Silk for the Ultimate Nights Sleep with Added Benefits

Silk is not only the ultimate in luxury; did you know that it is naturally hypoallergenic, helps regulate body temperature and is renowned for its health giving benefits for the skin and hair? Yes you heard that right. Due to its high protein content, silk unlike cotton, does not absorb moisture from the skin and hair, which helps to keep hair glossy and skin soft, and even helps to prevent facial lines. If that doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy some silk bedding right now, we don’t know what will!

But that’s not all.

gingerlily duvet (1).jpg

Silk filled duvets adjust to the body and to the ambient temperature of the room. So, by trapping air next to your skin, they keep you warm in winter while drawing heat away from the body in summer to keep you cool. Just imagine a light and thin duvet, which drapes softly over the body without weighing you down. And they are resistant to dust mites.

And where to buy? Gingerlily are the leading specialists in silk bedding. Filled with the finest ‘A’ grade mulberry silk filling their pure silk duvet provides a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience.

So first on our shopping list is a pillowcase to keep those lines at bay. And we may even go the whole hog and buy some silk PJ’s too.

Because we’re worth it!

Nine of the Best Artificial Pot Plants

There's nothing wrong with faking it. Especially when today's artificial pot plants are as realistic as these. And it you love the look of greenery in the home but are not gifted in the green finger department, we're here to help. Just remember to dust them.


Introducing the Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

Suitable for use with central heating as well as electric or water underfloor heating, the 4iE is a Smart WiFi Thermostat by Warmup that finds the best way to heat your home; this could save you up to £200 on your energy usage.

The 4iE thermostat automatically suggests smart ways for you to save energy, for example, what temperature you should set for when you are not at home and even when to turn the heating off early before you leave.

Additionally, the 4iE works in the background to find better energy prices for you, which could save you up to £383*, on top of the savings you get from your lower energy usage. Warmup is independent from energy suppliers, so its tariff search is not limited to any one energy provider.

The 4iE comes in two stylish colours, Onyx Black and Bright Porcelain, to perfectly match the decor of your home. The added option of adding a personalised background lets you match the thermostat to your style. Jam-packed with powerful algorithms, useful features, all packaged in an elegant design, the 4iE is a must have this winter.

Learn more about the 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat.

* Between 1st Dec 2013 and 31st May 2014, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas and electricity with saved £383 or more.

Made in Bermondsey, Georgia Bosson

Confetti print napkins.

Textile designer/maker Georgia Bosson creates wonderfully tactile products ranging from cushions to notebooks and napkins. Everything is printed and handmade in her Bermondsey studio. Georgia recently launched her new collection at Design Junction and you can find her at several upcoming Christmas market dates including Crafty Fox Market and Renegade Craft Fair.

Various cushions and notebooks.

The recent shoot with stylist Olivia Bennett showcased the unique way Georgia layers a felt material over her cushions to create an organic look. Check out some more images below and shop online here.

Luxury Textiles from Jules Hogan

Teal Multi Stripe Scarf

From her garden studio in Berkshire, Textile Designer/Maker Jules Hogan creates a beautiful range of cushions, hot water bottle covers, lavender pockets scarves and shawls. Inspired by 1950’s colour palettes, geometrics, striping and re-worked Fair Isle patterning, it's just what's needed as the Autumn weather closes in.

Green Patchwork Cushion, 100% felted Scottish spun lambs wool.

I originally met Jules at a series of shoots I did for Folksy last year. I was blown away by the quality of her work, in particular the colourways. You can see Jules in person at The Farnham Maltings this Saturday 18 October at The Surrey Festival of Crafts. Here's a few more samples, which can all be purchased direct from Jules' website.

All photographs by Yeshen Venema

Inside the studio of Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton Prints. Styling by Joanna Thornhill

Down a leafy lane in Dulwich, artist Sarah Hamilton creates prints, cards, woodblocks, trays and other delightful products. Her Mid-Century house was renovated with great care and it's simply stunning with views over the city. The studio itself has an inspiring atmosphere, filled with colour. Sarah draws inspiration from textured materials and is 'obsessive' getting her colours accurate when printing - designers take note!

Sarah's Dulwich studio

Pebbles, seeds, leaves and fragments of nature are recurring themes in Sarah's artwork, her style is instantly recognisable and has been refined over many years. She also works as consultant for interiors projects.

Sarah often uses watercolours as part of her design process.

The product range includes mugs, cards, prints, woodblocks and most recently, a lovely range of tea trays. Click to view some more images in the gallery below and browse the shop on Sarah's website for more.

Photography by Yeshen Venema. Styling by Joanna Thornhill.

Dissolve Those Sleeping Aches and Pains: Divorce That Old Mattress!

When feeling sore in the morning, it may be more a matter of what you’re sleeping on than sleeping position.  Is it time for a new mattress?  Signs of wear, lumpiness, and age (more than 5 to 7 years) alert owners it’s time to pay respect to a good night’s rest. Perhaps it’s time to divorce your current mattress. Styled by Maxine Brady and photographed by Joanna Henderson for Heart Home magazine Flipped Assumptions After years of use, spokes poke through, colors fade, and surfaces become uneven.  Flipping a mattress is a quick solution, but is it a good idea to prolong a mattress?  Like an aging car, a deteriorating mattress puts users at risk of injury and discomfort. In some cases, manufacturers suggest rotating every three to six months, but not for purposes of masking wear or denying years of use. Hand-Me-Down Aches Home products are expensive; in addition to paying mortgage or rent, a single person or couple may cut corners, accepting used mattresses from family or friends.  It’s great to save money, but don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. It’s estimated 70% of beds in circulation are second hand.  It’s smart to save but unwise to sacrifice sleep and well being for saved dollars. Jonathan Gooch for Heart Home magazine Embrace Progress Would you replace a dated television?  An old refrigerator?  Manufacturers produce newer and better products, and in some cases, upgrading makes perfect sense regarding convenience and added health and wellness. For example, memory foam grows popular with sleepers around the world; created by NASA and leveraged by bed manufacturers to create a reactive resting surface.  Eventually man stopped sleeping on the ground; don’t refuse to evolve into the future of bedding. James Balston for Heart Home magazine Off-Gassing Off-gassing, the release of fumes from mattresses, concerns singles, couples, and parents alike.  Though some associate the phenomenon with new mattresses, it’s believed subsequent fumes gradually release; your child may be sleeping on an older model, one harmful to their health and emanating noxious fumes. Speak with vendors about abed that’s safe for you and loved ones, especially young, growing children who sleep longer and more deeply. Mattress Fever Is your mattress making you sick?  Some experts question materials used to manufacture mattresses.  Some questionable methods and ‘ingredients’ may scare you; cotton is sprayed with pesticide throughout its growing cycle in some cases. Paul Craig for Heart Home magazine Neck Strain to In-Store Awkward If you get up in the morning with neck pain, it may be time for a new mattress.  If pain exceeds twenty to thirty minutes, it’s time to plop yourself down atop an in-store mattress.  It may seem awkward to rest while others shop, but experts suggest trying a mattress for fifteen minutes, ensuring it’s right for you. Take time to find the right price, model, and overall experience for you. Joe Jacobs loves being a health professional. With years of experience, he often blogs about simple changes people can make in their daily lives to improve their health. All images are from Heart Home magazine.

When is it time to replace your front door?

Your front door is often the first impression people have of your home. It adds character, keeps out the elements and acts as a secure barrier for you and your family. But they don’t last forever, and at some stage will need to be replaced. The question is though: When?


When it warps

Changes in climate can cause a door to warp or bow, particularly if it’s made of wood, which often results in the door sticking. Things to look out for are:

  • Cracking or splitting of the wood, which is a sign that the door might no longer be structurally secure.
  • An increase in the gap between the door and the frame, often identified by a constant draught.
  • Parts of the door getting damp or starting to rot, meaning the wood is becoming weak.
  • Distortion or bends in the wood which make the door stick or not close properly.

When it rusts

Metal doors are not without their problems and like anything made out of the material, rust normally signals the end of the line. Look out for the following:

  • Hinges and screws becoming loose. If they are squeaking they might need lubricating, although that will only be a temporary fix to the problem.
  • Cracks in the paint. This is where water is able to get in and cause corrosion making the door weaker.
  • Blemishes on the door, again an effect of water, and at the same time will make the front door less appealing.

When security becomes an issue

Making sure your front door locks properly is paramount for home security, and when this simple task becomes compromised, action needs to be taken. Check for the following signs:


  • It becomes increasingly difficult to open your door with a key. This could mean the lock or barrell could be rusted and worn. This can also be the sign of a warped door.
  • The front door doesn’t lock at all, meaning the lock is out of alignment with the strike plate (the bit on the door frame that the bolt goes into).
  • The door locks but can be pulled open, a probable issue with the door latch.
  • The key becomes stuck in the lock or its hard to pull the key out first time. It may be tempting to use something like WD-40 here, but often this exasperates the problem in the long-term.
  • Your locking technology is outdated. A door that is recognised as Secured by Design (a Police-backed initiative) will also provide much greater security to prevent forced break-in. Quality modern composite doors have multi-point locking too, resulting in much more robust protection.


When it’s costing you money

No matter what the material, front doors will battle the seasons all year round, keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer. But as your door reaches the end of its life-cycle, you’ll start to notice the following deteriorations that not only affect your home and security, but also your wallet:

  • Rising energy bills are a sign that the door is not as energy-efficient as it used to be. A constant draught is a sure-fire way to know that something is wrong.
  • Does the door still fit the sill? Over time a house can settle and cause the frame and door itself to become out of alignment, causing gaps that let the elements in.
  • Weather stripping is the seal that runs around the door edges. If this has become worn chances are it’s the cause of the draught and will be letting the heat out or cold air in.


If your door is suffering from any of the above problems and you’re considering upgrading to a new front door, then the online Yale Door design tool is a great place to start, allowing you to create your perfect door in just four simple steps as well as giving you a host of information on the benefits of composite front doors.

Try it now by clicking here, with no obligation to buy.

The Perfect Car Accessory – A Fitted Carport

An effective way to really make the most out of your available outdoor space while protecting your household vehicle at the same time is through the installation of a tailored carport. With the right design, not only can you ensure the safety of your vehicle against the elements, but you can also add character and style to your home through a thoroughly practical construction. 123v-carport-canopy-brown-cantilever

When choosing a carport that suits your home’s exterior, it is important to contact professionals like 123v, who, with their vast experience in the design and installation of carports, will help you make the perfect choice. 123v’s carports are available in a range of styles and colours allowing you to take charge of the car canopy design.


Read on to find out more about how carports can add to the aesthetic value of your property, whilst also providing the necessary practicality:

Security: A well-designed and installed carport is a great addition to any home as it provides a secure space in which to park your choice of vehicle so that it is protected against any potential damage or theft.

Weather Protection: In addition to providing security, a quality carport – expertly fitted – can offer substantial protection to your vehicles from the elements. The unpredictable weather can potentially be a hazard, with strong winds causing branches to tumble down and with heavy rainfall and large hailstones falling from the sky, you can rest assured that under a carport canopy, your vehicle is protected.

Stylish: A carport can be the ideal, affordable addition to a home that can also significantly add to property value. A well-designed, robust – yet stylish – carport canopy can enhance the outside view of your property and prove to be the perfect attachment to your home when chosen carefully.


Give your house a face-lift and be the envy of your neighbours; contact 123v to see how they can help personalise, design and install a carport canopy onto your home.

Pots n' Pans

John Lewis House Casserole

A decent cooking vessel will earn its keep in a busy kitchen. If you purchase wisely and care for it well, it could last you for decades. Many of my childhood suppers were cooked in an oval Le Creuset casserole (in volcanic orange if you're wondering). It was used constantly for what must have been the best part of 30 years. There is something very satisfying about cooking up something in a big pot - casseroles, pasta, risotto, soups, curries or stewed fruit - it's great to feed a crowd or a hungry few. Below is my pick of pots, pans and baking vessels; many  can go from stove to oven and each and every one of them is attractive enough to bring straight to the table along. Need inspiration as to what to cook up in your pot? Then check out these wonderful recipe links too. John Lewis House Casserole

left: House Casserole, 3L - John Lewis, £25.00

right: Preserved Rhubarb - Yummy Supper

Ikea Casserole

left: One Pot Orecchiette Pasta - Minimalist Baker

right: Senior Casserole - Ikea, £30.00

muurla casserole

left: Muurla Flower Enamel Casserole - Amazon, £34.95

right: Roasted Cauliflower, Sage & Almond Risotto - Donna Hay

Heals Falcon Bakeware

left: Broiled Apricots & Cherries with Ricotta & Thyme - Dash & Bella

right: Falcon Enamelware Bake Set - Heals, £65.00

Sainsbury's casserole

left: Cook's Collection Copper Triply Stockpot, 24cm - Sainsbury's, £65.00

right: White Pizza Quinoa Casserole - Edible Perspective

John Lewis Le Creuset

left: Red Lentils & Spinach in Masala Sauce - Naturally Ella

right: Le Creuset Limited Edition Coquelle Casserole - John Lewis, £195.00

Good Morning

Latte Bowls Anthropolgie

There are some people who 'can't eat breakfast', preferring to make do with a cup of coffee until mid morning. I am not one of them. I love my breakfast and can't function until I have some food in my tummy. But how many of us make time for a proper breakfast? The reality is that breakfast more often than not a rushed bowl of cereal or a speedy slice of toast, but now and again, it is nice to take time over breakfast. The weekend is the obvious time for this. A little effort the evening before means that come the morning you can indulge in some overnight oats, fresh bread or scones. Lay the table with a crisp linen cloth and drink from your favourite mug. Make a pot of tea or a cafetiere of coffee and stay in your PJ's reading the papers having seconds if you so desire. As the old saying goes: 'Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper'.

Here are a few of my must-haves for the weekend breakfast table along with some inspiration for those, like me, who awake from their slumber with rumbling bellies.

Latte Bowls Anthropolgie  left: Latte Bowls - Anthropologie, £2.00 - £3.50

right: Orange and Vanilla Overnight Oats - Green Kitchen Stories

Cornishware Rosie Teapot John Lewis

left: Cinnamon Rolls - Design Sponge

right: Cornishware Rosie Teapot - John Lewis, £75.00

Enamel Dipped Cutlery Toast

left: Bistro Cutlery - Toast, £39.00

right: One Pan Fry Up - Cook Republic

English Preserves Marmalade

left: Simple Spelt Bread - Little Upside Down Cake

London Marmalade - England Preserves, from £3.55

Fresh Start Coffee Maker Anthropologie

left: Breakfast  - My name is Yeh

right: Fresh Start Coffee Maker - Anthropologie, £32.00

Alena Mug Habitat

left: Alena Stoneware Mug - Habitat, £5.00

right: Honey, Thyme & Ricotta Pancakes -  Need Supply Co.

Tesco Wooden Paddle Boards

left: Paint Dipped Wooden Paddle Boards - Tesco Direct, £15.00 each

right: Zucchini Bread - Lily

Terracotta Pitcher Reiko Kaneko SCP

left: Morning Coffee - 365 Days of Coffee

right: Terracotta Pitcher - Reiko Kaneko for SCP, £56.00

Lila Mug Toast

left: Lila Mug - Toast, £16.00

right: Marzipan Dark Chocolate Scones with Raspberry Jam - My name is Yeh

Rigby & Mac Retro Inspired Danish Tableware

The trend for all things Danish shows no sign of abating and we love this tableware available at Rigby & Mac. Rigby and Mac Retro Danish Tableware

Just the thing to brighten up the summer table with this range of Danish designed ceramics in retro inspired prints.

Rigby and Mac Retro Danish Tableware - teapot

The teapot with wicker handle, red print and contrast orange knob is £26.95. Perfect tea for two.

Rigby and Mac Retro Danish Tableware - mugs

The ceramic mugs, also with retro inspired print and contrast coloured rims, are available in six different colours and priced at £7.50 each. 

Rigby and Mac Retro Danish Tableware - large bowl

The large bowl (our favourite), is just perfect as a purely decorative piece, fruit or serving bowl. It's £24.95.

All at Rigby & Mac.

A Piece of Cake

Glenna Serveware Anthropologie

With a passion for baking and a love for design, my kitchen is home to a number of cake stands. A beautiful stand on which to present your creation is, so to speak, the icing on the cake. With baking still very much a popular pastime, many of our favourite retailers now stock a huge range of styles to select from. From elegant glass cake domes and brightly coloured ceramic designs to serious style statement pieces, here are some of my favourite cake stands along with a little inspiration as to what to adorn them with. Glenna Serveware Anthropologie

left: Glenna Serveware - Anthropologie, £48.00 - £88.00

right: Tres Leches Cake - The Candid Appetite

LSA Ivalo Dome

left: Ivalo Cake Dome - LSA International, £32.00 - £60.00

right: Blackberry Custard Bake - Bakers Royale

Jansen cake stand scp

 left: Jansen+Co Cake Stand - SCP, £25.50 - £49.99

right: Individual Soured Cream Cakes with Butter glaze - Buttercup Days

Toast Cake Stand

left: Madeleines - Mon Petit Bistrot

right: - Wooden Cake Stand - Toast, £42.00

Cake Stands Linda Bloomfield

 left: Thrown Porcelain Cake Stands - Linda Bloomfield, £44.00 - £82.00

right: Carrot Cake Deluxe - Call Me Cupcake

Ivalo Cake Dome LSA

left: Lotta Cake Dome - LSA International, £75.00

right: No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake - Bakers Royale

Le Creuset Cake Stand John Lewis

left: Le Creuset Cerise Cake Stand - John Lewis, £38.40

right: Sugar & Cloth

Tom Dixon Stone Stand at Heal's

left: Easy No-Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake - A Piece of Toast

right: Tom Dixon Stone Cake Stand at Heal's, £110.00

Buying a Bean Bag? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need a BIG One!

Are you sitting comfortably? Are you in fact so comfortable, that it would take a serious fire or flood to move you from your seat?

Unless you're sitting on a big bean bag, that’s unlikely. Here are just five reasons why you need a really big one:

Great Bean [2]

  1. Super-sized Comfort

There are times when comfort really matters. When you get home from a hard day at work, when you want to relax and watch a movie, when you’re recovering from an illness or when you just want to snuggle up with someone special, a big bean bag is there, waiting for you to hop on and wind down.

A giant bean bag lets you lay back and get every limb so unbelievably comfortable that it’s impossible to do anything but relax. They’re big enough for you to spread out like a starfish or if you can bear to share it, to chill out with others.

Great Bean [4]

  1. The Big Snooze

Bean bags are a perfect alternative to any sort of chair, but a big bean bag makes an excellent bed too. Break with convention, ditch the divan or those expensive memory foam mattresses that take time to mould to the shape of your body, and get a bean bag that does nothing but.

Each of the thousands of beans inside a bean bag fits every curve and contour of your body instantly, to leave you feeling weightless from tip to toe from the second you lay down. Does your bed do that?

Great Bean [3]

  1. The Pets

Everybody loves a bean bag, but so does every pet. A big bean bag is ideal for large breeds or families with more than one pooch.

They’re easy to clean so unlike a lot of pet beds, can be washed to remove traces of muddy paw prints and pet hair and odours to stay clean and comfy.

  1. The Great Outdoors

With a tough yet soft waterproof cover, they can handle the rough surface of a patio or slippery surface of a deck, and because they’re so squishy, they mould not only to your body, but to the surface too - no more sitting at wonky angles on plastic chairs on uneven surfaces.

Recline and relax on it as you wait for your BBQ food or refreshing summer cocktail to be delivered to your open hand. Catch some rays, keep an eye on the kids or just listen to birdsong on a fresh morning in a state of laid-back bliss.

Great Bean [5]

  1. The Special Occasion

Bean bags are versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use, for any person or pet, but what’s more, they make a real statement for a special event too.

Giving your guests some big bean bags to rest on when they need a break from the dancefloor or party games makes the day really memorable, especially if you get them personalised with a special date or logo.

Whatever you want a big bean bag for, you can find the perfect colour and style at Great BeanBags. Check out their extensive range or contact them to get something tailored made for you, and get yourself really comfortable.

About the author: Patrick Tonks is the Creative Director at, his role has a focus on Business Development, coordinating the Sales and Marketing Strategy, Budget Management, and managing the production of new products, from design through to creation. Follow Patrick Tonks on Google+ or Great Beanbags on Facebook

Choose a Carport to Protect Your Wheels from the Weather

A lean to carport is a great way to protect your vehicle from adverse weather conditions like rain or snow. Unlike freestanding carport designs, lean to carports are attached on one side of your property’s wall. This helps to reinforce your carport's strength during harsh weather conditions, in addition to its structural attachments. Professional carport installers like 123v offer a wide variety of designs – including lean to and aluminium carports – to suit the weather conditions in different geographical areas. Their experienced and skilled tradesmen design and fit open-ended structures across the UK, while ensuring that the constructions are both safe and built to last. Read on to discover how a car canopy is the best solution to cope with an unpredictable climate:

123v Carports 1

Weather Protection

A carport canopy is the best solution to shield your vehicle from the summer heat, autumnal rain or winter snow storms. Such an installation is a must to ensure that your car or other vehicles are well protected, especially considering the changeable nature of the British weather. Instead of attempting to predict the weather conditions or removing ice from your windshield, why not arrange the installation of a long-lasting, durable and weather-resistant car shelter onto your domestic or commercial property? Such structures are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and materials.


123v carports, made of robust materials like steel or aluminium, are durable in nature and can stand up to the test of time. Tough and secure, they are likely to remain in place for years after their installation and will not require constant maintenance. This means that you can enjoy the many benefits of the fixed outdoor canopy without having to worry about upkeep or future costs.

123v Carports 2


Double carport designs can cover two or even three vehicles at a time – and still protect them from the elements. Affordable and hard-wearing, these custom canopies can be fitted quickly and can even be used for commercial purposes, covering larger vehicles like buses and vans.

Inexpensive Alternative

Carports prove to be an economical investment. You won’t need to plan a budget to install a garage when you have a much more practical solution – a tailor-made carport – which will mirror the benefits of a garage for a fraction of the cost.

Serves Multiple Purposes

Custom-built vehicle canopies also help you to store various other materials like barbecue grills and garden tools; versatile carports from professional companies like 123v serve a variety of other purposes in addition to providing weather protection.

Investment in an affordable outdoor shelter guarantees practical plus points – an effective means of protecting your wheels from the weather.

Handsome Humblesticks Lamps

If you are thinking of injecting some colour and pattern into the home this spring, we can't think of a better way than with one of these handsome lamps from Humblesticks. Each table lamp is made using a recycled demijohn bottle and a handmade shade with coordinating flex, and each one is entirely unique.

Humblesticks Demijohn lamps 1


Bold, bright and beautiful. Lola screams summer and dancing til dawn.

Humblesticks Demijohn lamps 3

Manhatten Garden

Made from a lovely 50's style print of skyscrapers and clouds, Manhatten Garden will give you your own New York roof garden.

Humblesticks Demijohn lamps 2


On trend geometrics in zingy, fresh spring colours.

Humblesticks Demijohn lamps 4


Fancy florals in a 1930's-esque print. Your very own English country garden.

All lamps are £145.

Ornate Veranda Designs for Personalised Summer Style

Practical meets decorative. Durable meets elegant. Take advantage of the warm summer months beneath an ornate veranda structure and maximise your outdoor space. An open-ended glass canopy will stretch across decked patio floors, extending into gardens. 123v is a CHAS accredited, award-winning supplier-installer of bespoke glass verandas, working to transform underused gardens into the ideal setting for outside entertaining and alfresco dining throughout barbecue season.

123v-verandas (3)

Toughened safety glass provides the gloss on a fully engineered outdoor canopy structure to withstand the elements all year round. Attached to commercial premises, custom glass canopies shelter staff from gloomy, rainy days. Yet, glass verandas are not only practical shields from unexpectedly unseasonal weather conditions, the functionality of verandas is matched by their luxurious appearance, complementing social occasions like summer garden parties and children’s birthday celebrations. Modern veranda designs also protect children from harmful UV rays when the sun is at its strongest; extending playtime hours!

123v-verandas (2)

Convert your garden patio into a personal, tranquil retreat in which to unwind and relax; whether your preference is a contemporary or traditional model, a sheltered area can be crafted to individual taste and specifications. Furnish your veranda sanctuary with optional lighting, heating and audio speaker systems; attractive add-ons beneath the sturdy glass roof. The array of available styles reflects the range of settings in which glass canopy constructions can enrich outdoor surroundings.

123v-verandas (1)

Once the weatherproof, cantilevered aluminium (or cast iron) supports have been fitted, the quality of production is reinforced further by 123v’s 10 year guarantee. Before installation, 123v ensure a free site survey for all homes across the UK, assessing the property prior to development. Glass verandas are robust, versatile structures which can be customised to correspond with domestic décor and manufactured to create a pleasant garden environment.

JAB Anstoetz 2014 collection

Legendary German textile company JAB Anstoetz have unveiled their latest collections and boy are they are pretty. Renowned for beautifully luxurious, high quality fabrics, rugs and wallpapers, their latest offerings do not disappoint. Who doesn't fantasise about Tropical Escapes?! Though in the UK we’re never guaranteed a heatwave (or an actual summer), you will be able to get the feeling of the tropics from these beauties.

JAB tropical island fabric

Bold global prints are set to remain a strong look this year and Jab’s contributions are a welcome addition.

JAB oasis and desert cushions

JAB oasis, desert and nomadi cushions

Nomadi, Desert and Oasis cushions


You don’t like plain nets but you don’t want the world looking through your windows either? These Window Sheers could be the answer. Cheery, bright and transparent these are a great way to maintain some privacy in your space without sacrificing your style.

JAB chivasso sheer curtain

JAB sheer panels

No longer will your outdoor space feel left out. The Indoors & Out collection means you can jazz up your garden/patio area with prints and patterns galore for some seriously stylish outdoor living.

JAB patio collection

Visit for stockist information and to see all available ranges.