How to make a room appear bigger? Julia Kendell explains

How to make a room appear bigger? Julia Kendell explains




Topps Tiles are often asked questions regarding interior design, and are always enthusiastic when responding to as many of these as possible. Recently, a large number of interior design blogs were in touch with queries for DIY guru, from DIT SOS and 60 Minute Makeover, Julia Kendell. Inspired by these messages, Julia made a series of videos to give you some tips to help create the look you've always wanted in your chosen space.

Tip 1. Texture absorbs natural light, so use as many solid surfaces as possible. Replace a carpet with a timber floor and add a rug.

Tip 2. Flat tiles versus textured tiles will make the space feel bigger.

Tip 3. Reflective surfaces will bounce the light around.

Tip 4. Try and keep as much off the floor as possible so that you can see underneath furniture. Choose furniture on legs where you can see the edges of the room.



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