Introducing The Quirk Hub

Copper and industrial styling seem to be trends that are here to stay. They’ve already been around awhile. And so for that matter have The Quirk Hub who have been mastering new techniques in copper handle craftsmanship since 2015. We stumbled across them the other day while looking for alternatives to the usual kitchen handles and were quite taken by the sleek, contemporary styles.

And they don’t just do handles either ….


Copper Utensil Rail, £25.

  • Copper Handle, £9.

  • Copper Sconce, £60.

  • Copper Jaymod Wall Hook, £15.

  • Copper Wine Glass Rack, £23.

  • Copper Double Towel Rail, £25.

  • Copper Wall Clock, £65.

Introducing Cream Cornwall and Cosy Lights for Autumn Nights

Rebecca Heane and Alison Hughes founded Cream Cornwall in 2012 after discovering a shared passion for creating products evocative of Cornwall that were tasteful, high quality and made in Britain. Theirs was a chance meeting and some might call it serendipity.

Shipwreck Night 30cm Lampshade On Table Tripod

Shipwreck Night 30cm Lampshade On Table Tripod

In each beautiful product on their site you’ll find Cream Cornwall’s distinct coastal identity. Inspiration for which Rebecca and Allison find everywhere. And their shared background in textiles, design and trend forecasting affords the entire range a level of quality and attention to detail that keeps customers returning time and time again.

Whale Boat Lampshade

Whale Boat Lampshade

We were particularly drawn to the Shipwreck lampshade collection. Taking the current trend for re imagining ‘old masters’ around the house one step further, these shades use nautical imagery from a series of 18th century hand-coloured prints. Each print depicts a series of 'ships in distress' in dramatic ocean conditions.
And for an extra deluxe feel this new collection is lined with a dark navy cotton interior.

Shipwreck Ships On Fire Lampshade With Cushions

Shipwreck Ships On Fire Lampshade With Cushions

And very topical too. A warm toned lampshade will make dark corners extra cosy and will create the perfect Autumn ambience throughout the home. They are so distinctive that just one shade will give any room a complete refresh!

Website of the Week - Bon Bon Fistral for Beachy Boho Interiors

We haven’t done a website of the week for quite some time but when we saw Bon Bon Fistral we knew we just had to share. Based on the Cornish coast, this boutique was born after the founder Harriet Briant had spent many summers travelling the UK festival scene with the stores eclectic mix of bohemian and Cornish coast inspired fashion and homewares.

Website of the Week - Bon Bon Fistral for Beachy Boho Interiors (1).jpg

Now available to buy online we love the boho looks and good vibes of this beach inspired aesthetic. Everything is influenced by travel, the sea and her love of the great outdoors. Expect to find hand embroidered kimonos, bohemian jewellery and great gifts, as well as some lovely interiors offerings too.

Website of the Week - Bon Bon Fistral for Beachy Boho Interiors (2).jpg

There’s a lovely mix of crochet, cork and macrame, as well as some shell encrusted goodies to bring the seaside into the home all year round.

Website of the Week - Bon Bon Fistral for Beachy Boho Interiors (3).jpg

And That’s Not All

Website of the Week - Bon Bon Fistral for Beachy Boho Interiors (4).jpg

All available online from Bon Bon Fistral

Website of the Week - Bloom Magic

Collaborative Post

Bloom Magic is not just a flower delivery service. It specialises in high-quality hand-tied bouquets, that are skillfully created and beautifully presented. They have assembled an elite network of florists. Each one handpicked for their extraordinary talent and vision. And they have paired this with world-class service, from the moment you order until long after lasting memories have been made with the delivery of one of their luxurious bouquets.

Bloom Magic Flowers [4].jpg

The Classic Collection includes a host of decadent bouquets for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or simply to let a loved one know how you feel. The catalogue is regularly updated, so that the exclusive collections remain as fresh as the flowers and so that customers are always provided with the very best selection. 

Bloom Magic Flowers [7].jpg

A conscious effort is made to source local flowers, thus ensuring the freshness of the blooms whilst supporting communities in the UK. With protecting the earth in mind, they also seek out luxurious, yet eco-friendly packaging for their flowers, such as Hassan wraps and their own proprietary sheaths.

And best of all? Their next day delivery service starts from as little as £25.

Bloom Magic

All of the images feature the Parisian Hatbox Collection.

Website of the Week - Boutique Camping

Boutique Camping is a one stop shop for glamping and festival camping. Co-founders Ollie and Fiaz were busy working the festivals and using a bell tent as their home-from-home back in the summer of 2010 and an idea was born. Always getting compliments on their tent they looked for colourful alternatives but were astonished to not find any. So they made it their mission to create company that was fun and colourful and aimed towards traditional campers as well as festival Glampers from which they drew their inspiration. And the rest is history...

The Weekender Tent - Rainbow & Aztec

The Weekender Tent - Rainbow & Aztec

Nowadays they lovingly make and distribute a range of luxury bell tents and beautiful accessories that will turn any campsite into a home away from home. From festival ‘glamping’ to unforgettable family holidays and everything in between. Their luxury bell tents are unique, fully waterproof and exclusively available in a range of gorgeous colours. Their range of accessories bring comfort, style and colour to the whole camping experience.

Boutique Camping.jpg
  1. Wooden Stool, £29.
  2. Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table, £39.
  3. Palacio Hammock, £119.
  4. Chandelier, £55.
  5. Medium Moroccan Globe Lantern, £16.
  6. Navy Boutique Dreamcatcher, £32.
  7. Multicoloured Woollen Embroidery Cushion, £36.99.
  8. Kali Saree Design Patchwork Pouff, £89.
  9. Gudri Style Pom Pom Lace Cushion, £16.99.

All from Boutique Camping.

Darlings of Chelsea Talk About New Sofa Designs and the Darling Detail

Collaborative Post (contains affiliate links)

Always happy to support British designed and made, Heart Home talks to John Darling, founder of Darlings of Chelsea to find out more about his company and what exactly he means by the 'Darling detail'.

What inspired you to start Darlings of Chelsea? 

I have always been interested in business and was on the lookout for something to get involved in when I ordered some leather sofas from a well-known sofa retailer. The sofas took 16 weeks to arrive; came from China and were damaged when they finally did arrive. I had a very difficult time with customer service and the whole process was a bit of a nightmare. It got me thinking that there must be an easier way to buy a sofa and so I decided to start a company selling British made sofas, with a huge focus on customer service. 

DarlingsofChelsea_Sloane leather sofa.jpg.jpg

Sloane Sofa

I need a new sofa bed for when guests come to stay. Where do I start and how much should I spend? 

The age old saying 'Buy cheap, buy twice' is something that definitely applies to sofa beds! Most customers we speak to are coming to us for their second sofa bed, as they went cheap on their first one. We always advise our customers to be wary of cheap sofa beds on the market. By the very nature of a sofa bed, it needs to be robust enough to cope with the action of setting it up and sleeping on it, as well as comfortable enough to serve as a sofa. This is not an easy balance for manufacturers to achieve, especially not at a cheap price point. We would recommend paying anything from £1100 up for a sofa bed that is going to last. Make sure that your sofa bed has a solid wood frame and always check out the mattress before buying. 

Venice Corner Sofa Bed.jpg

Venice Corner Sofa Bed

Can you talk me through the process from paper to product? 

We are constantly assessing our ranges to see what we are missing, or to try to keep up with developing trends. We often take inspiration from many areas such as furniture shows, interiors magazine and Pinterest. We then come up with a design ourselves based on what we know our customer wants. It doesn't matter how nice a new design looks though- it's all about comfort, so we end up testing many prototypes until we are happy with the comfort, depth, proportions etc. We always consider the Darling Detail too- what little features make this piece stand out from others on the market?

Once the finished product is ready, we make it in a fabric or leather that we know will photograph well and try to choose a photo location where that product looks at home in. Once the shots are ready, it goes online and in store. We often feature new products in email newsletters and on our social media accounts too. 


Lansdowne Sofa

With a vast collection of sofas and fabrics, how do you choose which designs to modernise and create new ranges for?

We have really learned to listen to our customers on this one and to act upon their feedback. We have amended ranges in the past to ensure they are more comfortable, or deeper or changed the legs to keep up with trends. Occasionally, we realise some detail is putting people off an otherwise amazing sofa- if you just change the legs, then suddenly appeals to people all over again! 

Saying this though, I think it's important to note that we don't chase every single trend. We are confident that we have timeless sofas in our range that never need to be touched. We want our sofas to last you for years without going out of style and think it's sometimes better to modernise your accessories or cushions instead. 


Delamere Loveseat

What is your favourite Darlings of Chelsea design?

There are so many to choose from but I think one that sticks out in my mind is the Darwin - and not just because it's one of our bestsellers! We love it for its clean lines and neat appearance, but at the same time it is incredibly comfortable. It holds in shape so even though you sink into it, as soon as you get up it looks impeccable. The contrast piping along its cushions adds that Darling Detail and really makes it stand out from the crowd- we always encourage our customers to get contrast piping on this sofa! It's also incredibly versatile depending on what fabric you order it in. There's a dark velvet chaise version of in our Surrey showroom which looks seriously luxurious, decadent and almost feminine; while there is a grey sofa version of it in our Fulham showroom which looks so fresh and really nods to the mid-century modern trend. We have just ordered a Darwin snuggler chair for our own house which we can't wait to see!


Charnwood Sofa

What's your style?

I think it changes all the time depending on your surroundings or stage of life. We lived in Switzerland for 6months when we had a pop up shop in Verbier and our style then was quite rustic Scandinavian, which obviously complemented the surroundings and lifestyle there. 

We now live in a Victorian house in London now though and there are a lot of mid-century influences as well as some luxurious velvets. But since starting a family, our style is changing and we are beginning to lean more towards larger, comfier sofas accessorised with lots of cosy textiles and a softer look in general.  


Apsley Chair

Leather or fabric?

The age old debate! This is such a tricky one. I would always have said fabric as you can have such fun with different textures and colours. There is something wonderful about unwrapping a new fabric sofa and seeing how the velvet looks in the light, or how perfect a linen chesterfield looks- they are often works of art. 

However, since starting a family, we can now totally appreciate why people prefer leather. It is so durable and there is a lot to be said for being able to wipe it clean! I think you can soften a leather look with carefully chosen blankets and cushions, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Alternatively you can always choose a stain resistant fabric too! I think a mix of both throughout your home is a good balance.


Isabella Sofa

What's the best practice for choosing a sofa?

Choosing a new sofa can be so much fun and a really exciting experience. It's important to remember there is a practical side to it too though. Make sure you have measured up before you visit the store- this way our staff are much better equipped to help you. Measure the space where you want your sofa to go, as well as all doorways or hall spaces that it will need to pass through. Our staff are really helpful and experienced and lots of them have interior design qualifications too, so bringing a photo of your room is a recommended as they might be able to make suggestions. 

Be open minded- try lots of different sofas and not just the one you think you want. You would be surprised at how many of our customers leave having bought a totally different sofa to the one they came in for! 

You don't have to visit a store to buy your sofa, many of customers buy online without ever visiting a showroom. They rely heavily on great reviews about comfort,  as well as the confidence they take from our awards for customer service.

Take advantage of ordering free swatch samples on line and examine them in the room they will be in- in daylight, electric light and side lighting. Fabrics and leathers can look totally different from one room to the next. 


Bedgebury Sofa

What projects are you working on at the moment?

We are currently trying to update our leather range. We have noticed a trend for fixed cushions on leather sofas and thick natural leathers so we would like to update our ranges to include this element. We are also hoping to improve our offering of upholstered items such as benches, stools. The most exciting thing though is finally launching a sofa bed that has a mattress as comfortable as a normal bed – it’s called Alexi and is in most of our shops now.


Pouffe Buttoned Stool

What colours and patterns do you see trending next?

Shades of yellow velvets are becoming increasingly popular. Statement mid-century velvet chairs in mustard and turmeric shades are in demand. We have also noticed a huge increase in free swatch sample requests for olive green velvets. Larger products are still purchased in more neutral shades, but often with a statement chair to complement them, often in an eye catching velvet or linen.


Hollie Love Seat

Super soft high quality leathers are also in more demand than ever. People are really averse to their leather sofa to look shiny, a more matt appearance is much preferred these days. 

For a list of showrooms visit Darlings of Chelsea

Website of the Week - Bohemia

Bohemia was founded in 2006 by Jenny Lockton but is a recent find for us. We're always happy to discover websites that were built to cultivate relationships with artisan producers and Bohemia has now been doing this for many years. In helping to support traditional crafts which make our lives and homes more enriched and beautiful, Jenny is also supporting meaningful employment and ensuring the survival of awe- inspiring traditional crafts. That's a win-win for us all.

Website of the Week - Bohemia (1).jpg

Baskets are from £14, and rugs from £245. Perfect for creating a maximalist look by layering luxurious Moroccan rugs, vintage textiles, colourful storage pots and vibrant pom pom garlands. All are handmade using traditional techniques by artisans in Morocco, India and Turkey.

Website of the Week - Bohemia (4).jpg

The Enamel Hanging Planters, are handcrafted in the Moradabad region of India. The dotty texture takes inspiration from the skin of a cactus and is created entirely by hand. The organic jute string adds a natural look to these contemporary plant pots. Available in small or large sizes and in three colours; aqua, cream and lilac. Small: £16 | Large: £22

Website of the Week - Bohemia (3).jpg

Traditionally used in Morocco to store flat bread or cakes, each of these storage pots is one of a kind. They are handwoven using coiled reeds and brightly coloured wool with patterns unique to the artisan maker. These pots look great in a group so pick some clashing patterns and make a statement with these quirky accessories. Price from £20

Website of the Week - Bohemia (2).jpg

the Reed Basket collection features a tall shopping basket a cute box basket and a set of 3 nesting baskets. Handwoven by artisans in Morocco using locally sourced reeds and finished with sturdy sisal handles, they are ideal for use in the city, by the beach or as decorative storage around the home. From £28.

All available from Bohemia.

Website of the Week - Abode Living

Abode Living is an independent contemporary furniture and homeware boutique which opened its doors in Kensington Gardens, Brighton, in 2004. Since then, it has become one of the South East's favourite home stores and has grown into a successful online shop.

With a brand new selection of beautiful home accessories in store or arriving soon, including gorgeous wall hangings, bright tropical prints, velvet cushions and rattan lampshades, we couldn't wait to share.

Kyoto Linen Wall Hanging £130, available from end of April.

Kyoto Linen Wall Hanging £130, available from end of April.

Marimekko Mynsteri Tableware. Available now.

Marimekko Mynsteri Tableware. Available now.

Bamboo Basket Dome Shade £55. In stock from mid March.

Bamboo Basket Dome Shade £55. In stock from mid March.

Green Parrot Velvet Cushion, £45. Available Now.

Green Parrot Velvet Cushion, £45. Available Now.

Abode Living's collection boasts items sourced from sought after brands from around the world; Scandinavian design from House Doctor, Iittala, Marimekko and Broste, beautiful French furnishings from Rouge du Rhin, British designs from the likes of Wallace & Sewell and Old School Electric, and many more. 

We knew you'd love them.

Introducing Tutti & Co

Founded by Kate Rose and inspired by Kate's life in the North of England, Tutti & Co offers an array of  beautiful jewellery, fashion accessories, lifestyle and homeware ranges, designed in the UK by Kate. 


'As a designer and stylist, my passion is to surround myself with beautiful, often simple, carefully chosen objects. Each of our products starts as an idea and a sketch, and is lovingly designed and Hand finished'. 

M0095_Ombre Vase_1.jpg

‘Tutti’ - or ‘all’ in Italian - was born out of my belief that life should be beautiful for all. Today, Tutti is a thriving studio, on a cliff by the sea in the North of England. We are profoundly influenced by our humble surroundings. We are proud of our local community and beautiful environment and we’re inspired to help and refine it. Live a beautiful life'.  Kate

M0114_Chrome Stem Holder_1.jpg
M0117_Gilded Agate Coaster_3.jpg

Tutti & Co is stocked online and in numerous stores nationwide including Fenwick.

Because Lampshades Needn't Be Boring

Papershades is the brainchild of artist Rosalind Freeborn who specialises in paper collage. One glimpse of her colourful and cheery lampshades and we were completely hooked. It may be cold and depressing outside, but inside we could have a burst of sunshine just by the addition of a lampshade or two. On Rosalind's website you will find two ranges of shades. Floral and Nostagia

Shaftesbury from the Floral range.

Shaftesbury from the Floral range.

Of the Floral designs she says  ‘I wanted to create a collection of bright, tissue paper collages which conjure feeling of summer,' says Ros. 'The canvases are covered with a riot of poppies, roses and wild flowers.’ 

Leicester from the Floral range

Leicester from the Floral range

The Nostalgia Collection is unashamedly…well, nostalgic!  Ros says: 'I love nothing better than collecting fragments of paper – from magazines, wallpaper, pages from books, old packaging and prints which I collage into designs which please me.' 

Victorian Kitchen from the Nostalgia collection

Victorian Kitchen from the Nostalgia collection

VICTORIAN KITCHEN - is based on woodblock wallpaper in a childhood home.
The collage features images of dishes, jugs, toys and lanterns which used to adorn the kitchen walls in a Victorian house where she lived as a child.  I found a spare roll in the cellar and used it to cover books, decorate objects and just snip up, in that abandoned way that children do without realising it’s true value. Fortunately some of it survived and I’ve used part of it, together with a collection of bits and pieces which go with it, to create a wonderful kitchen lampshade.  

In Olden Days from the Nostalgia collection

In Olden Days from the Nostalgia collection

IN OLDEN DAYS – the dainty delight of carefully engraved button boot
I know we don't use fans these days, and not many of us go out in button boots or use cotton handkerchiefs, but it's fun to channel those days when dressing was a much more complicated business.  Ros has combined these images from yester-year with pieces of marbled paper and swirly shapes. The finished Papershade actually looks very contemporary but it's only when you look closely that you can see that the images are quite 'old school'.

Papershades was launched in January 2017.  Both collections are available on the website and cost £25 each including postage and packing.

Introducing The Magic Flower Company

Not just any old flowers. These flowers are magic. 100% real flowers that are preserved so that they will last for at least a year in your home, and introduce a little magic to your everyday. And we could all do with some of that.

The Magic Flower Co (4).jpg

The Magic Flower Company has a vast and ever-growing collection that includes high quality single stems and more elaborate bouquet designs. Each individual flower or stem of foliage is preserved with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that the natural beauty will endure as time passes.

The Magic Flower Co (3).jpg

All of the flowers are grown in optimum conditions on the equator and harvested at their peak, the flowers are then delicately preserved through a process that sees the natural sap replaced with an entirely harmless glycerine-based solution and the colour of the petals softly and sympathetically enhanced with organic dyes. Genius!

The Magic Flower Co (2).jpg

Meaning that they will not alter in shape or colour for many months or even years. From the classically beautiful Rose to sprigs of Lavender and effortlessly elegant Eucalyptus, The Magic Flower Company collection can be ordered and bought online, with beautifully designed bouquets and custom arrangements available alongside the single stems for an enduring floral statement in your home.

The Magic Flower Co (1).jpg

And we're telling you just in time for Mother's Day. Don't forget!

Single stems start from £6.45 from The Magic Flower Company.

Website of the Week - Sara Miller London

While browsing online at the weekend for Mother's Day gifts, I came across the website of Sara Miller London. Immediately captivated by her beautiful, sophisticated and elegant designs, I knew I just had to share.

Navy hummingbird tea cup & saucer, £22, green birds tea cup & saucer, £22, set of 4 cake plates, £40

Navy hummingbird tea cup & saucer, £22, green birds tea cup & saucer, £22, set of 4 cake plates, £40

Named 'Most Promising Young Designers 2016' in the prestigious Henrie Awards, Sara Miller is a British designer who expresses her passion for travel and love of different cultures in her art. From the intricate decorative henna work in Jaipur to the sensational Sakura cherry blossom in Japan, Sara loves exploring it all and bringing a piece of this inspiration back to her London studio, where she uses her unique creativity to produce a huge range of products.

Green bird magazine rack, £16, Document wallets (set of 2), £11, Green bird notebook A4 £15, Flamingo sticky notes set, £9, Pencil set, £12, Luxury hummingbird A5 notebook, £18, Hummingbird weekly to do pad, £8, Green bird pen, £14.

Green bird magazine rack, £16, Document wallets (set of 2), £11, Green bird notebook A4 £15, Flamingo sticky notes set, £9, Pencil set, £12, Luxury hummingbird A5 notebook, £18, Hummingbird weekly to do pad, £8, Green bird pen, £14.

Products on the site include greeting cards, gift packaging, home fragrance, tableware, stationery and kitchen textiles. The designs are stunning and vibrant, complemented by exquisite packaging and gold detailing.

Flamboyant Flamingo Mug, £12.50.

Flamboyant Flamingo Mug, £12.50.

Mum will love you forever.

Swan Placement Tea Towel, £13.

Swan Placement Tea Towel, £13.

Mother's Day UK - Sunday 11th March. Don't forget!

Sara Miller London

Website of the Week - Emma & Louise

Emma & Louise is a recently launched on-line marketplace featuring carefully curated fashion accessories and objects for the home. Every single object on the website is made by women for women, and made in the U.K. Naturally that piqued our interest and once we had a look at the website we immediately fell in love with these beautiful prints.

Emma and Louise Prints (1).jpg

Yasmina Bona is the founder of Emma & Louise and she has curated a collection of one-of-a-kind inspirational objects that you won't find elsewhere. She is passionate about creating a meaningful business committed to building a true community of talented artisans. Browsing through the beautiful objects, you will find each craftswoman’s story and inspiration behind each piece, making your purchase more personal and significant. 

Emma and Louise Prints (2).jpg

So if you love to seek out unique gift ideas or want to bring something different and infuse authenticity into your life, you're going to love what you find. As well as these prints there are scarves, throws, tableware, jewellery, bags and much, much more. 

Emma and Louise Prints (4).jpg

Go on. Have a look.

Emma & Louise

Website of the Week:

We've chosen as our website of the week for two reasons. Not only do they offer great products on their website, they also offer the perfect solution for all of your gift dilemmas this Christmas.


The founders recognised that despite the fact that most people like to decorate their walls with paintings, their own beautiful pictures usually end up in a box at the bottom of their cupboards. But no more! You can now have your stunning images and favourite family photographs reproduced onto different materials using state-of-the-art printing technology. So, whether you favour photo canvas prints, premium wall decorations, photo books or any other of the customised products, you can now enjoy and share your own memories permanently.


And what great gifts for all family members! A calendar or photo book will always be appreciated but what about personalised photo cushions, mugs, phone cases and mouse mats? Children will love the pesonalised books and puzzles.


Heart Home mag readers can personalise their own 60x40 cm (retail price 49.90 GBP) and/or 75x50 cm (retail price 59.90 GBP) and/or 80x60 cm (retail price 69.90 GBP) format canvas print for only 20 GBP. 

Simply go to the website, upload your required image, select one of these formats and then enter the name HEARTHOMEMAG in the coupon code section (shopping cart) and then the discount will apply.

The promotion code HEARTHOMEMAG and will be valid until: 08.01.2018.

Collaborative Post

Autumnal Inspired Gift Wrap from Papermash

It's far too early to mention the C word. But it's never a bad time to mention pretty wrapping paper and gift tags that reflect the season we're in.

Gift wrapped parcels wrapped with leather string, £4.

Gift wrapped parcels wrapped with leather string, £4.

These pretty gift wrap ideas are from Papermash and we're firm believers that the way a gift is wrapped is just as important as the gift itself so we're big fans. Many of our items on the website are sourced from independent designers specialising in artisan techniques (another big tick from us), such as woodcut printing and letterpress. All of the items have been selected for their uniqueness and the quality of the product.

Metallic gift tags, set of 3 each of 3 designs, £4.

Metallic gift tags, set of 3 each of 3 designs, £4.

Nature postcards, 6 postcards with envelopes in 3 designs, £3.50.

Nature postcards, 6 postcards with envelopes in 3 designs, £3.50.

Papermash also stock beautiful things for the desk, so have a browse of the website while you're there and treat youself.

Giant bulldog clips used as picture display, £18.

Giant bulldog clips used as picture display, £18.

Website of the Week - Nordic Kind

Scandinavian style has long been a coveted trend in interiors. If you browse Pinterest you will find no end of inspiration for the home. But it has become more than that. We now want to live the Scandinavian way. We want to do hygge, lagom and enjoy a proper fika. - A Fika is considered a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one's colleagues, friends, date or family.

Nordic Kind of Autumn Ink Paintings

Nordic Kind of Autumn Ink Paintings

So any website that can indulge our love of all things Scandinavian has our attention. And we think we've found one over at Nordic Kind.

Hand Printed Cushion Cover with the ’Mångfald’ (Diversity) Pattern

Hand Printed Cushion Cover with the ’Mångfald’ (Diversity) Pattern

The products in the shop are all carefully selected to bring customers the best of Nordic design. They are created by talented designers and craftsmen, who are passionate about style and quality. But they also share on the website the designer's stories and tell the story of their everyday life and take a glimpse behind the scenes of their products in creation.

Glasilium - a small glass vase as a support for the flower stem. And Coiled Vases. Handcrafted in Sweden.

Glasilium - a small glass vase as a support for the flower stem. And Coiled Vases. Handcrafted in Sweden.

So if you are interested in finding the beauty in the simple things, with a sophisticated simplicity in style, head over to Nordic Kind to discover the Scandinavian way of life.

"Viskadalen Vår" a soft woven plaid throw.

"Viskadalen Vår" a soft woven plaid throw.

"We believe in passion, entrepreneurship and good design. Our motto is to do good things and business in a kind way. We work with the best and most passionate small business designers in our region to bring you the finest of the Nordics."

Website of the Week - Object Style

Object was co-founded by husband and wife team, Alex and Rachael Otterwell. Since 2009 they have been travelling the world together, collecting objects to create a unique neighbourhood shop for the local people of Manchester (lucky them!) and an online destination store for visitors worldwide. 

White Pot with Plant Stand, from £48

White Pot with Plant Stand, from £48

They work with brands who have a strong ethos of craftsmanship, quality and simplicity and have carefully curated a collection of menswear, womenswear and pieces for the home. Many have been personally hand-sourced by Alex and Rachael who only ever choose items because they genuinely love them, would wear them themselves and would be proud to have them in their home. 

Round Grey Bare Bulb Table Lamp, £150

Round Grey Bare Bulb Table Lamp, £150

For Autumn 2017 they have been exploring the varying shades of the colour green, from vintage olives, bold teals and sugary mints, believing that just like black is a classic wardrobe staple, green is a powerful canvas that brings a room to life, be it the form of paint, plants or decoration. 

Orange Rectangle Plant Wall, £15

Orange Rectangle Plant Wall, £15


Object Style

519 Barlow Moor Road
M21 8AQ

Website of the Week - Unique and Unity

Unique & Unity was established in 2011 by Gabrielle who has spent over 35 years working in the design industry. The store is now run by a small team who love all things home and design. They constantly edit and update the collections so there is always something new to find, and each product is chosen for its style, innovative design or simply because they love it. We have to say. We love everything too!

Beautiful tableware handmade by artisans in Portugal. Every piece is hand-painted so no two pieces are ever the same.

Vases handmade by artisans in Tuscany. A perfect fusion of Nordic design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. 

Natural and coloured clay are mixed whilst being poured into the mould creating a marmoreal finish, every piece is unique.

Environmentally-friendly baskets designed in Finand and made in Kenya by craftspeople under a fairtrade cooperative.

Rick Stein's Coves of Cornwall tableware

Coves from north Cornwall have been hand painted in watercolour showing the depth and colour variations in the sea. The clean design of the bone china forms compliment the subtly changing shades of each cove. 


Interesting FactUnique & Unity is inherited from the company of Gabrielle’s great grandfather, which was established in 1888. They designed and sold children’s fairy cycles, complete with stabilisers…

Fresh and New from Rose and Grey

The new summer collections from Rose and Grey have us weak at the knees. 

The exciting new arrivals focus on beautiful accessories for the home, including a stylish collection of retro-inspired ceramics and an array of beautifully crafted hardware. Highlights of the collection include an ornate jungle-themed lamp, a Scandi-inspired open shelving unit and an elegant marble-topped coffee table. There's a collection of brass, gold and silver wall hooks and door knobs that are perfect for adding those little finishing touches to a room. After all it’s the small details that can make all the difference. And there's also a collection of botanical-themed photographic prints to add interest to your walls and a small selection of quirky noticeboards.

Don't just take our word for it. Go and see for yourselves at Rose and Grey.

Rose and Grey - Summer 2017 (7).jpg

 From top: Oak Shelving Unit, £215. Baroque Lamp with Jungle Shade, £175. Large Brass Star Pot, £39.95. Large Glass Printers Drawers, £85. Wicker & Glass Carafe, £18. Wicker and Glass Cup, £7.50.

Website of the Week - be&liv

We were captivated at first glance by the gorgeous products on the be&liv website. Established in Helsinki in 2012 the company's objective was to bring the poetry back to everyday life with beautifully designed objects.

The organic signature style at be&liv is created by using the most precise manufacturing techniques and modern, high quality materials. Stainless steel and sheets of brass are plied, etched, and plated in copper, black, white or even 24k gold to create stunning and unusual objects that are not only beautiful but useful too.

The Lily cake stand adds elegance to any party. Fill it with treats and use it as a centrepiece. Better still it's perfect for displaying cupcakes in the kitchen, or (as we much prefer) jewellery in the bedroom.

Designed by Ilkka Suppanen, the beautiful One Flower Vase is made from laser-cut steel and is designed to complement the beauty of a single flower. Suppanen says, "sometimes a single flower says so much more than a big bouquet."

The Halo is a three-dimensional shelf just made for displaying small items. Designer Janne Uusi-Autti:“Driving force was to create an item with unique delicate structure and yet with minimal waste. Parts are packed inside one another and assembled only with light bending.”

Each item is beautifully flat-packed, arriving as several parts in order to be environmentally friendly as flat packages take less room to store and transport. We're told the items are extremely easy to assemble yourself at home.

All be&liv products are available from their website, and can be shipped to anywhere in the UK.