Introducing The Quirk Hub

Copper and industrial styling seem to be trends that are here to stay. They’ve already been around awhile. And so for that matter have The Quirk Hub who have been mastering new techniques in copper handle craftsmanship since 2015. We stumbled across them the other day while looking for alternatives to the usual kitchen handles and were quite taken by the sleek, contemporary styles.

And they don’t just do handles either ….


Copper Utensil Rail, £25.

  • Copper Handle, £9.

  • Copper Sconce, £60.

  • Copper Jaymod Wall Hook, £15.

  • Copper Wine Glass Rack, £23.

  • Copper Double Towel Rail, £25.

  • Copper Wall Clock, £65.

Introduce Some Desert Chic into Your Interior This Season

As temperatures drop why not introduce some warm desert hues into your home this season. The Navajo trend is riding into town, and ILIV's new Navajo Collection takes inspiration from indigenous and tribal roots. Bold patterns, full of eye-catching colours, and on-trend alpaca and aztec prints can be spotted within the collection; a great way to introduce some fun and adventure into any interior.



The collection is available in six bold colourways - Indigo, Pampas, Salsa, Tamarind, Teal & Quince. Salsa and Indigo boast bright reds and dramatic dark blues, whereas restful Tamarind embraces neutral creams and warm golds. For more modern tastes, Quince features a range of stronger mustard and grey prints, while Teal is full of bright blues contrasting with citrus oranges.



Taking their name and inspiration from the weaving of the Navajo people of South America, these ancient eclectic patterns add interest and colour to today's modern interiors. From curtains and cushions to bedspreads and throws, these global designs help bring the excitement of travel and far off lands into our homes.

And don’t forget to accessorize with macrame hangings, baskets, woven rugs and some bold wall colours.

A Guide to Ottomans and Footstools

They don’t get as much love as sofas or armchairs, but ottomans and footstools can prove their worth in a number of ways - and not just in the living room. From hidden storage to added seating, Neptune co-founder, John Sims-Hilditch, explains why every home should have at least one (and probably a few more).


The Arthur Stool (large) from, Neptune.

Extra surface space

Footstools are a great alternative to a coffee table or side table. Choose one with a firm, flat top, and you can use it to display books, flowers, tea trays and even scented candles (as long as there’s a protective surface underneath).” Or, if you prefer one with deep cushioning, use a tray to give you a sturdy surface. Designs like Neptune's Milo stool, with its leather handle, can be easily carried to wherever they’re needed, be it beside the sofa or next to the dining table.

Ashdown Storage Footstool in Navy Fabric.jpg

The Ashdown Storage Footstool from, Oak Furnitureland

A room divider

As ottomans are the largest member of the stool family, you’ll probably be less likely to move them around than one of its smaller siblings. In an open-plan room, a design like this can work as an informal room divider that doubles as extra seating. A slender design like Neptune’s Eloise ottoman, with it’s recessed hinges and muted cotton lining, looks elegant from every angle.

Multi Storey coffee table footstool and guest bed .jpg

The Multi Storey coffee table, footstool and guest bed from, Loaf.

Handy seating

Slender footstools or ottomans for the middle of a sitting room, under a window in a hallway or beside a dining table are a way to bring in extra seating and softness. Neptune's Rupert stool is a great alternative to a bench for a narrow porch or hallway, it’s slender design and longer legs mean it looks great and it easy to perch on whilst shoes are popped on and off.

Buttons Grey Ottoman - Lifestyle.jpg

The Buttons Grey Ottoman from, The French Bedroom Co.

Added storage

Neptune’s Eloise ottoman has a cushioned lid that opens to reveal storage inside, which comes in handy for keeping things like remote controls and newspapers out of sight in a living room. They’re also a practical addition to a bedroom or guest room, where they can serve to keep nightclothes, bedding and throws all in one place.

ECO-REBELLION STYLE: Run For The Hills designs cool kid's bedroom

Award-winning design studio Run For The Hills unveiled their design of a children’s bedroom at Decorex, encapsulating a strong sustainability message whilst showcasing how to make caring for the environment super stylish. The design studio’s room set was named ‘Into the Wild’.



‘Into the Wild’ is the urban wonderland bedroom of a five-year-old eco-warrior. It’s an edgy, cool, fashionforward mini person’s space. A heady mix of childhood fantasy meets rock and roll 1970s nostalgia. Crucially, the room has an overarching theme of rebellion and environmentalism. Run For The Hills’ Creative Director and co-founder, Anna Burles, says “They say it is the young, eco-crisis generation who will save the planet, pointing the finger at us and telling us to wake up and join their rebellion. We want to bring that story of hope to life, woven through our room set via the eco-conscious brands we have collaborated with and custom design details like our bespoke T-shirt designs on the clothes rail and a curated selection of kid’s books including The Tantrum That Saved The Earth and Rules For Living on Planet Earth.

Many of the products and suppliers used within the set have sustainability at their core. One of the hero pieces within the set is the “Princess and the Pea” bed. The mattress is a truly 100% sustainable, eco-friendly organic product and the bed base is made by hand in Devon by NatureMat. Beside the bed is a Twig side table from Pinch Design, made from coppiced hazel. Nestled beneath the bed, on biodegradable flooring from Fibre Flooring, are layered ‘Way’ rugs from Ferm Living, made entirely from used plastic bottles. The Good & Mojo Kalimantan wall light by Houseology is made solely of sustainable and recycled materials.

The paint by Earthborn is free from oils, acrylic and vinyl with no added VOCs and synthetic ingredients is kept to a minimum.


Real tree stems and branches, from Cameron Landscapes, ‘grow’ up from the corners of the room, holding up a sheer gauze fabric, featuring an atmospheric, dream-like shadow puppet projection animation, specially created by the Run For The Hills graphic design team led by Creative Director Chris Trotman, transporting visitors into a world of fictional stories and real life heroes. The creative imagery used in the animated projection is also referenced in art prints on the walls and a series of specially designed mini eco warrior t-shirts, again created especially for the room set by Run For The Hills in-house artists.


Anna Burles explains:

“Run For The Hills want to be part of the revolution groundswell, so we thought our room set at Decorex was the perfect platform to bring this important message to the fore. It’s time for all of us to embrace the power and responsibility of our role in design, showcasing sustainable products and hero-ing suppliers and makers who care deeply about the way they do things, fashioning interesting and thoughtful things in the eco-space. Our set is designed to show that worthy doesn’t compromise one bit on wow factor.”

The New Furniture Collection by Woodchip and Magnolia

Following on from the massive success of their wallpaper collections, Lancashire-based design house Woodchip & Magnolia have launched their first furniture collection. Much to our delight!



The three-strong capsule collection combines Woodchip & Magnolia's stunning fabrics with timeless furnishings. It features two sofas and a chair, each available in all of Woodchip & Magnolia's signature fabrics and named after a family member. Staying true to their north west roots, each piece will be handmade to order and crafted from solid beech hardwood using traditional craftsmanship methods from a workshop located in the heart of Lancashire.



Nina Tarnowski, founder and designer at Woodchip & Magnolia, said: "Launching our first furniture collection is an absolute dream come true. We have worked tirelessly to bring together the right fabrics with the perfect furniture design to create something truly beautiful that we know Woodchip & Magnolia customers will love”.

"I am so proud to finally get these three pieces out there for everyone to fall in love with."



Stylish and timeless, the Ava is a striking sofa which brings together the classic qualities of the Chesterfield with Woodchip & Magnolia's signature designs. The Oscar is wild, cheeky and very, very loveable. It combines flamboyant velvets with a statement sofa and is named after the youngest member of the Woodchip & Magnolia household. Striking and immaculately turned-out, the Gladys is a statement chair inspired by the fireside seat - and characteristics - of her namesake: Nina's gran.

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a modern and chic way to showcase your favourite images and your unique individual style whether it be through artwork, family photos or fun typography. But do you ever wonder how those clever instagrammers manage to achieve such a balanced and seemingly effortless style? Well, believe it or not, there are some rules that might make it easier.

Clare Moreton, photo expert at Cewe, Europe’s largest photo printing company, has compiled a guide to show you how to make a stunning gallery wall in your home or office space, that is easy to create and makes use of beautiful memories and flaunts your individual style.


Image: Mineheart

1.Simplicity and symmetry

Refined, stylish, and really easy to put together, choose several gallery wall prints in identical sizes, and hang them in a symmetrical manner. Don’t skip the spirit level and tape measure!

The effectiveness of this look hinges upon its uniformity. Make sure there is an equal amount of space between each photograph- at least two inches. To ensure this look stays chic not sloppy, measure and mark out your wall, and step back for a second look before bringing out the hammer and nails.

Want to take this photo wall idea to the next level? Try using images that all share a common colour theme. The easiest way to do this is to print all of your pictures in a monochrome or sepia tone.


Image: Latte Design

2.A uniting theme

Our favourite aspect of this trend is just how well it can showcase your individuality - using a common theme across your artwork can really bring your whole wall together. Choose something you’re passionate about; display holiday beach photographs alongside nautical paintings for a fresh seaside-themed wall, combine family pictures with graphic prints featuring your favourite inspirational quotes, or dedicate a whole gallery to your much-loved pet.

Whatever your tastes or passions, you can create a wall that tells your story. It’s a great way to give house guests an instant snapshot of your interests, but more importantly, it gives you something to smile about every time you enter the room.


Image: Dunelm

3.Go vintage

Looking for photo ideas with a hint of nostalgia? Why not create a family photo gallery wall with old family photos hanging around in a drawer or a photo album? Whether they’re your own adorable baby pictures or glorious black and white shots of your ancestors, they can make a gorgeous addition to your photo gallery wall.

Keep in mind that these precious pictures are often at risk of being faded by exposure to sunlight. If you’d like to display your family pictures without risking the originals, use a specialist photo company to make copies so they last years on your wall.


Image: Furniture Choice

4.Go eclectic

If uniform lines and symmetry aren’t your style, an eclectic mix of styles, sizes and types can create a gallery wall to really show off your creative side. Mix framed photographs with typographic art prints – if you’re feeling really brave you can even add in other pieces like maps and clocks. This type of style works best if you take a playful attitude to your materials; a framed print of a favourite memory alongside a stunning travel shot realised in a vibrant Aluminium Print, juxtaposed with a soft Canvas Print featuring your furry friend.

Try mixing up your frame types too, such as a combination of black and gold frames for a brave, modern look that really draws the eye. Your arrangement will need to be more freeform with this kind of gallery wall, so we recommend placing your largest item first and then positioning your smaller items around it.


No two gallery walls are ever the same which means they’re the perfect way to have something truly unique in your home or office space. Whichever design you like best, gallery walls are an easy yet stylish way to show your own individual style

Introducing The Farmhouse Table Company

These sideboards from the Farmhouse Table Company are the antithesis to flatpack furniture that only lasts a few years, with each one designed and built to last a lifetime. Good-quality, durable wood furniture can be hard to come by in a world drowning in MDF and plastic, we have to agree. But these sideboards are made from the best quality wood, with each one being hand-crafted from oak. Not only does the use of real wood enhance the overall aesthetic of each piece, but it massively increases the longevity, which in turn reduces waste and the impact on the planet.

What's more, all of the sideboards are customisable, allowing you to select the shade from a range of Farrow and Ball colours. This is ideal for creating a perfectly matched interior landscape, as well as introducing a pop of colour to the kitchen or dining area.



'Wilfred' sideboards

These sideboards feature in-built cupboard doors which allow its contents to be tucked away and hidden from view. They are a great choice for busy households that tend to get cluttered easily. We can relate to that! It features a solid oak top and oak interior shelves.



'Oscar' sideboards

A minimalist's dream, the 'Oscar' sideboards feature either two or three oak drawers as well as a solid oak top, which has been finished with a hard wax oil which makes it easier to clean. While this sideboard is perfect for kitchens, it also makes a wonderful addition to hallways looking for a little extra storage.



'Ted' sideboards

This sideboard would work just as well in a larger bathroom as it would in a dining area, with the underneath shelf making a perfect haven for freshly laundered towels.



'Archie' side boards

Max out on potential storage space with the 'Archie' sideboards. Each one features drawers as well as cupboards, finished with a sturdy oak top that's perfect for stacking up plates or creating a homely floral arrangement.

The 4 Best Curtain Designs for Winter

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As the nights draw in, temperatures drop and leaves fall, we are reminded just how much of a sanctuary our homes are. With winter approaching your home curtains play a significant role, not only in the cosy feeling and design, but keeping the heat inside too. Here we will explore the four best curtain designs this winter.

Romo Forenza Shot01_SofaDrape_Portrait_HR.JPG

Luxurious velvets

Velvets have been on trend throughout 2019 within the interior design space, being a popular material for stylish upholstery like sofas, chairs and cushions. Velvet is also an amazing fabric to use for curtains and blinds, not only does it offer a luxurious and warm feeling but it is also a thick fabric that can keep heat in. Turquoises, burnt oranges and deep blues offer a stylish and wintery feel that also adds colour and depth to a room’s interior – as you can see in the Forenza collection pictured above.

Extending velvet curtains from ceiling to floor to match the height of the room will make your space appear larger – a great hack for smaller rooms.


Dark sophistication

Looking to a cooler colour-base and a more glamorous effect we find the Bengal collection, available from Couture Living. This eye-catching design is available in a number of colours. The use of dark fabrics will make any room more intimate and snug, perfect for those rainy winter nights. Meanwhile, the addition of metallic accents interlaced throughout adds a touch of luxury and elegance. This style can also be used to create a focal point in pared-back spaces, completing the room.

We recommend pairing your dark curtains with a lighter wall colour, in order to keep balance as well as emphasise the intricate design. These styles work very well in places where warmth and luxury go hand in hand, such as bedrooms, living rooms or even a master bathroom.


Modernising tradition

Next up on the hot list this winter is pattern, and lots of it. If the idea of hectic designs seems overwhelming, we suggest looking at a soft foliage pattern or a modern take on tradition, such as the Hemingway collection (pictured above). The contemporary geometrics ensure that the look is fresh, while the timeless colours follow tradition and create a chic effect. This opulent fabric works well with most interior schemes, from sophisticated dining rooms to warm, homely living spaces. Meanwhile, the refined colour options mean that it can pair with almost any other shade, from ivory to maroon to navy.

When choosing your new curtains, you must think about the design, colours and function. If you are looking to brighten up a room, keep the fabric light or even transparent, however for spaces where you want cosiness, opt for an interlined curtain that falls all the way to the ground. This will not only create privacy, but also prevent draughts and help to insulate through the winter months.


Warm neutrals

Starting with the ever-popular neutral palette, light creams work really well with darker shades, such as olive green or coffee colours. If your home interiors are already dark or you would like to open up a small room, a light-coloured yet luxurious fabric will create a beautiful balance between space and sophistication. Meanwhile, the use of natural colours paired with woods and other organic materials will create a sense of calm throughout. These shades work very well in intimate spaces that still require light, such as a dining room, living area or hallways, and will create a serene, cosy feel during colder seasons.

Start creating the perfect curtains for your home, or get some more inspiration from the extensive collection of fabrics and brands from Couture Living.

Accessorize Launches First Ever Wallpaper Collection

Fans of Accessorize will be happy to hear that the High street fashion and lifestyle brand has unveiled its first ever range of wallpapers. All of the designs have been created using signature Accessorize prints, recoloured and reimagined in some cases to reflect key interior trends and colours. And all are certain to inject creative and vibrant design and colour into homes; adding a touch of ‘Accessorize style’ to any room, either as an all-over pattern or on a statement wall.

Celeste Wallpaper - Off White Glimmer

Celeste Wallpaper - Off White Glimmer

This debut collection includes 13 different designs, with bold botanicals, luxe metallics and tropical influences all featuring heavily.

Amelie Floral Wallpaper - Cream Multi

Amelie Floral Wallpaper - Cream Multi

Birds of Paradise and Maui

There are four vibrant florals and tropical designs: the Camden Brick Floral, Amelie, Birds of Paradise and Maui wallpapers.

There is also a Camden Brick design to complement its floral design.

Hugely on trend for both fashion and interiors, animal print has been introduced to the collection as a modern neutral in muted grey and greige, both mixed with metallic silver, in the exclusive Savannah design.

Savannah Wallpaper - Neutral Glimmer

Savannah Wallpaper - Neutral Glimmer

The Mozambique range features an artisan woodblock-print design in four key colours paired with on-trend metallics. The leaf design comes in grey and metallic rose, navy and rose gold, ochre and silver, and off-white and gold colour options.

Completing the collection is the Celeste wallpaper (see top image)– a beautiful floral design featuring lotus flowers in two popular colourways: blush and off-white.

Accessorise wallpaper is available to buy from selected retailers, including and with an RRP of £30 per roll.

Original Style's Tile of the Year 2020

For the third consecutive year, Original Style is excited to reveal their Tile of the Year for 2020 in partnership with leading Interior Designers, 2LG Studio. Sophisticated, sumptuous and classic in design; Deco Tayberry, part of Original Style’s Winchester collection of hand crafted English tiles, is set to be the must-have tile for the upcoming year.


The real beauty of this tile is reflected in its hand-crafted nature. Designed in-house at Original Style’s factory in Exeter, Devon; Deco Tayberry is the epitome of British design. Each tile is hand crafted by skilled artisans using the age-old screen printing method which, alongside its reactive inks, means each kiln produces a different effect, so no two tiles are the same.


“As interior designers, we approach our projects with one eye on the past and the other on the future. Deco Tayberry is the perfect representation of this motto. Square in format and with an arch motif, this gorgeous tile is a contemporary twist on classic tiling. Moving forward from the currently popular ‘millennial pink’, Tile of the Year’s blush and berry tones provide a softer approach, embracing the new heritage trend” - Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, 2LG Studio.

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, 2LG Studio

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, 2LG Studio

“Vibrancy through colour is beginning to play a big part in interior schemes. It’s exciting to see people being bolder with their interior choices and during 2020 we’re expecting to see people integrate more statement designs through greater injection of personality and individuality” – Jane Addis, Original Style’s New Products & Design Manager.

“Deco Tayberry was designed with this movement in mind. Its heritage-pink glaze encourages the embrace of colour which, when paired with its Deco pattern inspired by the luxury and modernity of art-deco design; provides a dramatic yet sophisticated edge. Alongside its inherent rustic nature, these tiles are wonderfully characterful providing an authentic and distinctive style” comments Jane.


Deco Tayberry RRP - £199.95 per m2 | £3.38 per tile
Manufacturer's website:

Please note that the tile cannot be purchased online. In order to buy Original Style products please find a retailer near you, using this link:
Set design props: Sink – Kast Concrete Basins | Planter Bench – MADE | Wall lights – Spark & Bell

How to Plan the Perfect Bedroom in Six Simple Steps

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Whether you just moved into a new home or want to renovate your existing bedroom, use these six simple steps to plan the perfect bedroom.

bedroom 2.jpg

1. Measure Your Available Space

Before shopping for furniture or replacing your bed, measure the room. Find out how much space you have available, using a tape measure for accuracy.

Write down the measurements and then draw a simple sketch of the layout. Draw the location of the windows and doors and include any unusual features of the room, such as a chimney breast or other permanent fixture that takes up part of the floorplan.

2. Decide Where to Place the Bed

Decide where to position the bed for maximum comfort and space. Consider the location of the doors and windows when choosing a spot for the bed and refer to the room measurements before purchasing.

When you know where you are going to put the bed, you can start browsing options on great sites like Bed SOS. You can find beds to suit any budget, style, and size, including a wide assortment of faux leather beds (which look fantastic). Each product includes detailed specifications so you can compare the dimensions to your measurements to find the right fit.

floor lamp 271816.jpg

3. Choose the Colour Scheme

A colour scheme should include one anchor colour and two complementary hues. The anchor is the main colour, often used for the walls, bedding, and furniture. The complementary colours are used for accents and help keep the anchor colour from overpowering the rest of the room.

4. Paint the Walls or Add Wallpaper

Use the colour scheme to select options for the walls and ceiling. If the room has short ceilings, choose white or a light colour for the ceiling and a darker colour for the walls. This creates the appearance of more height and space.

Instead of paint, you could opt for a quality wallpaper to add decorative elements to the room. Modern wallpaper comes in many designs and does not need to cover the entire wall. You can use strips of wallpaper to add decorative touches to feature walls or alternate walls of the bedroom.

smaller bedroom.jpg

5. Select Accent Furniture and Lighting

With the room painted or wallpapered, start shopping for the missing pieces, such as accent furniture, bedroom floor lamps, and other décor. The bed is typically the largest piece of furniture so after deciding where it goes, you can measure the available space for everything else.

Choose spots for side tables, wardrobes, and other items and for those with enough space, perhaps add chairs or an ottoman at the foot of the bed.

6. Move Your Furniture into the Room

After allowing the walls to dry, move the furniture into the room. Stick to the layout that you planned earlier and make sure that everything fits and looks as you imagined.

Over the next few days and nights, test the layout. Make sure you feel comfortable and that there is nothing blocking access to any doors or areas you’ll need to access often like draws or airing cupboards.

If there is, rearrange the furniture as needed and continue to improve the room over time. Add or remove elements or accessories as you wish until you feel satisfied that your room is complete.

Introducing The Sofa in a Box From Snug Shack

Now why did no one think of this before? Snug Shack is set to disrupt the furniture industry by offering the UK's fastest and most convenient sofa delivery, without relinquishing style, quality or comfort.

Mid Grey 3 Seater Sofa in a Box with Yellow Cushions

Mid Grey 3 Seater Sofa in a Box with Yellow Cushions

Arriving in a compact box, the Snug Shack sofa easily fits through the toughest of spaces, including apartments with tight door frames and awkward multi-storey stairways. The ergonomically designed Snug Shack sofa can be assembled in just 3 minutes. Just fit the legs and slot the back and sides together - no complicated instructions or toolbox required.

Blue Teal 3 Seater Sofa in a box

Blue Teal 3 Seater Sofa in a box

Co-Founders Robert Bridgman and Peter Bridgman have over 60 years of combined experience in the furniture industry, founding the company after Robert's personal frustrating experience of buying a sofa for his new London flat. Together they set out to make the buying experience as convenient, quick and as hassle free as possible by tackling existing problems such as lengthy shipping and dispatch times.

Mid Grey Snuggler Sofa in a Box

Mid Grey Snuggler Sofa in a Box

Robert Bridgman commented “The ethos behind the brand is simple, to create a good quality sofa, that is delivered quickly, is doorway friendly, easily assembled and is easy to move from one room to the next. We want our customers to focus on what they want to do – not what they don't, tiresome showroom visits followed by waiting for weeks on end for delivery is not fun for anyone. With the launch of Snug Shack we want to make buying a sofa an easy, simple and stress free experience.”

Blush Coral 3 Seater Sofa in a Box

Blush Coral 3 Seater Sofa in a Box

5 Ways to Make your Kitchen a Social Family Space

The kitchen has become the most important room in modern family homes – it’s a room for parties, meetings, dinners and dancing, and according to a recent survey by British cooking appliance brand Belling, 70% of Brits see it as the heart of the home. We reportedly spend an average of three hours a day in the kitchen, so making it a warm, welcoming space can go a long way in helping nurture happy family life. Here are five ways you can make your kitchen a perfect social space for your family.

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A warm and welcoming space. Vintage Cerise Roller Blinds from English Blinds

Wiggle room

The nationwide research, commissioned by Belling, found that Brits enjoy an average of 203 family meals, 62 take-aways and 52 roast dinners a year – so space in the kitchen is essential. When having a big family dinner or laying out nibbles at a party, plenty of room to breathe will help create a relaxed atmosphere, plus reduce any unwanted accidents. This doesn’t however hinge on having a large kitchen – rather, try and ensure that all space is maximised, and table space is free and ready for your many dishes, desserts and drinks. For families with seriously compact kitchens, try using the ‘cosy’ aesthetic to your advantage, with warm colours and atmospheric lighting – adding a soft and welcoming feel.


 Plenty of room for the family to gather. Oakridge Table and Spindle Back Chairs from Garden Trading

Maximising family memories

Kitchens are the perfect place for spending quality time with family members, whether it be at the dinner table, washing the dishes or catching up over one of the 2,828 cups of tea we reportedly enjoy each year. Therefore, including a few unique features on display, such as family photos or holiday souvenirs, is an ideal way to spark beloved memories and get families reminiscing over the good times.


Even the smallest of kitchens can have a family eating areaGoodHome Kitchen Antibes Matt Emulsion Paint from B&Q

Kitchen party prep

There’s something wonderfully intimate about a kitchen party, and dancing along to the radio whilst doing the washing up is a must. According to Belling’s research, Brits host roughly three kitchen parties a year, and enjoy 72 spontaneous bouts of kitchen dancing – so having the relevant technology in your kitchen can help create that fun and lively atmosphere. Introducing a smart radio that can stream online playlists is a great option for creating the perfect soundtrack to any occasion, whether it be a tot’s tea-party or sophisticated dinner. For those big family parties, a large and varied playlist full of popular singalong hits is crucial for getting everyone on the kitchen-dance floor, and Belling’s Ultimate Kitchen Party Playlist is an ideal choice. 


Warm lighting and a family fridge are essential. Siena Bar Stool £69, Fulton Flip Top Table £169, Felix Pu Leather Dining Chairs Pair £149, Braxton Stripe Runner £10, Fulton Fabric Side Table £79, Tropical Leaf Hanging Picture £8, Mechanism Clock £20. All from Dunelm.

Create a focal point

Having a focal point in the kitchen is a great way to maximise the room and bring the whole family together, whether over a board game, selection of snacks or cup of coffee. Dinner tables, islands and breakfast bars often lend themselves perfectly to kitchen focal points, as the whole family can relax around them at any time of day. 37% of Brits would reportedly add a freestanding island into their dream kitchen set up, and due to its wide, open nature – you can see why.


Invest in a family fridge

Finally, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular parts of the family kitchen, is the fridge. From hearty breakfasts to late night snacks, every family member is drawn to it at numerous times of the day, so make it a fun, statement item in your kitchen. Whether it’s through showcasing cherished art brought home from school or sticking on a calendar of upcoming family activities, making good use of the captive audience is a simple yet effective way to celebrate family life.


All statistics and research can be found at

Wallcoverings to Banish the Post Holiday Blues

The summer holidays may be so very fleeting, but wouldn’t you like to inject that laid-back feel into your home all year round? Whilst tans fade, memories and timeless style last forever, so with that in mind, here are tips from for creating relaxed holiday design schemes that make every day a vacation.



Hollywood Hideaway

Capri. The beloved island hideaway of style icons, Jackie Onassis and Sophia Loren. This bucolic Italian resort has a famously laid-back vibe. The Capri collection is inspired by the Mediterranean, with calming elements of chilled out seascapes, enticing fern fronds and gorgeous corals. Pair this with on-trend mosaic detailing and shimmering metallics and your home will never go out of style.

Glade Lagoon

Glade Lagoon

Glade Lagoon

Dreaming of an exotic island getaway? The contemporary Aurora Collection captures the intriguing elements of a tropical paradise. Lush botanical florals, graceful woodland scenes, seductive patina effects and elegant feather overlays will transport you back to your holiday highlights.



Grecian Yearns

How do you fancy meandering through ancient olive groves? Delight your eyes and soothe your soul by introducing stress-busting Mimosa Olive Green wallpaper into your life. Oh-so relaxing verdant shades and beautiful foliage creates a sense of peace and an appetite for the finer things in life.

Bella Vista

Bella Vista

If the Ocean Stirs Your Heart

Bellavista is a magical mural which captures the ocean at dawn, sunset, or when sparkling with reflected sunlight. Choose from three coastal colours; azure, sunset or aquamarine.

Paradise Found

Paradise Found

Paradise Found

A glorious centrepiece in the new Murals collection creates a tranquil oasis with leafy palms and lush foliage adding a touch of paradise to statement walls. Team with on-trend brass accessories and soft furnishings in jewel tones to complete the look.

How to Give Your Home a High End Feel With Quick Electrical Fixes

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Are you looking to breathe new life into your living space? Every so often, our homes need a refresh without the need for a full renovation. A new lick of paint or an on-trend set of furniture can work wonders for dated space. But if you’re looking to make a substantial, long-lasting update to your space, turn your attention to your electrics.

If your sockets, switches or lights are looking shabby, it can lower the tone of your entire space. Inefficient lighting and heating solutions can also result in a high energy bill. Bring some luxe to your home while saving on your energy costs with these electrical design ideas.

Instantly upgrade your home on a budget with these electrical ideas


Take advantage of the latest developments in interior design to for a state-of-the-art home that won’t break the bank.

Add ambience to space with accent lighting

Lighting may just have the single-most impact on the overall look and feel of a room. A well-lit home appears welcoming and friendly. Equally, subtle and tasteful lighting cues can add atmosphere to any space. Well placed lighting can draw attention to design features in a space and create a stunning effect. This is known as accent lighting.

Examples of effective accent lighting includes under cabinet lighting in kitchens. These usually consist of energy-efficient LED strip lights and are available in a spectrum of colours. This type of lighting can also be used to beautifully illuminate any shelving unit.


Modernise your switches and sockets

Switches and sockets are an integral feature of any room, and yet are often overlooked. In terms of home design, gone are the days of ‘safe’ decorating choices. More and more designers and homeowners are ditching the once ubiquitous magnolia walls and beige carpets in favour of bolder choices. Plain white plastic switches and sockets belong to that same bracket. Inoffensive, functional, but – frankly – a bit boring.

Try modernising your electrical fittings with on-trend colourways and textured finishes. Add some striking contrast to a bright wall with black nickel fittings or introduce metallic accents with polished chrome.

Enjoy function as well as form with USB and smart socket options. These add a truly modern flourish to any space.


Use garden lighting solutions to transform your outdoor space

When you’re updating your home, your exterior space is just as important as your interiors. Create an enchanting outdoor area with attractive garden light displays.

Mounted lighting, such as wall lanterns, are ideal for illuminating your patio area – perfect for outdoor entertaining. Ground lights can also bring a feeling of midsummer magic to your garden. Highlight outdoor design features, such as fountains, gazebos and rockeries, with a set of well-placed garden deck lights.

Kitting your home with advanced lighting and electrical solutions is a sure-fire way to give it an immediate upgrade, with the added benefit of saving money on energy costs. What suggestions do you have for giving your home a high end feel?

Top Tile Trends With Sarah Beeny - Q & A

Keeping up with the latest trend in interiors can be fraught with difficulty and in our case indecision. Especially when it comes to tiling the kitchen or bathroom. No one wants to do this messy, costly and time consuming job twice!

But, fear not, as interiors help is on hand from leading tile specialist Topps Tiles. So, to help guide you through some of 2019 and 2020’s most prominent design trends and provide stylish options which will stand the test of time, the specialist has enlisted the help of property and interior design expert, and brand ambassador for Topps Tiles, Sarah Beeny. Here she offers her top tips on the looks (and the tiles!) that you need to know about.


Above: Winchester Residence Arcadian Porcelain from Original Style

How can you give a trendy, design-orientated edge to a traditional option?

“Building your scheme around a neutral tile will of course help give you a timeless look, but you can always put a twist on this traditional Scandi-styling by using warm whites, tan leathers and monochrome accents. For instance, the Mokara™ White Tile from Topps Tiles, has a subtle stripe providing texture and depth in any space.”

“Alternatively, if you want to add an eye-catching edge, why not get experimental with a creative laying style such as herringbone or basket weave.”


Above: Metro Deco, Splash and Sea Cliff tiles from Claybrook Studio

How can you use statement tiles and textures to create something unique?

“By opting for a darker colour palette, you can add instant drama to your home and create something truly memorable. Go bold by contrasting different textures, colours and tiles for maximum impact.

“Bold colours or glossy metallic notes provide elegance with a stylish edge. Don’t be afraid to layer different inky shades together and different surface finishes, such as glass, wood or distressed concrete, as they can all add to the look in a harmonious way.

“Dark green has also been a key trending colour, so why not opt for a deep green Speculo™ Forest tile, as its slight shimmer adds a hint of lustre to any kitchen or bathroom.”


Above: Troverta Muretto Cream 60x30 Tiles from Walls and Floors Ltd

How can you bring femininity and style into a modern, industrial look?

“One thing to note is that the concrete, industrial look does not have to mean large format tiles and an overtly masculine style. For instance, the Macrame™ tile comes in a plain or patterned option, so you can mix and match to create a bit of femininity and put your own touch on the look. Also, be sure to add your own personal touches and greenery to the space through ferns, succulents and other low maintenance plants. This adds an organic feel to the trend, helping to soften the look and also really makes the colour of the concrete tiles pop!”

How can you bring in brighter tones to this look?

“For those looking for something a little brighter in the home than the traditional grey concrete tile look, then the Tekno™ Bone tile is an ideal solution as the white tones help to bounce light all around the space.”

The Top 5 Best Colour Kitchen Worktops

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When it comes to interior design, the focus is without a doubt on the kitchen and for good reason; the kitchen is labelled as the heart of the home. We cook our food in the kitchen, we often eat in the kitchen and let’s not forget, we hang out in the kitchen at parties. The kitchen is where it’s at which means getting the design right is nothing short of imperative. 

When it comes to kitchen design, even the smallest of details matter and the kitchen worktop is one such detail that could make or break your kitchen space. In this article we’re going to look at the top 5 best colour kitchen worktops and which one would work best for you. 


The Best Kitchen Worktop Colours For 2019

Flecked/Veined White

Lighter coloured kitchens are definitely becoming a more popular option. Just one quick look at Pinterest will tell you it’s way up there on the popularity scale and now more than ever, people are appreciating the natural finish in their kitchen worktops. From the veins of marble to the flecks captured by the light in granite and quartz, this natural richness is highly coveted thanks to its expensive feel. The pale tones are also highly sought after for giving that clean and contemporary look. For those wanting a modern take on traditional styles, this is usually chosen over pure white countertops. They’re also great at hiding a few crumbs and the odd speck of dust that would otherwise be highlighted on a pure white countertop. Consider it the family friendly option.


Pure White

Pure white countertops are the epitome of minimalism and freshness. They’re usually only available in man-made materials but because of this, they tend to withstand staining that little bit more which, when you have a white countertop, is a huge bonus. Having a crisp white kitchen worktop works well in contemporary spaces, fighting the traditional décor and creating a truly modern space. It’s also incredible in small spaces as it creates the illusion of space. 



Soft grey worktops, along with other mid-tone shades offer a modern solution for those looking for a more neutral look. Grey also happens to be an incredibly popular colour at the moment. Just take into consideration the influence the famous Mrs Hinch has over her followers with grey being a strong theme throughout her home. Whether you opt for softly flecked grey stone or a shiny, flat grey finish, the choice is yours but what we do know is that grey will look amazing in any modern home. You’ll also love the fact that grey is a great choice for those looking to match their worktop with more colourful cabinets. Let’s not forget soft, friendly and ideal for showing off metallic accents.


Whether you’re looking at black, charcoal or another dark colour entirely, it’s worth noting that this colour worktop can be super versatile. From helping create the ultimate gothic feel to finishing off a super modern monochrome effect kitchen; dark colour countertops offer a weighty finish and create a real presence in a room. In fact they’d be considered quite a prominent feature all on their own. Dark worktops work well with dark cabinets, light cabinets and pretty much everything in-between.



Wood, while not necessarily a colour, it offers a look all on its own. Whether you opt for dark wood or light wood, any wooden worktop will offer a natural appearance. Paired with crisp white cabinets, you’ll enjoy a more homely feel however, if you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, this can be achieved with the help of lighter, glossier cabinets. Similarly to darker worktops, wooden worktops are equally as versatile which is no doubt why they’re so popular.

Contact Us Today

Here at Matter Designs, we know kitchens and we know the importance of picking the right worktop. If you’d like help planning your perfect kitchen space, simply contact us today on 01268 833836. Our team know interior design and want to help you create the perfect heart to your home.

Wellbeing Starts In The Home – 5 Steps To A Happier You

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What’s the first thing you feel when you step into your home? Relaxation? Exhaustion? In today’s hectic lives, our homes should be an oasis of calm and replenishment. In fact, our home environment may actually be contributing to our stress levels. Look around you. How does your home make you feel?

It’s always been known that our physical surroundings have the power to emotionally affect us. Philosophies such as Feng Shui have been around for thousands of years. Interest in this area has exploded in the past couple of decades, however, with recent studies finding overwhelming evidence that our home surroundings have a major impact on our sense of wellbeing.

Here are some tips from our experts to get you on the way to creating your perfect living space.


1. Consider colour

There is a whole psychology of colour to be explored, most of it backed up with solid scientific evidence. While many of us like to play it safe with magnolia or off-white walls, a little colour is a powerful thing.

Blue invites serenity and is particularly soothing on bedroom walls and furnishings.A bold red wall can be energising, while accents of bright yellow in a kitchen feel cheerful and welcoming. Experiment with fabric samples to discover the colours that work best for you.

2. Bring the outside in

We each have an innate, vibrant connection with the outdoors. There is nothing like a peaceful woodland walk for helping us feel calm, centred and revitalised. Incorporate some natural elements into your home decor for a rejuvenating effect.

Bring plenty of living greenery into your home. Not only do plants look beautiful, they help detoxify your indoor air and can even boost concentration and memory.

Natural light flooding into our homes is a wonderful tonic. So make the most of your windows by ditching the heavy curtains and replacing with lighter shutters or vertical drapes.

Accessorize your home with woven baskets and rugs. Floors made from wood feel warm and inviting underfoot. Decorate with bowls of seashells or pebbles. The only limit is your imagination.


3. Declutter, declutter, declutter

To truly relax and be able to think clearly, we need an environment that is clutter-free as possible. Remember - everything has its home. It’s just a matter of finding it!

You can make the task easier with dual-purpose, space-saving furniture pieces such as an attractive storage ottoman.

If you live in a small or awkward space, then multi-functional, modular furniture is the way to go. Floating shelves create a more streamlined space.

Spend an afternoon getting tough with yourself. Ditch everything you no longer need or use, going room to room. Here’s a step-by-step decluttering guide to get you started.


4. Experiment with interior arrangement

Configure your space to be balanced and harmonious Your aim should be to create a real sense of “flow” through every room.

A particular Feng Shui method might be helpful with this - close your eyes and imagine a surge of water pouring through the front door into your home. Ideally, you want the water flowing gently around each room, without stopping or stagnating. This can be achieved by arranging your furniture in curves, rather than lining it up.

5. Be creative with decor

Above all, your home should reflect you - your preferences, what makes you happy, what makes you relaxed, what inspires you. If you love water and the sea, try a marine-inspired decor. If your tastes are modern and urban, invest in some stunning metal wall art. Think of your home as your own living, breathing sanctuary that you have crafted yourself, and you’ll feel contentment from the second you walk in the door.

Choosing The Right Window Shutter Material For You

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The interior design you choose for your home is an immensely personal thing. It can be incredibly hard at times to choose certain things from colour schemes to fixtures and fittings. When it comes to window coverings, we truly believe there’s only one choice and that’s window shutters

While that would leave most to believe a simple decision is ahead, it couldn’t be further from the truth for the simple fact that choosing window shutters in general opens up a whole world of choices, beginning with of course, window shutter material. 

Untitled 3.jpg

Window Shutter Materials: What’s The Difference?

Whether you’re unsure of what material will look best or are looking for a specific functionality, there are numerous different materials to choose from that will suit your needs, style requirements and budget. 

In order to find the best material for you, it’s worth looking at the different materials available and what sets them apart from the others. Let’s take a look at just some of the materials available to you with the help of experts within the field, Diamond Shutters.


Wood is one of the most common choices when it comes to window shutter material, especially solid window shutters. It’s hard wearing, provides aesthetically pleasing features within the grain and texture of the wood and offers a more traditional feel in traditionally styled homes. Wood is also very versatile in that it’s insulating, sustainable and stylish. 



Plastic is often used in bathrooms within tracked window shutters for obvious reasons. The plastic is able to withstand a high level of moisture and humidity. Plastic can also be incredibly sturdy in ways woods may not, allowing for a much longer louver design for instance.


MDF is engineered, made out of compacted hard and softwoods. Not only does it make it incredibly strong but also much cheaper in comparison to its other wood siblings. Despite its cheaper cost, it certainly doesn’t look it and what’s more, MDF can often very easy to maintain. With the right coating and care, they can be incredibly long lasting and hard wearing against damage and moisture. These suit a more contemporary interior.


Hardwood usually refers to very specific woods such as beech wood and oak. They’re among the most strong and robust making them incredibly hardwearing. Hardwood is usually a preferential material when people consider durability and elegance of the utmost importance. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose different weights of hardwood. Lightweight hardwood is often light in colour but rich in texture, ideal for those looking to enhance the light.

Untitled 2.jpg

Looking For Quality Window Shutters?

If you’re looking for a quality window shutter in a specific material, perhaps one you’ve read about above, then we suggest you call the experts at Diamond Shutters. They boast a huge amount of expertise within the field of window shutters, so you can rest assured that you’re in the most knowledgeable hands who’ll not only ensure quality but will guide you in making the best decision to suit your style and practical needs. Call 020 83022447 today.

5 Tips for the Best Night's Sleep Ever

With Sleeptember coming up (1-30 September) and National Sleep In Day (27th October) on the horizon, we thought this would be a great time to share some tips for your best night's sleep ever!

What's more, with this unpredictable weather, who wouldn't want their bedding to be temperature regulating! Keeping you cool during a heatwave and warm on the colder days?

Miriam Tyrangiel, Founder, of shares some tips with us.


Image: Garden Trading

1. Minimise distractions

Make your bedroom a space of serenity and calm. The laptop and phone stay out of the bedroom completely to help me switch off mentally. Clear your bedroom of clutter to clear your mind and you’ll go off to the land of nod in no time.


Image: The Cotton Poet

2. Create a bedtime routine

We’re creatures of habit: create a bedtime routine that calms your mind and prepares your body for bedtime. What’s important is to stick to your own routine, whatever it may be: herbal teas, meditation, reading, or maybe a bubble bath.


Washed Linen Bedding, Cox and Cox

3. Let it breathe

Go for breathable fabrics, in your pyjamas as well as bed linen, to let your skin breathe. Cotton or linen are ideal.

5. Stay cool

Because your body heat peaks in the evening, a slightly cooler room will help you fall asleep more easily. Undercover’s TENCELTM bedding is also temperature regulating, an additional bonus to help you stay comfortable at night.


Linen Bedding, Tolly McRae

3. Stay active

Studies show that exercising regularly can improve the quality of your sleep. Apparently you need to be working out regularly for at least 16 weeks to see results and avoid exercising 3-4 hours before going to bed.