowl £19.50, Freya Coffee Table £199, Ceramic Jug £22.50, Luxury Glass Baubles (Set of 20) £19.50, Arch Window Mirror £149, Staveley Medium Sofa in Baril Weave Natural £1,399, Feather Print Oversized Cushion £25, Metallic Print Throw £49.50, Brown Glitter Leaf Bauble £4, Hartley Objet Reindeer £7.50, Mercury Flower Tea Light £3.50, Silver Star Lights £25.

White Christmas at M&S.png

1. Unicorn £6, 2. Polar Bear in Glass Open Bauble £5, 3. Silver Jewel Snowflake £5, 4. Silver Star Mosaic Bauble £5, 5.  Tall Beaded Angel £15, 6. Retreat Glass Pinecone £5, 7. Trapped Mistletoe Glass Bauble £4, 8. White Pinecone Wreath £15, 9. Silver Fairy £6.

All at M&S

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, but for many, choosing the right gift seems like an impossible chore. You might feel like you’re under a lot of pressure to choose the perfect gift, and maybe even to do so without much guidance. Your spouse might insist that he or she doesn’t want anything for Christmas, but you know you’re going to be in hot water if there’s nothing under the tree with his or her name on it come Christmas morning. You might not be lucky enough to get gift suggestions from your recipients, and even if you are, buying someone exactly what they’ve asked for puts a bit of a damper on the Christmas magic. What’s a gift giver to do?

The good news is that buying Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be a headache – if you follow these tips. Consider the message your gift sends; think about what your recipient might like, want, or need; remember recent events in the recipient’s life. With a little brainstorming, anyone can come up with gift ideas that are sure to please.

hearthomemag 2.jpg

Brainstorm Gift Ideas

If you have to buy someone a gift and you truly have no idea where to begin, start with a brainstorming session. Set a timer for three minutes, and spend those minutes writing down everything you can about who your loved one is, what he or she is interested in, and what defines his or her identity. Make this list as long as possible.

Now, brainstorm at least one item, small or large, to go with each item on that list. Not every single one of those things will be a great gift idea, but you’re bound to hit on at least one thing that your recipient will really love. Don’t hesitate to get creative. If your recipient already has a lot of stuff, maybe he or she will appreciate the gift of an experience that aligns with his or her tastes. Or, you can think about what he or she might need in more general terms than material possessions – maybe you can give your wife the gift of some personal time by hiring a cleaner to handle the housework, for example.

Think about What’s Been Happening in Your Recipient’s Life

Maybe your best friend’s cat died six months ago, and she’s been grieving ever since. Maybe your little sister just graduated from university. Maybe your mother just retired, and has been talking about taking piano lessons. Thinking about recent events in your recipient’s life is a great way to come up with personalised Christmas gift ideas. Your best friend might appreciate a framed painting of her beloved late pet; your little sister might like a diploma frame; your mother might appreciate a few piano lessons.

hearthomemag 1.jpg

Listen for Conversational Clues

Most people will talk about things they want, and if you pay attention to what they might say in idle conversation, you’ll be one step ahead of the gift-buying game. Has your wife complained about a broken appliance? Has your brother been talking about a new tool he wants? Pay attention when your loved ones talk about the things they enjoy or the purchases they’d like to make, but also listen for statements that begin with things like, “I really wish I had…” or “I wish I didn’t have to…” or “It’s really difficult to…” and think about things you could buy, give, or do to alleviate those situations.

Stalk Social Media

It might sound creepy, but checking your loved one’s social media is another easy way to figure out what they might like. Not only will social media give you insight into what the person likes, some sites even provide areas where users can curate lists of items they want to buy in the future. A peek at your loved one’s Amazon Wish List can reveal all the clues you’ll need.

Think of a Gift as a Message

When you remember that a gift is a means of communication, it can make it much easier to choose the right one. Ask yourself what you’d like to say to the person, and what you can give to communicate that. Remember, the message of a gift and its commercial value are seldom connected. At Christmas time, as always, it’s the thought that counts.

Dec the Halls with Brissi this Christmas

What are your plans for decorating the house this Christmas? Are you the type who likes a traditional approach? Using the baubles collected over the years and loving wrapped every January to bring out again in December? Or do you like to ring the changes every year with a new theme?

Brissi - Christmas 2017 (1).jpg

We like a bit of both approaches here at Heart Home. We love to bring out the family heirlooms at Christmas, but love to add some new treasures too. And we're loving the Autumn/Winter range at Brissi. Chic, understated luxury, is what it's all about and the new products will inject darker hues, rich tones, warmth and cosiness into your home in time for the new season. But they won't look out of place with things you already own. That's what we like.

 Brass Top Vase, £48 | Eucalyptus Stem, from £9

 Brass Top Vase, £48 | Eucalyptus Stem, from £9

A simple vase of faux flowers and a couple of festive ornaments is all it takes to make the entrance hall welcoming to guests.

Baubles from £12

Baubles from £12

Keeping to a simple colour scheme means that old and new decorations will work together. We love this silver, gold and green theme. And faux stems and silk flowers will be your best friend this Christmas. No wilting, no going brown.

Flower Tealight Holder, £12

Flower Tealight Holder, £12

All images courtesy of Brissi.


DIY Geometric Christmas Door Wreath

There's nothing more satisfying than making your own Christmas decorations. Especially if you get the whole family involved. So, if you had a go at our Scandi Christmas baubles last week and loved them, why not make this Geometric door wreath as a contemporary alternative to the more traditional green foliage and pine cones?



Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint, Bright Copper

Geometric wreath (available from Hobbycraft)

Craft wire





1. Gather your chosen foliage and ensure it is completely dry before starting your project. Move the foliage to a well-ventilated space and place on top of a dustsheet or some old newspapers.

2. Take your chosen can of Rust-Oleum spray paint and shake thoroughly. Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface of the foliage and spray. Apply several light coats a few minutes apart. Leave to dry in a well ventilated place.


3. Once fully dry, attach your foliage to the wreath using craft wire, layering the leaves until you are happy with your design.


Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint, Bright Copper 400ml, £8.99, B&Q

Write here...

DIY Scandi Christmas Baubles

DIY Scandi Christmas baubles that even we could do! The woods and hedgerows are full of seed heads and fallen leaves at this time of the year so it's the perfect time to get one step ahead with the Christmas preparations. 

DIY Scandi Christmas Baubles (2).jpg


Rust-Oleum Super Sparkly GIitter,

Silver Rust-Oleum Super Sparkly Glitter,

Gold Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Ribbon

Clear Fillable Baubles - try Hobbycraft


DIY Scandi Christmas Baubles (3).jpg


1. Gather up your chosen foliage and ensure it is completely dry before starting your scandi Christmas baubles.
2. Move the foliage to be painted to a well-ventilated space and place on top of a dustsheet or some old newspapers.
3. Take your chosen cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint and shake thoroughly. Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface of the foliage and spray. Apply several light coats a few minutes apart.
4. Leave to dry in a well ventilated place.
5. Once dry, pop your foliage inside the fillable baubles.
6. Tie your baubles up with colourful pieces of ribbon.
7. Hang your baubles on your tree or around your home.

DIY Scandi Christmas Baubles (1).jpg

Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Spray Paint, 400ml, £8.99, B&Q
Rust-Oleum Super Sprakly Glitter Spray, 400ml, £9.00, B&Q

Christmas Decorations With Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan has created three individual looks for decorating the home this Christmas.  Follow the instructions below to create ‘Minimal & Scandi’, ‘Cosy & Elegant’ and ‘Bright & Breezy’ styles using Chalk Paint, Wall Paint, Chalk Paint Waxes, Gilding Waxes, Lacquer, Brushes, Sanding Pads and Coloured Linens all from the Annie Sloan collection.  (See Product Information at the bottom of release for prices etc.)

Minimal & Scandi

AS - Minimal Scandi Christmas 01.jpg

Wall: Bottom half painted in Wall Paint in Duck Egg Blue; top half painted in Wall Paint in Old White.

Floor:  Floorboards painted in a wash of Chalk Paint in Old White and finished with Lacquer.

Cabinet:  First a thick, textured coat of Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue was applied using a Large Pure Bristle Brush.  Once dry, a second coat of Chalk Paint in a mix of Duck Egg Blue and Old White was applied.  The piece was left to dry before applying a layer of Clear Chalk Paint Wax.  The medium coarse Sanding Pad was then used to slightly distress the paint – revealing areas of the darker Duck Egg Blue layer below. 

A final coat of Clear Chalk Paint Wax protected the finish.

AS - Minimal Scandi Christmas 03  .jpg

Decorations:  Large Pine Cones -  Using a Medium Pure Bristle Brush and Chalk Paint in a palette of Duck Egg Blue, Old White and Scandinavian Pink, paint was stippled in to all of the nooks and crannies of the pinecones.  To get the paint flowing and covering between the layers a little water was added to the paint. Once the paint was nearly dry, the paint was gently removed from the edges of the cones using a damp cloth.  Wreaths - Branch twigs were woven and fastened together in to circular wreaths, leaving some of the leaves to poke out.  Using Chalk Paint in Old White the largest and smallest wreathes were painted all over, using a Pure Bristle Brush.  The middle size wreath was painted in Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue.  Once the wreaths were almost dry a damp cloth was used to remove a little paint.

Cosy & Elegant

AS Cosy Elegant Christmas Dining Room 01.jpg

Wall:  Wood paneling painted in Wall Paint in Aubusson Blue.

Floor:  Concrete floor painted in Chalk Paint in Graphite and finished with Lacquer.

Chairs:  Painted thickly in Chalk Paint in Florence using a Pure Bristle Brush to create lots of texture.  Once dry a layer of Clear Chalk Paint Wax was applied and lashings of Black Chalk Paint Wax were worked in to the still wet Wax, to bring out brushstrokes.  Using a lint-free cloth excess wax was removed from the surface.  The chair seat pads were upholstered in Annie Sloan Coloured Linen in Aubusson Blue & Provence.

Dining Table:  The table was painted in Chalk Paint in Graphite.  Once dry, the paint was sealed with Clear Chalk Paint Wax.  While the wax was still wet, diluted Aubusson Blue was painted on to areas of the table. Using a piece of scrunched up newspaper that was then flattened out again, the paper was pressed against the table and rubbed all over, applying a moderate amount of pressure.  This removed areas of the top coat of paint, leaving it uneven and blotchy.  (Applying a coat of Wax, which is oil based, before the paint,  which is water based, creates a ‘wax resist’ which means the paint either runs off or collects in pools and beads.)  To finish the piece Clear Chalk Paint Wax was applied – to make the surface wipeable.

Napkins, Holly and Ivy:  The napkins were made from Coloured Linens in Aubusson Blue & Provence, decorated with a piece of holly painted in Chalk Paint in Scandinavian Pink and finished with Warm and Bright Gold Gilding Wax.  Then tied in waxed black string with the tips finished in Warm and Bright Gold Gilding Wax. Various holly and ivy leaves on the table were painted in Chalk Paint in Burgundy with some finished with a mix of Warm and Bright Gold Gilding Wax.

AS Cosy Elegant Christmas Dining Room 07.jpg

Bottles:  An inch of the top of the glass bottles was masked off with tape.  Slightly diluted layers of Chalk Paint in Burgundy were gradually then applied to the rest of the bottles.  Once the colour was looking opaque it was left to dry, before adding a mix of Warm and Bright Gilding Wax to the bottle using a Stencil Brush.  Gently working the Gilding Wax out from the top line to create a subtle ombre effect.  Once dry, the masking tape was removed to reveal a crisp clean line.

Bright & Breezy

AS Bright Breezy Christmas 01.jpg

Wall:  Wall Paint in Antoinette.

Floor:  Chalk Paint in Paris Grey, finished with Lacquer.

Christmas tree:  Triangle cut out of MDF – painted in Chalk Paint in a mix of Amsterdam Green and Old White. 

Baubles:  Plastic baubles painted in a palette of Chalk Paint in English Yellow, Florence, Old White, Antoinette and a mix of Florence and Old White.  A couple of these were finished using either White or Black Wax to highlight the texture and darken or lighten the colour a little.


Chalk Paint in English Yellow painted with a Pure Bristle Brush to create texture, and once dry, finished with White Chalk Paint Wax, leaving the ‘socks’ of the chair in the vivid English Yellow, without the White Clear Wax.


Wrapped with paper that had been hand printed/stamped with Chalk Paint in a palette of Duck Egg Blue, Antoinette, English Yellow, Old White. 

AS Bright Breezy Christmas 02.jpg

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Christmas Time With Cox & Cox

Discover Cox & Cox's five key looks for Christmas 2017, featuring trees, decorations, lighting and wrap designed to delight and inspire. From on trend botanicals and decadent copper to Scandinavian inspired motifs and classic red and gold, each look is completely unique and perfectly festive. 

Classic Luxe

Inspired by vintage stateside glamour, this look pairs the most luxurious tree with deep, berry red and rich gold decorations. Finished with a generous scattering of gold wrapped presents, it is reminiscent of grand New York hotels in days gone by. Six Sparkle Filled Glass Stars X-6SPARKSTA Six Midnight Snowflake Border Baubles X-MIDBORDER 18.50 ALT.jpg

Traditional with a Twist

Perfectly festive and wonderfully fun, the traditional look is packed with sweet felt animals and jewel bright glass baubles in red, blue and white. Whimsical but stylish, it’s the perfect look for a family home. Rustic Slatted Tree X-SLATREE HERO £125.jpg

Natural Elegance

A winter woodland of muted tones, forest motifs and natural textures. A touch of opulence comes from subtle gold shimmer and glossy pearlescent baubles. Frosted Branches Hanging Tree - Large X-BRANCHES £45.00.jpg

Copper Oppulence

Accented with lit star motifs and marbled finishes, the opulent story is centered around rich, warm copper, pale blush and dark chocolate, enhanced by the blue-green tones of our Blue Mountain Spruce. Six Gold Dipped Tree Baubles X-GLDTREE £16.50 Six Textured White Baubles X-TEXTWHT £16.50 Six Gold & Cream Beaded Baubles X-BEADBAUB £18.50.jpg

Festival Botanical

Fresh but luxurious, the botanical look is a festive spin on this year’s key colour palette.  Contemporary Indoor Outdoor Tree is paired with mustard, golden olive and forest green baubles, and enhanced with mixed foliage. NATURAL HERO-NO WREATH.jpg