Elvang Launches a New Double-Faced Throw Collection

Spring is just around the corner and the need for welcoming this anticipated season into our home grows. Swapping out heavy winter blankets for lightweight throws is an easy way to update and freshen up our home for spring. 

Elvang launches a new double-faced throw called Venice. A wonderful soft and airy throw with delicate eyelash fringes. The throw is double-faced and the douce colour palette and the sumptuous textures make this beauty an essential home accessory. 

Venice is launched in the beautiful colour combinations of white/latte, white/grey and white/nude. The latte and nude colours will inject feminine tones into the Scandinavian homes and Venice in the classic light grey colour will add an elegant masculinity to any sofa or bed. 

Elvang were the first company to introduce the luxury quality of alpaca throws to Scandinavia 16 years ago. Tina and Lasse, the couple behind Elvang, took the first alpaca throws with them from their backpacking trip to Peru. Elvang's products are now sold throughout most of the world. The company is known for its high level of integrity in relation to suppliers, collaborators and customers and their products are valued highly for good quality and Scandinavian aesthetics. Elvang is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), as one of the few companies in Denmark.


Wedgwood introduces Wild Strawberry Gold

Throughout 2019, Wedgwood celebrates 260 years of innovation and craftsmanship. Since its foundation in 1759, Wedgwood has since developed a rich heritage throughout the centuries and, with a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen, Wedgwood is known for a standard of excellence. Wedgwood designers have continued to bring inspiration to the table throughout the decades and for Spring 2019, we celebrate with a new edition to the Wild Strawberry Collection. 

To mark 260 wonderful years of Wedgwood, the Wild Strawberry Collection is complimented with the addition of gold foliage and delicate butterflies. First designed in 1965, Wild Strawberry continues its journey of transformation with 5 new accent shapes to the collection.

The design features crisp and white fine bone china with finely drawn leaves, flowers and succulent red strawberries. Made in England the Wild Strawberry Gold collection showcases British craftsmanship and time-honoured decorative skills synonymous with Barlaston, the home of Wedgwood.

Wild Strawberry Gold.jpeg
Wild Strawberry Gold1.jpeg

Spring Greens From Next Home

Next Home have really caught our eye with this fresh green collection for Spring. A little bit mid-century, a little bit Scandinavian, and a lovely palette of greens from bottle green right through to zesty lime green. What more do you need to bring the outside in?

Contains Affiliate Links

Spring Greens From Next Home (3).jpg
Spring Greens From Next Home (4).jpg
Spring Greens From Next Home (1).jpg
Spring Greens From Next Home (2).jpg

All from Next Home.

Moon x National Trust

Introducing the brand new Moon x National Trust collection. Inspired by properties in the Trust’s care, the fine wools bring patterns from historic archives to modern interiors. Woven in Yorkshire to the highest standard sat the Moon vertical mill, the fabric designs & colours represent a uniquely British collaboration.

Moon Design Director, Martin Aveyard comments; “Many of the designs contained with in the National Trust by Moon collection take their lead from one of the Trust’s many textile displays. for example, comprises of an array of plaid patterns which have been rescaled by the Moon in house design team with upholstered furniture pieces in mind. Snowshill’s costumes (collected by Charles Wade) and decorative mantel piece accessories from Arlington Hall also contributed to the overall look and feel of the finished fabric range. The chosen colour palette was pieced together using more abstract thinking–everything from tiled floors, mosaics, rugs, and other distinctive architectural features were considered, mood-boarded and then matched up to a selection of our own unique blended yarns. The nine strongest colour groups were selected to be woven at the historic Moonmill, resulting in a full collection of 33 distinctive wool fabrics.

Moon National Trust Collection in Brick & Aqua, from £60.95 per m2

Moon National Trust Collection in Brick & Aqua, from £60.95 per m2

Moon National Trust Collection in Purple, from £60.95 per m2

Moon National Trust Collection in Purple, from £60.95 per m2

Moon National Trust Collection in Purple, from £60.95 per m2 (3).jpg
Moon x National Trust; fabric per metre £60.95

Moon x National Trust; fabric per metre £60.95

Upcycling in the Garden

Now that Spring is well and truly on it’s way, it’s time to start thinking about the garden. Furniture that has been left out in the elements through winter will really benefit from a rub down and a coat of preservative. Not just to make the wood last longer but to make it look fresh and ready for the new season.

But what if your outdoor furniture really isn’t up to scratch any longer? Before you rush out and buy new, why not consider upcycling. Maybe you have some discarded furniture in the garage that you no longer have a use for. Or maybe it’s worth a trip to the local charity shop to see if they have anything suitable. With a fresh coat of varnish you could have something unique for a fraction of the cost.

Classic All Purpose Woodstain in Natural from Sadolin

Classic All Purpose Woodstain in Natural from Sadolin

An old pine table and mis-matched chairs can give your garden a lovely vintage look. Even better with an old mirror, some lace, and some freshly picked flowers. Just perfect for a good old-fashioned afternoon tea or a candlelit dinner with friends.

Classic All Purpose Woodstain in Natural from Sadolin

Classic All Purpose Woodstain in Natural from Sadolin

Old pallets can be re-purposed as the perfect rack for hanging plants. Or you can make your own rack with off-cuts of wood you may have lying around. Just add butchers hooks and some colourful pots and you have a vertical garden that will cheer up a dull corner.

Classic All Purpose Woodstain from Sadolin. Bottom to top, Ebony, Jacobean Walnut, Mahogany, Heritage Oak, and Natural.

Classic All Purpose Woodstain from Sadolin. Bottom to top, Ebony, Jacobean Walnut, Mahogany, Heritage Oak, and Natural.

Old wooden step ladders can also be used as a stand for plants. Or maybe for holding cooking utensils and herbs next to the barbecue.

Tip from an expert: “When coating natural wood, ensure the surface is clean by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in Methylated Spirit. We don’t recommend White Spirit as this tends to smear contaminants such as grease, resin and oil across the surface, rather than remove them.” Matthew Brown, Technical Consultant, Sadolin.

All images and woodstains used are from Sadolin, available at most DIY stores.

Smallable Spring Magazine | New Interiors

"I came up with the idea of Smallable before I had children, by looking at the parents and families around me. They never had the time nor the energy to go shopping and find clothes, furniture or toys for their kids'“. CÉCILE ROEDERER, FOUNDER OF SMALLABLE

Almost 10 years later, their concept store has become a major reference in the world of children-related products. As families are evolving, they become bigger, the same concept of ‘family’ takes a new meaning.
Today, family, has become more of a tribe: stepfamilies, friends - any kind of bond is important to and therefore Smallable want to make sure to meet the needs of everyone. 

Smallable is identified as a complete Family Concept Store. Decoration, furniture, linen, rugs, lighting, wall decorations, wallpapers... Smallable offers a complete but carefully selected range of products from young publishing houses, designers and contemporary design icons.

And while their catalogue may have grown considerably, they are still guided by the same principles: finding designers we love and making their creations accessible to everybody by delivering their products to more than 200 countries.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.52.01.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.52.26.png

Smallable’s new Spring magazine has arrived with plenty of interiors inspiration as well as women’s and children’s fashion -  do take a look here https://en.smallable.com/page/spring-is-calling-magazine

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings

This is the Travel The World Collection by Stina Wirsén (one of Sweden's most renowned illustrators) and it consists of eight hand-picked fashion illustrations, each one depicting haute couture and street fashion from various places around the world. Some of the black and white drawings have been published in books and magazines; others have been shown at international exhibitions in India, Germany, and the United States.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (2).jpg

Stina Wirsén's distinctive style, marked by bold colours, minimalist curves, and vibrant lines, is the recurring theme throughout the entire collection. The soft and sweeping movements of her hands are present in every drawing, blending seamlessly with the dynamic and beautiful ink lines and the spontaneous droplet — all of it comes together to give the collection a truly interesting expression.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (4).jpg

Each wallpaper motif in the collection pulses with life and movement. We travel across locales, from the bright neon street signs of a vibrant Tokyo, on to a cosy classic Parisian café, then ending up in a familiar Stockholm neighbourhood among its style-conscious city dwellers.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (1).jpg

All of the designs in the collection exude a contemporary and modern aesthetic, one that matches well with all interior styles, and will give any room an artistic character, creating a tasteful backdrop to everyday life.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (3).jpg

Exclusive to Photowall.

All You Need to Know About Paving Before Installation on Your Property

Advertisement Feature

It’s time that you went in for a new driveway as your current one is old, cracked and filled with potholes. Sure, you can try and handle the job on your own, but since paving asphalt requires heavy machinery, it may be a good idea to contact professional contractors, just search online for paving in Dublin, and that should get you the contact information you need. But before you call in the contractor, there are a few things that you need to know about paving. At the least, you need to know more about the process involved so that you can be sure that the contractor is doing a good job and not a half baked one.


  • Research: Before you hire the first paving contractor, it would be advisable to learn all you can about paving and the process involved. Additionally, you may want to sort through the various paving contractors, based on their experience, expertise as well as the reviews that they had received from other customers. Make a short list as this can come handy when choosing the contractor to handle your paving project.

  • Remove the old surface: The first thing that a contractor would be required to do is to remove the old driveway. He may break apart the surface with sledgehammers, drill and other equipment to remove the driveway and to expose the ground underneath.

  • To grade the driveway: Once he has removed all evidence of the old driveway, he would then grade it so that it slopes gently. He undertakes this part so that any water on the driveway runs off to the side or to the bottom, without stagnating on the driveway itself as it can cause it to weaken and collapse as well.

  • Compact the soil: Once the contractor has exposed the natural soil underneath, he would then use heavy machinery to compact the underlying soil. It is vital that the soil is properly compacted so as to reduce any air pockets underneath. Once he has compacted the soil, he would then cover it with crushed rock (8 inches), especially if the underlying soil happens to be clay. The crushed rock will allow water and other fluids to drain properly and can help provide your driveway with a strong foundation. Just remember that you need to allow for at least a week to let the soil settle once you have compacted it.

  • Asphalt size: Now that your contractor has prepared your driveway, he would get ready to pave the same with asphalt. You need to choose the thickness for the same and it is advised to opt for an aggregate that is at least ½ inch thick for residential driveways and a 3/4th inch thick for commercial driveways. As for the layer thickness, you may want to opt for 2 to 3 inches to give your driveway with a better, finish.


These are some of the things that you may want to keep in mind as you search online for paving in Dublin, and get ready to have your driveway repaved all over again. Just remember that the process is simple enough but it always pays to hire a professional to handle it unless you feel that you have the required expertise to handle it on your own. Make sure that your contractor signs an agreement before starting on the project and provides you with a timeframe by which the project would be complete. A few of them may even cut corners to try and finish the project faster and it is up to you to ensure that the work they carry out is as per specs and results in a strong and durable driveway.

New Colours for 2019 by Crown Paints

From both ends of the colour spectrum, Crown Paints previews fresh colours for the new year. The just-launched palette introduces an almost-black shade, a mature chartreuse and a rich terracotta to its existing colour collection.

Judy Smith, Colour Crown Consultant, on Powdered Clay:

“Taking inspiration from earth minerals and shell clay, this is a colour that evokes warmth and reassurance, creating a calming environment. The soft pastel palette works well with other chalky hues, or for a pop of colour bright oranges and reds will add drama. For refinement introduce metallics in either paint accents or small homewares, for earthiness incorporate raw organic textures in soft furnishings and lighting.”

Crown’s Breatheasy® matt, silk and feature wall emulsion is now asthma and allergy friendly®. These Breatheasy® ranges have been scientifically proven to help create a healthier indoor environment and limit exposure to airborne triggers of asthma and allergies.

New 2019 colours: Khaki Twist, Spring Bud, Chalky White, Powdered Clay, Teal, Runaway, Soft Ash and Aftershow, all Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Soft Ash and Chalky White, both Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Soft Ash and Chalky White, both Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Powdered Clay, Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Powdered Clay, Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Spring Bud and Khaki Twist, both Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Spring Bud and Khaki Twist, both Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Aftershow, Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Aftershow, Matt Emulsion from £14 for 2.5l

Give Your Kitchen a Rustic Country Look

Give your kitchen an entire new look this spring with a fresh coat of paint. It’s the perfect solution for smartening up tired cabinets if you don’t want to go to the expense of a new kitchen just yet. And just by changing the colour you can alter the entire look too.

Annie Sloan  Kitchen  Chalk Paint in Antibes Green Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail  Lifestyle  Portrait (1).jpg

This bright green is a colour found on rustic country furniture from Ireland and the south of France and will certainly add a touch of Provence if character is lacking. A simple decorative edge around the table and duplicated on the walls will further enhance the traditional folk-art references and requires no skill at all except maybe a steady hand.

Annie Sloan  Kitchen  Chalk Paint in Antibes Green with Valeska stencil Hands stencil on jug fabric in Tacit  Lifestyle  Portrait.jpg

Accessorize with country style pottery, chunky wooden boards and pots of fresh herbs.

Annie Sloan  Kitchen  Chalk Paint in Antibes Green Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail  Lifestyle  Portrait.jpg

This look has been achieved with Annie Sloan Kitchen Chalk Paint in Antibes Green, Annie Sloan Valeska stencil around the table edge, graphite floorboards with Annie Sloan Gloss Lacquer detail, Annie Sloan Tacit fabric, and the Annie Sloan Hands stencil on the jug.


Living Rooms for Spring, from Willow & Hall

The perfect space for social gatherings or relaxing after a long day, the living room has become the heart of the home and where families are spending the most time. So having a comfortable high-quality sofa is essential. British retailer Willow & Hall’s product offering will suit all living room schemes, from traditional chesterfield shapes with delicate button back detailing, to contemporary angular styles for the modern home. All designs come with a 25 year wood frame guarantee and are available to upholster from a selection of over 240 fabrics.

Quote from Sarah Massouh on SS19 trend predictions “Indigo blue is set to be one of the big trends for SS19 and after broadening our fabric offering, we are already seeing a demand from customers for darker blue shades. To incorporate this trend into your living room, opt for upholstery in a durable velvet in indigo or royal blue and team with white accessories for a fresh spring update that won’t overpower your space. Alternatively, for a bolder approach, combine a statement indigo wall with a neutral based sofa and introduce metallic accessories for a contemporary look that will last through the seasons.”

Willow & Hall The Hunstrete Chaise Longue in Matt Velvet Mallard from £897

Willow & Hall The Hunstrete Chaise Longue in Matt Velvet Mallard from £897

Willow & Hall The Kingswood Sofa in Broad Weave Linen Seashell £1,364

Willow & Hall The Kingswood Sofa in Broad Weave Linen Seashell £1,364

Buckwheat Pancakes with Salmon and Asparagus

A deliciously healthy alternative this Pancake Day on Tuesday 5th March.

Serves 2

Serves 2


  • 2 salmon fillets

  • 200g buckwheat flour

  • 250ml of semi-skimmed milk (or dairy free alternative such as almond milk)

  • 2 eggs

  • 3 tbsp of chopped chives

  • Asparagus

  • 1 lemon

  • Tsp of butter

  • Salt and pepper, to season


  1. Preheat your oven to 200°C. Rub a little oil over your salmon fillets, wrap in foil and place on a baking tray. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, until mouth-wateringly flaky.

  2. Combine the eggs, milk and salt & pepper in a bowl, then whisk. Begin to sift in the flour, stirring as you add. Sprinkle chives into the mixture.

  3. Heat the butter in a frying pan over a medium heat, so it covers all the pan. Pour some of the mixture into the pan, enough to make a small to medium sized pancake. Cook for 2-3 minutes, until the mixture starts to bubble. Flip and cook for another 1-2 minutes, until the pancake is golden brown. Set aside. Repeat until all the mixture is used.

  4. Drop your asparagus into slightly salted boiling water, cover and cook for 3-5 minutes. Remove and set aside.

  5. Remove salmon from oven and season with salt & pepper. Stack the pancakes and the asparagus, placing the salmon fillet on top. Sprinkle extra chives and a squeeze of lemon over the dish. Finish with a delicious drizzle of chilli sauce.

Top tip: For a fuss free meal use The Saucy Fish Co.’s Frozen Salmon with Chilli, Lime and Ginger Dressing, which comes with its own easy oven bake bag. Pick up today from Ocado.

What's On March - May 2019 at the V&A

In the Diary: Here are some highlights of the V&A public programme from March - May 2019. Mark your calendars as there are some great exhibitions not to be missed!

William and Judith Bollinger Gallery Opening 11 April 2019 Admission free Queen Victoria’s sapphire and diamond coronet will go on permanent public display at the V&A for the first time as the centrepiece of the William and Judith Bollinger Gallery, alongside eighty new pieces when this world-famous gallery reopens. Queen Victoria’s sapphire and diamond coronet was acquired by the V&A in 2017, purchased through the generosity of William & Judith, and Douglas and James Bollinger as a gift to the Nation and the Commonwealth. Over 4.2 million people have visited the William and Judith Bollinger Gallery at the V&A since it opened in 2008. It’s one of the museum’s most popular galleries, telling the story of European and Western jewellery from Ancient Greece and Rome to the present. The gallery’s three-month refurbishment will renew the space for the next decade, with updates to the infrastructure and display, including a specially commissioned cylindrical showcase at the heart of the gallery for Queen Victoria’s coronet.

Pérou short evening dress, Autumn-Winter 1954 Haute Couture collection, H line. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Gift of Cecil Beaton. Photo © Laziz Hamani

Pérou short evening dress, Autumn-Winter 1954 Haute Couture collection, H line. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Gift of Cecil Beaton. Photo © Laziz Hamani

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams 2 February – 14 July 2019 The Sainsbury Gallery £20 – 24, concessions apply Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition ever staged in the UK on the House of Dior. With over 500 objects and 200 rare Haute Couture garments, it is the V&A’s biggest fashion exhibition since Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty in 2015. Spanning from 1947 to the present day, the exhibition traces the history and impact of one of the 20th century’s most influential couturiers, and the six artistic directors who have succeeded him. Based on the major exhibition Christian Dior: Couturier du Rêve, organised by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, the exhibition has been reimagined for the V&A, and will include a brand-new section exploring the designer’s influence in Britain. Ensembles will be shown alongside accessories, fashion photography, film, perfume, make-up, illustrations, magazines, and Christian Dior’s personal possessions to explore the legacy of the couturier. The exhibition is a major collaboration between Christian Dior Couture, Christian Dior Parfums and the V&A.

The Mary Quant Beauty bus, 1971 © INTERFOTO Alamy

The Mary Quant Beauty bus, 1971 © INTERFOTO Alamy

Mary Quant 6 April 2019 – 16 February 2020 £12, concessions apply This exhibition is the first international retrospective on the revolutionary fashion designer Mary Quant in nearly 50 years. It focuses on the years between 1955 and 1975, when Quant revolutionised the high street with her subversive and playful designs for a younger generation, and brings together over 200 objects, the majority of which have never been on public display. The exhibition is drawn from the V&A’s extensive fashion holdings, which include the largest collection of Mary Quant garments in the world, as well as the designer’s personal archive and important international loans. In June 2019, the V&A announced a public call-out to uncover lost Quant designs and to capture these amazing personal stories in the exhibition. This call-out resulted over 900 responses. 35 objects from 30 individuals will be on display in the exhibition, including 18 pieces which have been acquired for the V&A’s permanent collection.

honey & bunny (Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter) Daisuke Akita

honey & bunny (Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter) Daisuke Akita

FOOD: Bigger than the Plate 18 May – 20 October 2019 £17, concessions apply FOOD explores how innovative individuals, communities and organisations are radically re-inventing how we grow, distribute and experience food. Taking visitors on a sensory journey through the food cycle, from compost to table, it poses questions about how the collective choices we make can lead to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future in unexpected and playful ways. Featuring over 70 contemporary projects, new commissions and creative collaborations by artists and designers working with chefs, farmers, scientists and local communities, exhibits present ideas and alternative futures from gastronomic experiments to creative interventions in farming, with several projects physically growing in the gallery space. This timely exhibition draws on the V&A’s close links with food, including thirty historic objects from the V&A collections providing further context to the exhibition. Built on the site of Brompton Nursery, the V&A housed an early food museum and over 150 years ago opened the world’s first purpose-built museum refreshment rooms.

Philippa Craddock: Floral Art Monday 11 March, 19.00-20.45 Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre £15-18, includes wine reception Join Philippa Craddock for a look at her career and her seasonal and down-to-earth approach to floristry. Stephen Jones and the History of Millinery at Dior Friday 12 April, 19.00-20.45 Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre £18, includes wine reception Hats have formed an integral part of the overall look coming from the House of Dior since its inception. Join master milliner Stephen Jones who has worked with Dior for more than 20 years, and V&A curator Oriole Cullen, for a discussion on the evolution of Dior’s earliest creations, to Jones’s own designs for John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri today. Andrew Prince: Lost Splendours Monday 18 March, 19.00-20.45 Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre £15-18, includes wine reception From glittering Roman silver, Spanish galleons filled with gold and emeralds to the fabled Russian Crown Jewels, hoards of astonishing treasures have been created and then lost to time and history. Join historian Andrew Prince for a discussion about the many fabulous pieces that have disappeared, the people who owned them and their sudden rediscovery centuries later

For more information, visit vam.ac.uk/moc/whats-on

The Psychology of Blue

Neptune’s spring range (which will be launching in March) has us falling for flax blue. It’s the colour of flax petals (the plant from which linen’s grown) that inspired the store’s shade of the season, and it’s the perfect colour for injecting a new freshness into the home.

Blooming at the end of June, the petals turn the flax fields a hazy sea of blue, though the flowers only last a single day. Taking that blue tone, Neptune have added grey to make it more muted, give it more depth, and make it even easier to use.

The Psychology of Blue - All products from Neptune (2).jpg

The Psychology

Light blue is the colour most commonly linked to creativity and serenity. Hailing back to nature, with associations to the sky and the ocean, the shade is versatile and unique, proving perfect in any room. For kitchens and living spaces, Flax Blue will emphasise the room’s capability for relaxation and recreation. Looking to the bedroom, this hue will create a peaceful space to settle down and snuggle into of an evening. Using blue in your home, be it through paint, fabric or decoration, will instill a sense of calm and nurture an imaginative environment.

Keats Pendant £94, Suffolk 5ft Glazed Dresser £2,930, Suffolk Dining Table £845, Wadley Chair painted in Flax Blue £270. All from Neptune.

Keats Pendant £94, Suffolk 5ft Glazed Dresser £2,930, Suffolk Dining Table £845, Wadley Chair painted in Flax Blue £270. All from Neptune.

Perfect Pairings

Every colour palette benefits from a bit of contrast – it’s what makes each shade look its very best. That’s why Flax Blue’s perfect pairings are abundant in choice and showcase earthy, calm tones.

Olivia Sofa bed, in Hugo Pale Oat from £2,670, Camilla Scatter Cushion, Mabel Flax Blue & Harry Flax Blue £93. All from Neptune.

Olivia Sofa bed, in Hugo Pale Oat from £2,670, Camilla Scatter Cushion, Mabel Flax Blue & Harry Flax Blue £93. All from Neptune.

“For spring 2019, Flax Blue is joined by Denim – a blue that’s similar tone just a few shades darker – and York Rose, a light neutral, in our Chloe linen; and by Rust, a deep, rich rust found on both plain and striped fabrics. Not forgetting our bright (but not brilliant) paint shade, Salt - it’s the clean and crisp to Flax Blue’s soft and subtle.

However you wish to incorporate Flax Blue at home, look to combine it with one of our contrasting, neutral shades to prepare your space for the warmer months to come”. Neptune.

Iconic Van Gogh Paintings As Murals To Mark 130 Year Anniversary

2019 marks 130 years since Vincent Van Gogh created some of his most famous works in 1889, such as The Starry Night, Irises, Sunflowers and more. These wallpaper murals allow for Van Gogh's classic paintings to be experienced in interiors in great detail on a grand scale, resulting in a perfect way for fans to celebrate the Dutch artists' work and life.

Van Gogh's most famous paintings, which were created 130 years ago in 1889, have been made available as high quality, custom mural designs by MuralsWallpaper.

Hanging the works across a wall in any space, rather than as a small framed painting, turns the room into an instant work of beautiful art, as well as an homage to the world-renowned painter.

The beloved paintings show Van Gogh's own perception of reality, and the expressive, moving power of these works can be enhanced as a large-scale wall mural.

The Starry Night, Irises and Sunflowers paintings feature bold, visible brushstrokes and vivid colour, making them perfect pieces for wall murals and dramatic decor ideas.


Recipe of the Week - Broccoli, Bean & Bacon Frittata

We always love a recipe that takes just half an hour to prepare. Just what you need mid-week after the commute home.

• Preparation time: 10 minutes

• Cooking time: 15 minutes

• Total time: 25 minutes

• Gluten-free

Serves 4

Serves 4


  • 250g broccoli, cut into small florets, stalks thinly sliced

  • 8 Medium Eggs

  • ½ x 25g pack fresh chives, snipped

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 120g Bacon, chopped into small pieces

  • 3 cloves garlic, crushed

  • 400g can Cannellini Beans, drained

  • 1½ tsp cumin seeds


1. Cook the broccoli and stalks in boiling water for 3 minutes to soften slightly. Drain well. Beat the eggs in a bowl with the chives and plenty of black pepper.

2. Heat the oil in a 25cm frying pan and fry the bacon for 3-4 minutes until beginning to brown. Add the garlic and fry for a further 1 minute. Add the beans, cooked broccoli and cumin seeds. Mix well and spread in an even layer.

3. Pour the beaten egg into the pan and reduce the heat to its lowest setting. Cook for 3-4 minutes until lightly set. Pop the pan under the grill for a further 2 minutes to set the surface. Cut into wedges and serve if liked with a watercress and rocket salad or warmed seeded bread.

Cook’s tip

Add finely chopped chilli with the garlic for some heat. For a meat-free version omit the bacon and scatter with Brie or goat’s cheese before grilling.  

Recipe and image courtesy of Waitrose & Partners

Ensuring You Get The Best Night’s Sleep

Advertisement Feature

As you may already be aware, sleep is one of the most important parts of our day, as it allows our bodies to recover in a number of different ways. We are approaching the month of March which has been dedicated to highlighting the importance of having a comfy bed and having a good night’s sleep, so this seems a perfect time to address it.

Having Your Own Back

During the act of sleeping, this is when you can come across the most severe causes of chronic back pains. There are number of different ways you can avoid this, and it starts with your choice of mattress.

There are mattresses out there that have been specifically built to help to distribute your weight equally when you sleep, this in turn, reduces the pressure on your back and joints. These wonderful creations are called orthopaedic mattresses, and they are revolutionising the way people sleep. Back pain is caused by you sleeping in compromising positions, causing your muscles to tighten. These mattresses help to reduce this stress.

heart home 1.jpg

How can my bed help my allergy?

Sometimes the wrong mattress can badly affect your allergies due to the dust that gathers on your bed. If you suffer from allergies, then you may want to look into memory foam mattresses. They are one of the most popular mattress choices on the market, and by far are one of the comfiest!

They are what you call hypoallergenic which essentially means your bed won’t gather the dust that causes you allergy to flare up whilst you sleep. This will not only improve your sleeping pattern, but mean you are far more energized for your general day to day activities.

The great thing with memory foam mattresses is that they use the heat from your body to mold you shape into the mattress, thus, improving your posture and providing you with a great night’s sleep. They are also what you call, shock absorbent, meaning you also won’t be disturbed by a fidgety sleeper, improving the amount of sleep time you get.

How much sleep should I be getting?

The answer to this question generally depends on your age, with the older you get, the less sleep you actually need (even though you feel like you need more!). It’s very important, the average adult ensures they get at least 7-8 hours’ sleep a night to fully ensure your bodies recover from the previous day.

For children, teenagers are infants however, they need more sleep and rest time. For teenagers (ages 13-18) around 8-10 hours is about right. For infants between the ages of 4-12 months they will need (including naps) around 12-16 hours of sleep a day. As they grow older the amount of sleep needed decreases.

heart home 2.jpg

Make sure you make the most of your bed in March during National Bed Month. These are just some of the ways you can ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible, we hope our tips will help you in the future.

Life Coaching & Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy

Here at Heart Home magazine we are excited to announce that co-founder and co-editor Arianna Trapani will be hosting a Life coaching & Yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy. Mark your calendars as the retreat will be taking place on 23rd-28th June 2019.


This exciting experience in Tuscany is perfect to step away from your busy life, gain clarity and rediscover yourself in a fantastic environment nurturing your strengths away from the stresses of everyday life. Jointly with the Yoga practice, this retreat will make you focus and absorb every little detail of this experience together with like-minded people , where you will live an authentic mindful Tuscan getaway.

Copia de Luxury_villa_rentals-Tuscany-Stylish_villa_co_18.jpg

Enjoy colourful, healthy, cooked Italian meals by chef Caterina prepared with local and organic ingredients that taste amazing whilst we will cleanse ourselves from the inside out in the tranquil Tuscan countryside. This Experience will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, well nourished and with a bucket list experience under your belt.


You will be staying at a luxury Tuscan shabby chic villa at the foot of the town of Pienza with all the amenities to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The long 18 meter heated pool paved with local stone and surrounded by beautiful and fragrant plants of agapanthus, lavender and white roses will be a focal point in our retreat.

Sample Day

8:30 am Hot Water and Lemon, Tea and Coffee

9:00 am Energising morning Yoga

10:30 am Brunch

11:30 am Group Life coaching session

1pm Free time to read, swim, hike

4:00 pm 1:1 Life Coaching Session

6:30 pm Restorative Yoga

7:30 pm Dinner

In between sessions you’ll have plenty of time for reading, taking a dip in the heated pool, sleeping, go for mindful walks through the countryside and the villa's scented gardens or simply being.

You will also cycle around the Val d’Orcia, the most picturesque Tuscan region heading towards Bagno Vignoni for a real therapeutic bath at the natural hot water springs in Parco dei Mulini natural baths. A healing point for Christian pilgrims on their way to Rome in olden times.

There will be some time for wine tasting as well at local Art Winery Nostra Vita to top it all immersing ourselves in what will be a great mindful and relaxing Tuscan Experience.

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Copia de Luxury_villa_rentals-Tuscany-Stylish_villa_co_19.jpg

For full information to experience this once in a lifetime retreat, click here for further details. You will not be sorry! Retreats are in collaboration with Experience Retreats.

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago

After five years of renovating other people’s homes and helping them make their dreams come true, Mika of Interiors by Mika decided it was time to design the home her family had always wanted, based on their tastes and needs.

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (8).jpg

The house itself was originally built around 1910 and was a typical Chicago two flat brick building that she converted into a single family home with her husband in 2016. It was a complete gut rehab. Only two exterior walls remained, and all of the rest was taken down to the studs, and re-built for the layout the family needed.

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (5).jpg

Located in the neighborhood of North Canter, it’s a great place to raise a family. “We enjoy on one hand being in the city, and on the other, feeling like we are in the suburbs. It’s very safe, quiet, yet still has a lot to offer like lots of restaurants, shops, and parks - all within walking distance. It has great schools and a wonderful community too.”

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (2).jpg

Must-haves for the new home were an open-plan floor concept on the main living area, with as few walls as possible. Also, as a family with three young girls who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a large eat-in kitchen was important. As was a barista station for a professional coffee machine and grinder. Lastly, Mika wanted to include a powder room on the main living floor that was privately positioned, so now a small foyer area leads into it without sacrificing the open floor plan. As an added bonus, this foyer, with the console table that fits just perfectly, allows for some extra storage and adds a surprising, interesting element to the space.

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (7).jpg

During the construction work, a load bearing post was discovered where the kitchen island was to be positioned. Initially this was bad news as Mika was not planning on having a column in the middle of the room. But it was then decided to take advantage of this post and it was expanded to created a feature wall which now has three main functions. It defines the barista station and allows for extra storage for cups and mugs in the wall niche, it functions as a partition between the kitchen and the family room, and lastly, it acts as a magnetic/chalkboard wall in the family room.

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (6).jpg

This small wall has now become the focal point of the kitchen, both aesthetically and functionally, and it is the perfect solution for the family’s lifestyle and needs.

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (3).jpg

We couldn’t resist asking Mika which aspects of this stunning renovation she was most happy with.

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (4).jpg

Oh, there are a lot. I really like everything about our new home! if I have to point out a few of those features it would probably be the open floor plan, so once you are in the house, the entire living space is in right in front of you. I also love the double, black and dramatic entry doors which lead into an inviting ,warm and functional entryway. The entryway is the first thing guests see when they come through the door so it’s important to pay attention to the details and give it the TLC it needs. Lastly, I love the larger windows that bring in a lot of natural light.”

A Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Chicago (10).jpg

Interior Designer: Interiors by Mika.

Architects: Nabil for ZED Architects.

Construction Work: Adam from A to Z Constructions.

London Craft Week Celebrates Its 5th year

London Craft Week returns to the capital this May for its fifth edition, presenting an exceptional showcase of craftsmanship and creativity from around the globe. Once again this unique and ambitious event is supported by headline sponsors dunhill and Purdey.

Unfolding at hundreds of venues across the city, the one-of-a-kind festival creates a raft of opportunities to interact with leading craftspeople, thought leaders, brand figureheads, critics and artists, with a packed schedule of talks, workshops, exhibitions and creative encounters.

Wagumi's Kintsugi Plate and Japanese Tea making with Ippodo at Japan House.

Wagumi's Kintsugi Plate and Japanese Tea making with Ippodo at Japan House.

Over five days, more than 240 established and emerging makers, designers, heritage and contemporary brands and galleries from around the world invite the public to venture on a journey of discovery behind the scenes to explore the people, processes and materials behind exceptional products, garments, artworks and other crafted objects. 

Spanning fragrance and furniture, couture and calligraphy, jewellery and ceramics, the festival is a wide-ranging platform for artists and makers in every sector, working both in the UK and internationally. From globally renowned institutions and revered retailers to cult design studios, social enterprise and maker spaces, London Craft Week unites diverse and iconic venues in a city-wide tribute to creative excellence, including: The V&A and the Royal Academy of Arts to Zegna and MATCHESFASHION.COMThe Conran Shop and Carl Hanson to The Italian Cultural Institute and MADE IN JAPAN PROJECT.

Coloured glasses by ISHKAR.

Coloured glasses by ISHKAR.


This year’s London Craft Week programme seeks to underline London’s status as a vibrant hub of international craft, encompassing makers of all sizes and scales, from the studios of celebrated masters to the hidden workshops of little-known producers.  
Confirmed highlights include:
A huge selection of independent makers 2019 sees some of the most exciting names in modern making taking part, including:

Furniture artist Yinka Ilori redesigning a Nine Elms railway bridge; 

Rush weaver Felicity Irons collaborating with kitchen cabinet company British Standard;

Sculptor Lucille Lewin opening up her home studio for a talk with rakesprogressmagazine;

Ceramicist Matthew Raw leading a series of workshops at the Barbican Centre, giving participants the chance to have their own work exhibited during London Craft Week;

Textile artist Lora Avedian in residence at Leighton House Museum;

Tea and Sake at the Japan House exploring ceramics.

Tea and Sake at the Japan House exploring ceramics.

Meanwhile, The Portuguese Ambassador’s Residence will host Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro, two of the country’s most celebrated ceramics companies, while events with The Italian Cultural Institute and Italian Trade Authority will position Italy as a country of focus for 2019. 

Japan House, which opened in summer 2018, explores fashion, textiles, art and cuisine, while historic department store Heal’s presents the UK debut of work by makers from the Gifu area. The design shop Wagumi will host a workshop/demonstration focused on Kintsugi – the art of repairing broken pottery with metallic lacquer. 

Dedicated Destinations As in previous years, galleries, retailers and studios in various areas of the city will come together to collaborate and mutually explore specific craft themes. Pimlico Road favourites including DaylesfordRobert KimeRose Uniacke, Cox LondonJamb and Carl Hansen & Søn present a range of interior events on the theme ‘Crafting Interiors’.  Mount Street brands such as Pringle,  MATCHESFASHION.COM and Christian Louboutin will collaborate with artists to create newly commissioned artworks curated by Wood Society of the Arts. 

‘Sloane Street: Defining Luxury’ sees the legendary thoroughfare’s shops come together for a series of in-store events examining the dramatic transformations in the luxury sector that have taken place in recent decades. Businesses such as Fortnum & MasonFloris and D.R. Harris & Co from across St James’s London will explore the five senses of craft through A Sensory Journey. 

Hands-on making opportunities Every day of London Craft Week provides new possibilities to try your hand at any number of crafts, such as upcycling Burberry leather with sustainable luxury brand Elvis & Kresse, courtesy of The Room Service and Plain English; hand-making Anish Kapoor-inspired mirrors at Pizhanger Gallery, and taking part in a mass upholstery ‘Make-a-thon’ charity event at Shoreditch Design Rooms.

The full programme of 240+ events will be published on the London Craft Week website in March 2019. 

Pitzhanger Gallery will be hosting a class where participants can hand-make Anish Kapoor inspired mirrors.

Pitzhanger Gallery will be hosting a class where participants can hand-make Anish Kapoor inspired mirrors.