How Does Your Garden Glow?

As brightly as this we hope!

M&L Paints - A selection of painted milk bottles.jpg

M&L Paints has partnered with it’s sister company – the Victorian-inspired greenhouse manufacturer, Alitex – to create a palette of 15 shades that will match, complement or contrast with Alitex’s popular greenhouse colours.

M&L Paints - Bench in Juniper Green.jpg

Available in a host of interior and exterior finishes, this new collaboration will allow homeowners to create a stunning vista, with paint options available for all surfaces: from interior walls and woodwork to fencing, outdoor chairs, bird tables and benches.

The Alitex Collection by M&L Paints.jpg

The Alitex Collection by M&L Paints is inspired by the breadth of colour found in a beautifully planted English garden. Wood Sage, Passiflora, Deep Mauve, Silver Lavender and Juniper Green are all botanically influenced hues, whereas Downland Stone, Sussex Emerald, Greensand and Chalkhill Blue all take their cues from M&L Paints andAlitex’s joint home in the beautiful countryside of the South Downs.

M&L Paints will launch at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show (21-25th May).

Available exclusively from

A Lick of Lacquer With Annie Sloan

Floorboards looking worn? Kitchen cupboards a little tired? A coat of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan followed by new Chalk Paint™ Lacquer will re-energise high traffic areas, making for a quick and cost-effective weekend project.

Chalk Paint™ Lacquer is a hard-wearing, water-based polyacrylic varnish with built-in UV protection. Use it over Chalk Paint™ for a robust finish that will withstand wear and tear – perfect for kitchen cabinets, dining tables, floors, skirting boards and more. Available in a gloss or matt finish, Chalk Paint™ Lacquer applies perfectly clear and dries quickly without yellowing over time, allowing for long-lasting transformations.

Annie Sloan - Kitchen - Chalk Paint in Antibes Green, Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail - Lifestyle - Portrait.jpg
Annie Sloan - Kitchen - Chalk Paint in Antibes Green, Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail - Lifestyle - Portrait (2).jpg
Annie Sloan - Kitchen - Chalk Paint in Antibes Green with Valeska stencil, Hands stencil on jug, fabric in Tacit - Lifestyle - Portrait.jpg

Cupboards and table in Chalk Paint™ in Antibes Green by Annie Sloan from £5.95 for 120ml. Floor in Chalk Paint™ in Graphite with square in new gloss Chalk Paint™ Lacquer £21.95. Chairs in Chalk Paint™ in Amsterdam Green Valeska stencil on table, Hands stencil on jug £4.45 each. Cushions and napkins in Tacit in Graphite £44.95 per metre 01865 803 168

The Difference Between a Wine Cellar and a Wine Cooler

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Wine coolers are a refrigeration unit which is designed to maintain wine at their optimum storage or serving temperatures. In order to be classified as a wine cooler, they need to prove that they can manage: temperature, humidity, light and vibrations.

A wine cooler will maintain the temperature in the cabinet to between +/- 2°C, in practice the wine coolers cooling system will kick in when the temperature reaches 2°C above the set temperature and turn off when it reaches 2°C below the set temperature. In order to maintain the temperature of the wine, the average temperature reading will always be the set temperature. It takes a lot more energy to change the temperature of the liquid because of the thermal mass.

freestanding wine cooler 2.jpg

The humidity is managed through a system which allows the wine cooler to maintain the humidity above 55 and below 85% and some wine coolers have new equipment to allow you to set the humidity level. If the air is too moist in the wine cooler, during the cooling phase the excess water will condense on the back wall of the cabinet, which will then find its way down to the water channel and into the container during the off phase. The excess water will then evaporate off.

UV light is very important, wine will be adversely damaged by UV rays which will cause irreversible damage. Although the wines are somewhat protected by the glass bottle, there is still a chance that this will not fully protect it. For this reason, a wine cooler will either have a solid door, which will prevent any UV rays entering and also allow full darkness inside the cabinet, or the wine cooler will feature a full UV protected glass door which looks much nicer in the flesh but also protects the wines.

Vibration is key, in a wine cellar, the bottles are moved maybe once a year so they basically see very little vibration or disturbance throughout their ageing period. A wine cooler needs to mimic this, so the compressors are mounted on rubber mountings to ensure there is no unwanted vibrations. Excess vibration will cause the wine to go sour as it will encourage unwanted reactions to occur.


The difference between a wine cellar and a wine cooler is primarily that a wine cellar will maintain all of the above without having to have electronic interference. A wine cooler will effectively imitate a wine cellar, they do this well, much better than a standard refrigerator. However, a wine cellar will be much better suited for long term storage of around 10-15 years. A wine cooler will store your wines reliably, but is best suited for wines that will be drank within the next 5 years or so.

The good thing about wine coolers is that they are extremely versatile, with a wine cellar its sole purpose is for long term storage and to be honest unless you want to be showing your wines off all the time nobody is going to see it. A wine cooler is available in many different model types to suit different lifestyles, capacities and the space that is available.

If you need more information with regards to wine coolers and wine storage, contact Elite Wine Refrigeration for a wide range to suit all budgets.

Pearl Lowe Wallpaper Designs for Lovers of Vintage Chic

Fans of Pearl Lowe will be as excited as us over this second design collection in collaboration with English wallpaper company, Woodchip & Magnolia.

Magical garden WM-331-03-0.jpg

Following on from her successful debut collection of wallpapers launched at London Design Fair last Autumn, Pearl has introduced a small, curated collection of classic, vintage inspired prints for Spring 2019. Once again the new designs again reflect Pearl’s unique style, celebrating her love of vintage clothing and interiors, bohemian luxury and flapper girl chic. Shades of dusky, vintage pink teamed with mint green permeate the collection, giving it a distinctly feminine, Art Deco elegance.

Rapture WM-341-02-1.jpg

But as always, rock n roll is never far away! In among the dainty florals and heritage prints, Pearl has introduced her very own leopard and snake print designs.

Violas & butterflies WM-330-03-0.jpg

Commenting on the new collection, Pearl said: “I’m so excited to be doing more designs with Woodchip & Magnolia, especially with the introduction of upholstery fabrics, which is something I always envisioned. The new designs are very “me” – incorporating all the things I love. It’s all there...ditsy florals, Art Deco inspired patterns, seaside Regency stripes, and of course, my beloved animal prints. It sounds crazy, but I’ve always struggled to find my “perfect” animal print, especially in velvet. Now I have my own, I couldn’t be happier about that. Suffice to say, I’m planning lots of exciting soft furnishing changes in my home very soon!

Betsy fan small WM-324-02-3.jpg

For details of the entire collection go to:

Give Your Home A Spring Refresh With These Floor Tile Ideas

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New floor tiles are the perfect way to give your home style a thorough update

Are you looking to give your home a style reset alongside your annual spring clean? A sure-fire way to grant any space an instant face-lift is by replacing your flooring with new floor tiles. When we’re thinking of giving our homes a new look, walls and floors and often overlooked in favour of new furnishings and accessories. There is a quick-fix appeal of refreshing your living room with a new throw or updating your bathroom with a set of fluffy new towels. But there is no substitute for truly uplifting the foundation of your home – your floors – with a style overhaul.

Give Your Home A Spring Refresh With These Floor Tile Ideas (3).jpg

Bring the outdoors indoors with natural finish tiles

One concept that is taking the interior design world by storm in 2019 is ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’. More and more people are looking to incorporate the natural beauty of the outside world in to their homes, and with good reason. The popularity of natural finishes owes a debt to the Scandinavian concept of ‘Hygge’ – which refers to cosiness. With minimalist interiors on the rise, natural shapes and textures help to breathe new life in to otherwise sterile spaces.

Give Your Home A Spring Refresh With These Floor Tile Ideas (1).jpg

Wood effect tiles

If you want the look and feel of natural timber in your home, without any of the maintenance, consider wood effect tiles. The appetite for using porcelain wood effect tiles in the home is growing, and it isn’t hard to see why. Well-made wood effect tiles are indistinguishable from real wood. The tiles perfectly replicate the grain of real wood with variations in pattern, texture and colour. Choose a distressed wood style for a flawless rustic finish. If you prefer a classical look, choose a polished tile and lay them in a parquet style. Crown Tiles carry an extensive wood-effect collection to suit any space.

Give Your Home A Spring Refresh With These Floor Tile Ideas (2).jpg

Natural stone tiles

With their unpredictable array of colours and textures, natural stone tiles are one of the finest design gifts that nature has to offer. The visual interest created by stone’s idiosyncrasies is a perfect complement to the clean geometry of modern interior design. Matching interior and exterior stone tiles draws the eye beyond the threshold of your home and makes any room appear much larger.

Invite subtle colour with new neutral tiles

The colour trend of the year is the ‘new neutral’. This refers to a palette of pinks, lilacs and duck-egg greens and blues. These delicate shades are ideal for introducing subtle colour in to a room. Inspired by the Scandi trend in interior design, ‘new neutrals’ work perfectly to soften minimalist spaces. Pastel tones are ideal for brightening a room, so if you’re looking to maximise a space, muted neutral wall tiles are perfect. Use grey-toned blues to create a calming influence, or dusty roses for a feminine feel.

Give Your Home A Spring Refresh With These Floor Tile Ideas (4).jpg

Make a statement with patterned tiles

Patterned tiles are the perfect way to bring character to a room that is feeling a little stale. Moroccan-inspired tiles have an enduring popularity and introduce the influence of sunnier climes to a space. Kitsch and retro patterned tiles are ideal statement flooring and bring with them a sense of nostalgic charm.

Whatever your design plans, renovating from the ground up is a sure-fire way to change the look and feel of a space. We hope these tile trends inspire you to bring the joys of spring to your home.

The New Clematis Wallpaper Collection from Sian Zeng

Enchanting is the word we’d use to describe the new Clematis wallpaper collection from Sian Zeng. It features the simple beauty of the clematis flower, spilling over the side of a garden wall and shimmering in the sun. At the same time, it encapsulates the magic of a fairy tale, like a scene from sleeping beauty where time slips away, and you can escape for a while into a made-up realm.


It would be sure to cast a magic spell over any room, and the design is cleverly positioned as a perfect backdrop to furniture, as the downwards climb of the pattern ends where household objects begin.


Fashion stores would benefit from this design as the bottom half is a solid colour, giving a definitive background to patterned clothes.


The Clematis is also great for weddings or events, the dreamy blend of pinks and greens creating a beautiful backdrop to portraits.


DESIGN DETAILS After eight months of designing, the Clematis Wallpaper is painted at 100% scale and authentically reproduced onto a luxurious Fiberous non-woven material. As a result, the tonal qualities on this wallpaper mural are almost indistinguishable from hand-painted wallpapers. Available as a classic wallpaper in romantic pink, the Clematis Wallpaper Mural is also available as a magnetic wallpaper. A unique feature of our storytelling wallpapers, the magnetic versions are backed with a magnetic liner, offering a beautiful backdrop on which you can act out your own stories with a cast of illustrated character magnets.

Available from Sian Zeng.

2 Ways to Style the Tropical Look in Your Home

The tropical trend in interiors has been around for a while, and trust us, it’s not going away any time soon.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice explores how to showcase this tropical look in the home, in two signature ways: first, an all-out maximalist approach and second, an elegant minimalist take.

Pembroke Grey Velvet Sofa

Pembroke Grey Velvet Sofa

1. Play with prints, colours and patterns for a maximalist approach

For a huge dose of personality, a maximalist take on the tropical trend is the way to go. With vibrant hues, nature-inspired motifs, and colourful prints all part of the mix, the trick here is in layering them all together.

“The maximalist approach is a fun, chic way to introduce the tropical look in key areas of the home such as the living room or even the bedroom,” Rebecca explains. “It all begins with a good centrepiece: a cosy grey sofa, or dark fabric bed is a solid, comforting anchor to add and build on. And from there, anything’s possible! To really celebrate this trend, animal-inspired decor and art are a fun way to go, and other tropical elements such as palm prints and lush indoor plants also up the ante. Round off the look with gold or brass accents for an elegant, contemporary touch.”

Brompton Blue Velvet Bed

Brompton Blue Velvet Bed

“Colour also takes the tropical-meets-maximalism approach to new heights by adding a cheerful boost to the space. Whether it’s through brightly-hued cushions and throws or colour-blocking the walls, opting for striking colour combinations - such as Pantone’s Living Coral with teal -  really embraces the tropical aesthetic and creates a strong, stylish contrast."

2. Opt for a light, breezy palette for relaxed, minimalist style

Tropical’s calmer, natural qualities can also be embraced through a more minimalist aesthetic. “This take on tropical works in all parts of the home, all the way from the living area to dining room, thanks to its welcoming, soothing aesthetic,” Rebecca says. “It’s a stylish, versatile look that can be adapted from season to season, while still evoking a fresh, summery feel.”

Charleston Emerald Green Velvet Sofa

Charleston Emerald Green Velvet Sofa

“Opt for airy hues like off-whites and cream for a breezy, well-lit interior. This creates a chic backdrop for a comfy grey velvet sofa, or even a rich green settee for a luxe boost. Soften the look with various textures such as cushions, rugs, and of course, natural greenery to keep in with the tropical theme.”

Charleston Mink Velvet Sofa

Charleston Mink Velvet Sofa

Green’s lighter tones can also double as a stylish neutral for the walls. “Sage is still a trending colour for the home, and its tranquil vibes fit right into a minimalist, tropical-inspired space,” adds Rebecca. “Its soothing, warm undertones offer a subtle pop of colour, and lends a welcoming feel to rooms like the dining area. Lighter furniture will contrast beautifully with this versatile hue – a white dining set stands out nicely as a strong focal point. Natural textures are go-to elements for this look, so slip in materials like rattan and wood to tie the entire room together.”

Albany Table and Pendle Chairs Dining Set

Albany Table and Pendle Chairs Dining Set

About Furniture Choice:
Founded in 2005, is an independent furniture retailer. The company combines a deep knowledge of contemporary furniture manufacturing with first-class e-commerce expertise.

With a dedicated UK call-centre and an experienced quality control team in Asia, Furniture Choice is able to offer customers the greatest variety of high quality contemporary furniture and best-in-class customer service, backed-up with fast, free delivery and returns. To find out more visit

A Guide to Painting the Kitchen with Benjamin Moore Paints

Now that the season of DIY is almost upon us, a kitchen refresh might be just the thing to bring your interior up to date.

A Guide to Painting the Kitchen with Benjamin Moore Paints (1).jpg

Ideal for those not wanting to undergo a complete kitchen overhaul, an accent wall can help you to make a distinctive statement in the heart of the home. When it comes to the colour choice, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and what will work best in the scheme. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of colour to a sleek white scheme or wanting to complement wooden cabinetry and accents with more earthy tones, there are endless possibilities when it comes to accent wall colour choices.

A Guide to Painting the Kitchen with Benjamin Moore Paints (2).jpg

Opting to paint your kitchen cabinetry provides you with the flexibility to work with a varied palette. If you want to stick to white or a lighter shade on your walls and worktops, a darker paint on your cabinetry can create a truly standout scheme whilst a complementing neutral shade will also provide you with subtle colour variations without overpowering the space.

It might be hard for some to believe, but with the right preparation, any type of kitchen cabinet can be painted. Even a glossy or laminate cabinet can be painted as long as the surface is primed with an adhesion promotion primer first.

A Guide to Painting the Kitchen with Benjamin Moore Paints (3).jpg

For the ultimate wow-factor, fully embrace your chosen colour scheme and paint the same shade across your walls, cabinetry and island. Whether you opt for a daring blue or an all-out white scheme, this approach to kitchen décor is guaranteed to deliver a beautifully cohesive scheme.

1. Wall - Louisburg Green (HC-113), Ceiling - Atrium White (OC-145), Trim - Atrium White (OC-145).
2. Accent Wall - Banana Yellow (2022-40), Wall and Ceiling Colour Paper White (OC-55).
3. Accent Wall - Tomato Tango (CSP-1145), Side Wall - Harbor Gray (AC-25).
4. Wall - Ochre (2151-30), Ceiling - Atrium White (OC-145).
5. Walls - White Opulence (OC-69), Cabinets & Moulding - Stone (2112-40), Door - Wolf Gray (2127-40),
Trim - Moonshine (2140-60).
6. Cabinet - Hale Navy (HC-154).
7. Walls - White Opulence (OC-69), Cabinets - Stone (2112-40).
8. Wall - Province Blue (2135-40), Ceiling - Baby’s Breath (OC-62), Cabinetry & Raised Paneling -
Province Blue (2135-40).
9. Wall - Stonington Gray (HC-170), Wainscoting - Sparrow (AF-720), Ceiling - Stonington Gray (HC-170),
Cabinet - Iron Mountain (2134-30).
10. Cabinets - Simply White (OC-117), Wall - Mascarpone (AF-20), Floor - Mascarpone (AF-20).

All from Benjamin Moore Paints.

Flowers Make a House a Home

Home decorating simply isn’t complete without flowers, especially at this time of year when we’re all looking forward to warmer weather. After all, a vase of spring flowers is a constant reminder that although it might still be wet and windy outside, summer is on its way.

Flowers Make a House a Home (1).jpg

Not only that, flowers give your rooms that inviting look that makes you feel right at home. What about adding that little bit of extra love to your house? A great big bunch of summer flowers makes an impressive finishing touch.

Flowers Make a House a Home (3).jpg

Big bunches of flowers add colour and excitement to a room. What about a beautifully arranged bouquet made of dazzling spring flowers in several different colours?

Flowers Make a House a Home (4).jpg

For a simply charming impression, divide up a bunch of flowers and put them into various little vases, cups, bottles and cream pitchers. In this case, the flowers will look their prettiest when their little containers are all the same colour or have something in common.

Flowers Make a House a Home (2).jpg

Would you like to know more about bulb flowers? Take a look at

All images courtesy of iBulb who are the promotional agency for the flower bulb sector. iBulb promotes the use of flower bulbs, bulb flowers and bulbs in pots by means of worldwide PR activities and advertising campaigns. More information is available at

Updating Office Interiors - Lessons from an Exhibition Stand Company

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Interior design for beginners is often not an easy task. And, why would it be? As you delve into the world of the designer, it can quickly become overwhelming, and with sites like Pinterest and Houzz it’s very easy to suffer from information overload, and overthink any choices you had going in to a project.

The reason we’ve started the article out this way is because, for many people, renovating or refreshing their office interior is often the first time that interior design is considered in their lives. Whether at the home or within a business space, the way an office is designed speaks volumes about an individual, and how they want their business to be perceived.

We wanted to ensure that, if you’re upgrading the interior of your office, that you go into it the right way and don’t get pulled off course.

Updating Office Interiors - Lessons from an Exhibition Stand Company (3).jpg

Community whiteboards are key to a creative environment – This first point may sound obvious, however is an often overlooked part of an office. Particularly for larger teams, whiteboards are proven ways to introduce a sense of community into an office and foster a creative environment.

Whiteboards can also be integrated into the design of an office, whether used as a blank canvas against a wall design, or as a free-standing feature to break-up space, as an almost interactive partition with which to log creative ideas.

Updating Office Interiors - Lessons from an Exhibition Stand Company (1).jpg

Integrate home comforts for happier employees – This final point is one that we believe very strongly in, from years of visiting workspaces across the globe and working on exhibition stand designs for businesses of all sizes. And it’s as simple as this… A happy interior ‘vibe’ means happy employees.

Now, that’s not to say that you should be painting smiley faces all over the office. What we mean by this is that, by introducing aspects of comfort into a workspace such as a large couch and comfy chairs, privacy booths in which to take calls, and even allowing employees the chances to update their own office interior with items from home, your staff will thank you.

Updating Office Interiors - Lessons from an Exhibition Stand Company (2).jpg

Introducing these comforts also allows further opportunities to combine textures and blend colour schemes across the office in a way that conveys your brand, and will force you to stay away from bland furnishings or any interior additions that appear to be too harsh.

We hope that this post has given you a lot to think about, and urged you to take a slightly different approach when it comes to breathing a new lease of life into your office space!

This post was written by the team at Focal Exhibitions, a UK-based exhibition stand design company.

New Bold Contemporary Wallpaper Designs from MissPrint

The new Seven Sisters collection from MissPrint introduces 10 new wallpaper designs that celebrate the brand’s signature style of illustration and confident approach to colour in the modern home.

New Bold Contemporary Wallpaper Designs from MissPrint (4).jpg

Inspired by the Pleiades star constellation, also known as Seven Sisters, the collection looks to the sky and explores the many mysteries and myths associated with this unique cluster of stars. From the Ancient Greeks who saw the stars as nymphs (the daughters of Atlas, a Titan who held up the sky), to the tales from Aboriginal Australia of unrequited love and an endless dance around the horizon, the Pleiades constellation holds a significant place in our history. Visible around the globe, this simple pattern in the night sky has taken on great significance across different cultures and promises to lead you on a journey through time.

New Bold Contemporary Wallpaper Designs from MissPrint (3).jpg

Drawn by hand and produced in the UK using traditional print methods and water-based inks, the Seven Sisters collection from MissPrint features a contemporary colour palette that considers the latest trends, whilst capturing the true essence of each design. From the Mono print that evokes twinkling stars and the Pendulum pattern reflecting ancient hieroglyphs, to the Water Lily design that takes inspiration from its Latin name (derived from the Greek for nymph), the collection brings together influences from the past with the wonder of the natural world.

New Bold Contemporary Wallpaper Designs from MissPrint (2).jpg

Presented in a modern palette of deep blues, earthy greens and rich yellow, the Seven Sisters wallpaper range reveals bold, contemporary patterns that allude to the ethereal themes of the collection, whilst ensuring a statement style identity.

New Bold Contemporary Wallpaper Designs from MissPrint (1).jpg

The Seven Sisters Wallpaper Collection: £72.00 per roll (52cm x 10m)

Available from MissPrint.

Spring Greens From Next Home

Next Home have really caught our eye with this fresh green collection for Spring. A little bit mid-century, a little bit Scandinavian, and a lovely palette of greens from bottle green right through to zesty lime green. What more do you need to bring the outside in?

Contains Affiliate Links

Spring Greens From Next Home (3).jpg
Spring Greens From Next Home (4).jpg
Spring Greens From Next Home (1).jpg
Spring Greens From Next Home (2).jpg

All from Next Home.

Smallable Spring Magazine | New Interiors

"I came up with the idea of Smallable before I had children, by looking at the parents and families around me. They never had the time nor the energy to go shopping and find clothes, furniture or toys for their kids'“. CÉCILE ROEDERER, FOUNDER OF SMALLABLE

Almost 10 years later, their concept store has become a major reference in the world of children-related products. As families are evolving, they become bigger, the same concept of ‘family’ takes a new meaning.
Today, family, has become more of a tribe: stepfamilies, friends - any kind of bond is important to and therefore Smallable want to make sure to meet the needs of everyone. 

Smallable is identified as a complete Family Concept Store. Decoration, furniture, linen, rugs, lighting, wall decorations, wallpapers... Smallable offers a complete but carefully selected range of products from young publishing houses, designers and contemporary design icons.

And while their catalogue may have grown considerably, they are still guided by the same principles: finding designers we love and making their creations accessible to everybody by delivering their products to more than 200 countries.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.52.01.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.52.26.png

Smallable’s new Spring magazine has arrived with plenty of interiors inspiration as well as women’s and children’s fashion -  do take a look here

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings

This is the Travel The World Collection by Stina Wirsén (one of Sweden's most renowned illustrators) and it consists of eight hand-picked fashion illustrations, each one depicting haute couture and street fashion from various places around the world. Some of the black and white drawings have been published in books and magazines; others have been shown at international exhibitions in India, Germany, and the United States.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (2).jpg

Stina Wirsén's distinctive style, marked by bold colours, minimalist curves, and vibrant lines, is the recurring theme throughout the entire collection. The soft and sweeping movements of her hands are present in every drawing, blending seamlessly with the dynamic and beautiful ink lines and the spontaneous droplet — all of it comes together to give the collection a truly interesting expression.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (4).jpg

Each wallpaper motif in the collection pulses with life and movement. We travel across locales, from the bright neon street signs of a vibrant Tokyo, on to a cosy classic Parisian café, then ending up in a familiar Stockholm neighbourhood among its style-conscious city dwellers.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (1).jpg

All of the designs in the collection exude a contemporary and modern aesthetic, one that matches well with all interior styles, and will give any room an artistic character, creating a tasteful backdrop to everyday life.

A New and Unique Wallpaper Collection Featuring Fashion Drawings (3).jpg

Exclusive to Photowall.

Give Your Kitchen a Rustic Country Look

Give your kitchen an entire new look this spring with a fresh coat of paint. It’s the perfect solution for smartening up tired cabinets if you don’t want to go to the expense of a new kitchen just yet. And just by changing the colour you can alter the entire look too.

Annie Sloan  Kitchen  Chalk Paint in Antibes Green Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail  Lifestyle  Portrait (1).jpg

This bright green is a colour found on rustic country furniture from Ireland and the south of France and will certainly add a touch of Provence if character is lacking. A simple decorative edge around the table and duplicated on the walls will further enhance the traditional folk-art references and requires no skill at all except maybe a steady hand.

Annie Sloan  Kitchen  Chalk Paint in Antibes Green with Valeska stencil Hands stencil on jug fabric in Tacit  Lifestyle  Portrait.jpg

Accessorize with country style pottery, chunky wooden boards and pots of fresh herbs.

Annie Sloan  Kitchen  Chalk Paint in Antibes Green Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail  Lifestyle  Portrait.jpg

This look has been achieved with Annie Sloan Kitchen Chalk Paint in Antibes Green, Annie Sloan Valeska stencil around the table edge, graphite floorboards with Annie Sloan Gloss Lacquer detail, Annie Sloan Tacit fabric, and the Annie Sloan Hands stencil on the jug.

Living Rooms for Spring, from Willow & Hall

The perfect space for social gatherings or relaxing after a long day, the living room has become the heart of the home and where families are spending the most time. So having a comfortable high-quality sofa is essential. British retailer Willow & Hall’s product offering will suit all living room schemes, from traditional chesterfield shapes with delicate button back detailing, to contemporary angular styles for the modern home. All designs come with a 25 year wood frame guarantee and are available to upholster from a selection of over 240 fabrics.

Quote from Sarah Massouh on SS19 trend predictions “Indigo blue is set to be one of the big trends for SS19 and after broadening our fabric offering, we are already seeing a demand from customers for darker blue shades. To incorporate this trend into your living room, opt for upholstery in a durable velvet in indigo or royal blue and team with white accessories for a fresh spring update that won’t overpower your space. Alternatively, for a bolder approach, combine a statement indigo wall with a neutral based sofa and introduce metallic accessories for a contemporary look that will last through the seasons.”

Willow & Hall The Hunstrete Chaise Longue in Matt Velvet Mallard from £897

Willow & Hall The Hunstrete Chaise Longue in Matt Velvet Mallard from £897

Willow & Hall The Kingswood Sofa in Broad Weave Linen Seashell £1,364

Willow & Hall The Kingswood Sofa in Broad Weave Linen Seashell £1,364

The Psychology of Blue

Neptune’s spring range (which will be launching in March) has us falling for flax blue. It’s the colour of flax petals (the plant from which linen’s grown) that inspired the store’s shade of the season, and it’s the perfect colour for injecting a new freshness into the home.

Blooming at the end of June, the petals turn the flax fields a hazy sea of blue, though the flowers only last a single day. Taking that blue tone, Neptune have added grey to make it more muted, give it more depth, and make it even easier to use.

The Psychology of Blue - All products from Neptune (2).jpg

The Psychology

Light blue is the colour most commonly linked to creativity and serenity. Hailing back to nature, with associations to the sky and the ocean, the shade is versatile and unique, proving perfect in any room. For kitchens and living spaces, Flax Blue will emphasise the room’s capability for relaxation and recreation. Looking to the bedroom, this hue will create a peaceful space to settle down and snuggle into of an evening. Using blue in your home, be it through paint, fabric or decoration, will instill a sense of calm and nurture an imaginative environment.

Keats Pendant £94, Suffolk 5ft Glazed Dresser £2,930, Suffolk Dining Table £845, Wadley Chair painted in Flax Blue £270. All from Neptune.

Keats Pendant £94, Suffolk 5ft Glazed Dresser £2,930, Suffolk Dining Table £845, Wadley Chair painted in Flax Blue £270. All from Neptune.

Perfect Pairings

Every colour palette benefits from a bit of contrast – it’s what makes each shade look its very best. That’s why Flax Blue’s perfect pairings are abundant in choice and showcase earthy, calm tones.

Olivia Sofa bed, in Hugo Pale Oat from £2,670, Camilla Scatter Cushion, Mabel Flax Blue & Harry Flax Blue £93. All from Neptune.

Olivia Sofa bed, in Hugo Pale Oat from £2,670, Camilla Scatter Cushion, Mabel Flax Blue & Harry Flax Blue £93. All from Neptune.

“For spring 2019, Flax Blue is joined by Denim – a blue that’s similar tone just a few shades darker – and York Rose, a light neutral, in our Chloe linen; and by Rust, a deep, rich rust found on both plain and striped fabrics. Not forgetting our bright (but not brilliant) paint shade, Salt - it’s the clean and crisp to Flax Blue’s soft and subtle.

However you wish to incorporate Flax Blue at home, look to combine it with one of our contrasting, neutral shades to prepare your space for the warmer months to come”. Neptune.

5 Ways to Style Grey Floor and Wall Tiles

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Create your dream interior with grey tiles.

If you’re planning on undertaking a remodelling project, choosing a colour palette is an important place to start. The colour of your walls and floors is going to determine the look and feel of your entire room.

One trend in design that isn’t going away is the love of grey interiors. Grey is a perfect neutral, allowing you to complement any light or dark tones in your home. Grey tiles have seen a huge surge in popularity in the past few years, owing to their style and versatility. Effortlessly chic, grey provides an ideal back-drop to accentuate all those personal accents in your home.

Bright greys are a fantastic way to open up a room without the glare of white, and dark greys are perfect for introducing atmosphere to any space. If you’re thinking of incorporating some grey tones in to your property, we’ve put together a look-book to inspire you.


Co-ordinate floor and wall tiles for industrial interiors

The industrial revival in interior design is one of the defining trends of the decade. Coordinating concrete-style floor and wall tiles is the perfect way to capture this look. Lay matt grey porcelain tiles from floor-to-ceiling for a seamless aesthetic with an industrial edge. Add some finesse to the room with metallic accents.


Lay herringbone tiles for a classical revival

Mix traditional and contemporary trends by laying grey modern tiles in a herringbone style. This innovative way of displaying grey tiles is perfect for building a feature wall in your bathroom or kitchen. Mix and match tones for a visually stunning look – perfect for a feature wall or a creative kitchen back-splash.

Choose decorative tiles for decadent interiors

Patterned tiles are a decorating main-stay for creating eye-catching interiors. Choosing a grey colour palette updates these Victorian-influenced designs and adds a touch of luxe to any room. We recommend the artfully printed Nikea tile range from Crown Tiles. Using prints in a limited space is a great way to capture the broken-plan flooring trend, which makes any space look bigger.


Honour tradition with wood-effect floor tiles

There’s no denying the popularity of wooden flooring. The natural look and texture of wood is ideal for making any house feel homely and it is undeniably timeless. Unfortunately, traditional wooden floors can be high maintenance. Wood-effect porcelain tiles are a perfect alternative, as they capture the look and feel of wood without the maintenance and cost. A high-quality wood-effect tile is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors indoors.


Go ultra-contemporary with hexagonal tiles

Creative tile shapes are becoming more and more popular. The humble tile has moved well past being a functional surface and is now a design feature of its own. Forget the traditional rectangle and elevate the style of your bathroom or kitchen with hexagonal tiles. Create beautifully geometric feature walls with different grey hues. The stunning honeycomb effect will push your home toward the cutting edge of interior design.

Grey floor and wall tiles are incredibly versatile, and their popularity means there are endless styles to choose from. They complement all colours and styles and will suit changes you make to your interiors over time. Choosing the perfect walls and floors for your next project can feel a little overwhelming, but hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create the space of your dreams.

Affordable Bespoke Style Kitchens from Husk

Installing a new kitchen can be an expensive business. Even more so if you want something that looks bespoke, is well built, and will last. In fact, designers have been using IKEA cabinets for years (a not so secret, secret) and fitting them with more stylish doors. But if you’re not a designer and you want to save even more money but doing your own installing, this is not always a workable option. But now, there is a company who supply customisable kitchen fronts for standard kitchen units, including fixing locations for simple installation.

Affordable Bespoke Style Kitchens from Husk (6).jpg

Husk is a new company. It was launched in October 2018. They offer an affordable way to add custom elements to your kitchen. The fronts and countertops are designed to work with IKEA or Howdens cabinets, and materials have been chosen with durability in mind. There’s no need for maintenance and they are hardy enough to withstand busy family lifestyles.

Affordable Bespoke Style Kitchens from Husk (8).jpg

Designing a custom kitchen can be daunting and time consuming but at Husk the aim is to simplify the process, offering a carefully curated range of product which works well in almost any combination. Help is also at hand, with a free initial consultation either at the end of the phone or in their Bristol showroom.

Affordable Bespoke Style Kitchens from Husk (7).jpg

What’s more, they really do make plain kitchens look beautiful with styles that will fit comfortably in any home from period to new-build. And they are made in the UK too!

Affordable Bespoke Style Kitchens from Husk (1).jpg

Fronts, handles, sinks, worktops and taps all from Husk.

LED Bulbs of Distinction - Achieve a Stylish, Authentic Look AND Save Money!

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Period, industrial and vintage lighting has been popular for some time now and until recently, incandescent Edison style filament light bulbs were the only tasteful bulb of choice. Whilst these bulbs looked beautiful, they were inefficient and led to high energy bills before the EU eventually banned the manufacture and import of these environmentally unfriendly light bulbs.

First generation LED light bulbs were the answer to our energy consumption issues, being around 90% more energy efficient, however, whilst being a blessing for our pockets (significantly reducing electricity bills) they were certainly not a blessing for the look and feel of our interiors!


The futuristic appearance of the original LED bulb does not lend itself to a period style of lighting or to becoming a beautiful centrepiece in its own right. Thankfully a second generation of LED light bulbs which replicate a more traditional style with multiple finishes of opal, clear and vintage filament are becoming available. Clever flexible LED technology means that the filament no longer needs to be straight and can now be formed into an Edison type spiral. Gone are the unsightly white plastic bases of the straight filament 1st generation LED Bulb and back are the elegantly classic glass and metal finishes we have come to love.

The introduction of the Edison style filament LED light bulbs, like this stunning collection from The SOHO Lighting Company, ensures that the bulb can once again become a focal point or complement any period or vintage light.

Candle Bulbs

Candle Bulbs

Let your design flair run riot - the sizes and shapes range from small golf ball and candle bulbs, right up to giant ER180 bulbs, measuring in at 180mm wide and 300mm long. Whilst the candle and golf balls suit fixtures with multiple bulbs, (see above) the larger LEDs can be hung from a bulb holder on a cable, and if preferred, with no light shade, showing off the beauty and style. (below)

Larger LED’s

Larger LED’s

LED bulbs have long been the weak link in industrial style décor, but now you can create an ambience, complement your surroundings and add a real vintage twist with these beautiful filament bulbs.

Why not try a vintage style GLS bulb in an industrial style floor lamp as an alternative option for quiet evenings in the living room? Or create ambience through amber-coloured Edison style candle bulbs in a classic wall light with multiple fixtures. These bulbs lend exquisite design impact to traditional, vintage and industrial style decors. Whilst first generation LED bulbs detracted from their surroundings, Edison style LED bulbs truly enhance them – utopia for those passionate about design and interiors.


No longer must we compromise on looks for efficiency or efficiency for looks. Now we get the best of both worlds.

So light up.

Style and beauty is restored with optimum energy efficiency in an innocent bulb.

See the full range of LED Edison style bulbs from The SoHo Lighting Company at Elesi.