Easter Picks From The Heart Home Shop

Are you Easter ready yet? Just less than two weeks before we can indulge in Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, hooray! However it's not only about receiving but also about giving, and what better way than to celebrate by giving your loved ones a small gift, to show them that you care. 

Here at Heart Home we have put together a few gift ideas that will be sure to cheer that special someone. In keeping with the Easter theme we have wooden rabbit decorations, oven gloves with (again) rabbits, egg cups, a pretty flower print and so much more... Remember it's just not about chocolates (well just a little). 

So make sure to have a snoop around the Heart Home shop and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy!

Say It With Flowers From Bloom

With Mother's day approaching why not celebrate it with a lovely bunch of flowers. And we're not talking about normal flowers but silk flowers! Discover the beauty of truly realistic silk flowers created by Tiffany Davies for Bloom.

Every one of Bloom's petals, buds and leaves is designed and made by hand to uncompromising standards. Praised by journalists, sought after by interior designers and loved by customers, these stunning silk blooms flourish and thrive in any home for years.

Bloom faux flowers can go where real flowers won't survive - Bright sunlight, dim corners, draughty halls. Bloom flowers can be displayed all year round and are particularly good in offices where central heating is a bit of a hazard to real flowers and plants. The beauty of faux flowers is that they will look good anywhere and will stay looking great for years to come. 

Don't forget Mother's day 6th March.

Mother's Day Gifts from Heart Home

Mother's Day is less than two weeks away, so here at Heart Home we thought you might like a helping hand choosing the perfect present for the number one woman in you life. Take it from us, a thoughtfully chosen gift will always be appreciated, whether it's a personalised mug, a meaningful print, or just a scented candle.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, there are lots more to choose from in the Heart Home Shop

Heart Home Shop: Be My Valentine!

February is the month of love and whether or not you celebrate Valentine's day, LOVE is still all around us. It's all about heart filled gifts and small gestures whether to your other halves, friends or family. Or perhaps we want to surround yourselves with love? Well then these pretty gifts from the Heart Home shop will bring you fluttering joy. 

From fabulous prints, to cute stationary and pretty jewellery, we have you covered. After all, here at Heart Home we believe that it's the small things that count!

How To Do Cosy Monochrome With Atkin And Thyme

Coco Chanel famously quoted: 'Black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty. They are in perfect harmony.'

Golden and brushed brass tones are arguably just as timeless as monochrome, so coupled together, it's understated chic!

A monochromatic decorating style works perfectly for rooms of all shapes and sizes, by way of white walls to reflect light and black accents for added definition. Mix and match textures within the same colour palette to achieve harmony and depth. This is why we are loving this styled entrance from Atkin and Thyme.

The Anatolia Distressed Wool Patchwork Rug  with its vintage, overdyed pattern is perfect for adding interest and tactile warmth. Golden and brushed brass tones are big news for 2016, their timeless appeal weds well with equally eternal monochrome. The Madison Console Table  combines angular, brass plated lines with a dusky shade of charcoal, proving a sophisticated and versatile piece of furniture. Illuminate these finer details with warm lighting; a stylish glass table lamp, like the Genie  with its hand blown glass base will further liven up the interior.

Other products that work well on this trend is the geometric Eclipse 3D Cushion. The Otis Button Back Linen Armchair is also another fab buy as it is finished in natural linen that counters its statement and contrasting zigzag side and back panel.

Heart Home Shop: Candles & Scents

Winter is all about snuggling up in our cosy abode and creating the perfect atmosphere to beat the winter blues. With the days still getting dark early it's the perfect time to light up our collection of candles and scents. There is just something so relaxing having many lit up candles in our homes. As we know Winter can be a depressing time for many, so lighting and scent can play a positive role with our state of mind. 

So here we've put together a lovely collection of pretty candles and scents from the Heart Home shop, to help you ease into total relaxation mode. It's all about switching off in the evenings and enjoying some 'me' time!

Valentine's Day Gifts From Curious Duke Gallery

As Valentine's day will soon be upon us it's always fun to think of pretty gifts. Don't think chocolates or roses but perhaps something a little bit more personal?! Well let us help you as we particularly love these gorgeous prints from Curious Duke Gallery which are now available. So if you are looking to give something special to your loved ones this Valentine's then have a look at these stunning prints...


Giclee print on 300gms Hahnemuhle Photorag paper. Limited edition of 35. 2014, 44 x 51 cm / Limited Edition Art, £390.00.

ROY'S PEOPLE, Little Lovers 1

Perfect gift for Valentines day from Roy's people. Framed spray painted heart with hand painted couple figurines. 25 x 25 cm / Original Art, £195.00.

LAUREN BAKER, To the moon and back

Somerset Velvet 330gsm 100% cotton rag with screen printed glow in the dark ink overlay. Edition of 50, 50 x 50 cm / Limited Edition Art, £250.00.

Heart Home Shop SALE!

To ease our way into the New Year we thought we would let you know that some of our favourite products from the Heart Home shop are now on SALE. Do make sure to check out our shop to see if your favourite item has had a slash in price ;) 

The new year is always the perfect excuse to shop and redecorate the house. It's that time of the year where we need to cheer ourselves up and brighten our days, seeing as the weather is totally miserable at the moment. Whether it's prints, cushions or even a new bag, The Heart Home shop has got you covered. 

Happy SALE shopping! 

Christmas Gifts: Stocking Fillers

It's the small things that count so any little gestures will go truly appreciated this Christmas. Don't forget about the stocking fillers - they're just as important. Like the saying goes, good things come in small packages.

Here is a round up of the last in our gift series for the 'perfect stocking fillers'. Gifts like beauty products, purses, room diffusers and so much more are now available in the Heart Home shop. Make sure to order them now just in time for Christmas.

Happy shopping!

Christmas Gifts For The Green Fingered

Eleven days until Christmas, have you done all of your shopping yet? It's not an easy task making sure all our loved ones are happy but it is the thought that counts, so any little gesture will surely be appreciated. This week we are paying particular attention to the green fingers out there. If you know someone that is a lover of plants/flowers then these beautiful accessories will make the perfect gifts.

We have metallic paper bags, cute pastel coloured mini vases, copper pots and many more. All of which will add character to any home. Make sure to visit the Heart Home shop under the gifts section for making the countdown to Christmas that little bit easier.

Christmas Gifts For The Kitchen Fanatic

We like to make sure that we don't miss anyone out for Christmas. So this week we are paying attention to the kitchen lovers; things to make your kitchen area that extra special. There's no denying that the Kitchen is the hub of the home so it's important for it to have the latest must haves! We've put together a selection of some really cool items that will make your loved ones cherish you even more! From cool trays, marble chopping boards, Falcon pie sets and so many more, we've done the homework for you so choosing has never been easier!

If you you know of any kitchen fanatics then our selection of gifts from the Heart Home shop could make them very happy indeed!

Happy Shopping!

Christmas Gifts For The Colour Lover

It's officially the start of Advent so the Christmas pressure is on! This week it's all about the colour lovers. We've put together a selection of colourful must haves for all of those who think beige is simply boring. Inject some colour into your homes with these fun must haves. Prints, stationary, cups, cushions... It's the small details that matter and that can make such a difference in your home.

If you you have a colour lover in your life then brighten up their Christmas with one of these gifts from the Heart Home shop. Tick-tock, tick-tock, quick as time is running out!

Happy shopping!

Christmas Gift List For The Traveller

Have you seen that the Heart Home shop has had a total makeover! The last few weeks we've been busy re-designing our all new shop. We wanted to make the whole shopping experience so much easier for you and so have divided all of our products in just six simple categories.  You can find all of our carefully curated products under Live, Dine, Work, Sleep, Bathe and Gift. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

With the count down to Christmas in full swing, (only four weeks left) it's time to start planning. We are always here to help and this week we are paying attention the constant traveller. Something that many of us can relate to. When travelling it really is the essentials that we need. Think bags, purses, beauty products, wrist warmers and we've got you covered. It's about comfort without compromising style. 

Make sure to head over to our Gift section for more tempting ideas for Christmas. Happy shopping!

Christmas Gifts For The Boys

With October already nearly over, it's definitely the right moment to start thinking about those Christmas gifts.  It's time to get organised and that's why we are here to help - Yes, we are nice like that!

Every week we will be putting together Christmas gift guides from the Heart Home shop to make it that all extra easy for you. Last week it was dedicated to the girls, this week we're concentrating on the boys. Whether its backpacks, scarves, prints, we've got you covered with some pretty cool pieces. Make sure to visit our shop as we are constantly updating our lists for the run up to Christmas. We definitely don't want to be missing anybody out ;)

ferm LIVING's New Collection

Another season, another reason to fall in love with ferm LIVING's latest collection bursting with Scandinavian charm. Inspired by Nordic style, the brand focuses on traditional designs with retro charm, ideal for adding contemporary vibes to your décor scheme. You'll find many new lovely products in the soft furnishings, home storage and office sections.

ferm LIVING draws on Scandinavian design traditions and simple aesthetics - but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary. ferm LIVING is rooted in Denmark, where Trine Andersen founded a graphic design studio in 2005.

The products are made for people’s homes, and the simple house shape is an iconic symbol that just says “home”. That is why the house shape is a graphic key element on ferm LIVING labels, business cards, shop inventory – and of course also in the ferm LIVING product design.

Quilted Cushion - Light Grey, Rose and Bordeaux £79 each

Quilted Cushion - Light Grey, Rose and Bordeaux £79 each

Brass Pencil Holder £72

Brass Pencil Holder £72

Square Rack £89

Square Rack £89

All available from Amara.

Introducing StoryTiles to the Heart Home Shop!

We are so excited to introduce to you StoryTiles here in the Heart Home shop. StoryTiles are Dutch handmade tiles with unique pieces of art. The delightful tiles of StoryTiles are miniature stories, all designed with love, eye for detail and humour. Each tile tells it's own story.

The tiles are of high quality, traditionally baked and made in Holland by visual artist Marga Van Oers. The tiles are heat and water resistant and the unique designs will last a lifetime.

How adorable are they? Perfect for a wall detail or how about as coasters? They are so versatile and fun that you really can play around with these gems. They are simply perfect and we are in love with all the cute designs. 

We know you're tempted so happy shopping!

Each tile has a nifty hanging system and a slight irregular edge. 

Shop Inspiration: Future & Found

Andrea Bates set up her stunning homeware shop back in 2012. Since then she has expanded into larger premises, collaborated with new designers and worked on exclusive ranges.  Did we also mention she is hosting numerous events over the coming months promoting local artisans and businesses? Now this really is one hidden gem.

Future and Found is located a stone’s throw from Finsbury Park tube station. “The area has really changed over the past few years” says Andrea, “there are now numerous cafes, a butchers and even an ice cream parlour! More and more people are being attracted to the area, and we’re lucky in that respect.  All has been good so far- thank goodness!” she laughs.

As you approach the shop, you quickly realise there is a lot more to this premises than first meets the eye. First off, the shop entrance is actually an archway, covered in grey paint with neon arrows that direct you into a courtyard, brimming with plants and furniture. The backdrop to this enclosed haven is a gorgeous converted warehouse. You almost feel as if you’ve entered someone’s home; which is kind of true, as Andrea does in fact live upstairs!

As you step inside you are hit by the amazing collection of furniture, homewares, stationery and crockery that Andrea has curated. Sure, you may not need any of it; but you are suddenly overwhelmed by the sense that you have to have all of it!

With a background in retail buying for the likes of Heals, Paperchase and even Jamie Oliver, she has spent years refining her taste and understanding what sells.  But this time she has been able to inject her own style, which is undeniably Scandinavian, interspersed with blasts of neon.

“We are inspired by simple, stylish and thoughtful design. We like things that are playful and fun, beautiful design that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

“We think that calm and understated sums up the style of the shop nicely; but with a splash of colour and fun thrown in for good measure. Hopefully this sums up our personal style too, although we don’t always feel so serene!”

Andrea is keen to expand the business and often targets young graduates for collaborations to help her products and brand stand out.  To this end, she has also curated a number of summer events, each one themed to incorporate local businesses.

“The first will be an ‘artisan afternoon’ with a wood turner and a ceramicist. The next will have a geometric theme, with jewellery and textile designers. We even have a wedding themed event with wedding planner and cake maker in tow!”

“It’s a great way to attract people to the store outside of peak trading times. We’re not expecting to make a fortune, but it will be a great way to drum up energy in a relaxed atmosphere. We also have big plans for Christmas” she smiles. “Trees will line the walkway from the archway; they will then form two paths, one to the shop with more tasteful decorations and the other to Santa’s grotto, which will be full of craziness!” She laughs.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep Andrea and her team busy, she also dabbles in some interior design on the side.

“The interior design service is an extension of the ethos and style of the shop. We curate calm, understated yet design-led spaces that are done but never overdone. We believe homes should be lived in and loved in equal measure” she explains.

Andrea is a humble character, but full of passion. She lives and breathes her business. Quite literally!  She tells me how she takes great pleasure in walking down into the courtyard every morning before setting up for the day. For her it’s a way of life.

Even if you aren’t there to buy anything you just can pop by, have a cuppa and soak up the ambience of the shop and courtyard whilst you catch up on some work. (However, there are some great neon pens that would definitely improve your productivity if you’re interested!).

Written by Liggy Griffiths, photography by David Cleveland, article taken from the October 2014 issue of Heart Home magazine.

Summer Vibes With The Heart Home Shop!

We've got that Summer feeling going on here at the Heart Home shop. It's all about al fresco dining and spending as much time as possible outdoors - weather permitting! We want to make the most of warmer temperatures and longer days.

Here we've put together a few pretty pieces to add to your table giving a hint of colour and making it that extra more interesting. We are simply obsessed with these grid tableware from Lollipop - How cute are they? And we also couldn't resist to add this pretty hand woven Market bag from The Future Kept, just perfect for grocery shopping during these summer days.

You can find more gorgeous products in our shop - enjoy!

Seller Of The Week: Lu West

This week we are a little obsessed with print designer Lu West. We are so excited to be selling her products in our shop.

Lu West (formerly Mengsel) is a collection of prints, homeware and baby from London based South African print designer Luzelle van der Westhuizen.

Her work is inspired by geometric and hand-drawn patterns, as well as African and Scandinavian design. Using traditional silkscreen printing methods, the result is colourful, bold and sometimes whimsical.

Bright yellow Pop Art inspired Bananas, graphic green Crocodiles and Moka Express prints for coffee lovers will transform the walls of your home from drab to fab!

Here are a few of our favourite prints that are now available in the Heart Home shop!

Seller Of The Week: The People Shop

We are always looking for inspiring brands to add in our shop so we are super excited to be adding a new seller that reflects the Heart Home aesthetic. Lets give a big warm welcome to The People Shop.

Allison and Christian Sadler are the friendly duo behind this cheerful lifestyle brand, selling clothing, gifts, home wares and accessories that simply just make you happy! We recently featured them in Heart Home magazine and on the blog so you can read a little bit more about them here!

In our online store you will find a carefully curated collection of our favourite things from The People Shop, we hope you will love them as much as we do.

Do take a look in our shop here and see many other lovely products  that we are currently selling. In the mean time here our some of our favourite products from The People Shop that you can buy now :).