Introducing Teddy With

There’s nothing better than sinking into a deep seated sofa and letting your mind wander. How come vampires always look so stylish if they can’t look in mirrors If two people on opposite sides of the world each drop a piece of bread, does the earth momentarily become a sandwich When you’re truly comfy your mind is free to create without limits.

Let your imagination run wild on Teddy,’s exquisite new addition for Autumn/Winter ‘19. Boasting a traditionally stylish silhouette, super-soft scatter cushioned back and refined scroll arms, Teddy is every bit as comfy as its name suggests. Kick back and think big!


“When it comes to finding your perfect sofa, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style” explains’s Chief Product Officer Vanessa Hurley-Perera. “We designed Teddy with deep seats and a low-lying frame to offer customers a lounging spot that’s steeped in luxury.”

To help keep their wonderful new designs worry free, have added a range o fcottons to their smart fabric collection. The unique coating applied to these smart cottons is designed to repel any unexpected spills and give you a few moments to mop away liquids before they leave a stain.

Upholstering your Teddy in’s exquisite Eucalyptus smart cotton will keep your space looking magnificently chic and ensure it’s ready for what ever modern family life throws at it.

Frame Paint by File Under Pop x THE POSTER CLUB

THE POSTER CLUB launches Frame Paint in collaboration with File Under Pop.

Copenhagen-based THE POSTER CLUB is now launching a collection of exclusive Frame Paint, available in 18 different and carefully selected colors. The Frame Paint is made in close collaboration with the fellow Danish design brand File Under Pop.


The new Frame Paint makes it possible to creatively transform both the expression of an artwork and to update an interior setting with just a few brush strokes.

The Frame Paint is a water-borne oil paint especially made for use on all types of wooden frames. The paint is easy to apply and the semi-gloss finish provides an even, strong and smooth surface with a sophisticated appearance. The Frame Paint comes in a fitted tin can of 125 ml and is packed in a handy, lightweight paper box. One box of frame paint contains enough paint for two standard types of wood frames in a size up to 70x100 cm.

The new Frame Paint will be available at and through retailers worldwide.


File Under Pop

File Under Pop was founded in 2015 and has established itself as a well-known brand within the field of interior design. Directed by Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, File Under Pop is specialized within surface design for walls, floors and ceilings focusing on the mediating and tactile function of tiles, wallpaper and paint. Combining craftsmanship and modern technology, File Under Pop creates spaces, artistic sceneries and installations with a poetic and musical approach.


Established in Copenhagen in 2014, THE POSTER CLUB has become internationally renowned as one of the leading places to source high-quality affordable art prints and posters. Most of the art prints are exclusive collaborations with various artists, designers, and photographers. Today, THE POSTER CLUB is also selling its own curated collection of art prints through its own website and through selected retailers in more than 25 countries around the world.


150 Years of Matisse Celebrated With Wallpaper Collection

MuralsWallpaper has launched a collection of cut out wallpaper designs in celebration of 150 years since the birth of Henri Matisse.

The look, colour palette and design approach of the Naive Shapes collection is livable, plays on current colour and design trends, and reflects the simplicity and joyous emotion of Matisse’s own work.


The Naive Shapes collection celebrates 150 years of Matisse, taking inspiration from his papiers découpés (paper cutouts). The world-famous painter was born 31st December, 1869.

These candid wallpaper creations by MuralsWallpaper mirror the playfulness of a method that Matisse described as 'drawing with scissors' and 'cutting directly into colour'. 

The crafty cut outs have a nostalgic quality, conjuring up memories of creating paper collages as a child. They embody the fun and focus of spending hours cutting out paper shapes and arranging them in just the right places, resulting in something visually appealing and personal.


A year of Matisse

Henri Matisse invented a new medium with his cut out style, and using this he produced some of his most popular works.

Matisse believed that everyone retains a childlike sense of naiveté, no matter how much they study and learn. In the last years of his life, the artist found freedom in creating cut out art, which brought feelings of balance, simplicity and serenity.


MuralsWallpaper's Matisse-inspired collection aims to echo this naive part of the mind that Matisse speaks of, which is why the designs are hand-made with spontaneous shapes and charming, honest imperfections.

MuralsWallpaper will be releasing two modern mural collections celebrating Matisse's 150th birthday this year with designs that are evokative of his cut out art; also incorporating trending earthy tones and pops of cobalt blue. The second set of designs will launch in September and continue the celebration of Matisse's life and most influential work.

Ruark Audio x LINLEY Combine Style and Sound in New Collaboration

Pioneer of British audio excellence Ruark is delighted to announce a collaboration with iconic British furniture designer LINLEY. Ruark and LINLEY have joined forces to present us with a unique product that combines both companies’ passion for design and quality, with the statement Tempo radio. 


The Tempo radio combines exquisite LINLEY marquetry design with technology from award-winning British audio brand Ruark. The wraparound LINLEY marquetry is available in Submarine, Monday, Norwegian and Beret colourways.


Each colourway features a marquetry inlay composed of four different veneers. The cabinet has a solid sycamore chamfer and a soft goatskin-clad front panel embossed with the LINLEY brand stamp. The lively design is inspired by audio engineering, soundwaves and the graphic scales of 20th century artists.

A petite but powerful addition to a bedside table, kitchen counter or bookshelf, the Tempo radio is a unique accessory to be enjoyed for years to come.


LINLEY X Ruark present us with a unique collaboration showcasing both companies passion for design and quality, that will hopefully bring further desirable audio products in the future.

Tom Dixon x Ikea at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Design Research Studio, the design and innovations agency at the heart of Tom Dixon, has partnered with IKEA to imagine the future of urban farming.

As part of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, they have designed and realised an experimental model for growing plants in the urban environment.

Tom Dixon and IKEA’s garden, entitled Gardening will Save the World will explore the importance of sustainable growing, looking at the contrast of the hyper-natural and hyper-tech.


The garden will demonstrate how people can contribute to the movement of growing food at home and make a difference to reducing food waste, as well as communicating the beauty and functional importance of horticulture, through both traditional knowledge and the latest in growing innovation.

Tom says, 'As part of the Chelsea Flower Show, we have designed and realised an experimental model for growing plants in the urban environment. Aiming to give back to cities and create productive landscapes within urban zones, the garden includes a raised modular landscape with edible and medicinal plants and an enclosed based garden fuelled by hydroponic systems and controllable lighting.’

TD_Chelsea Flower Show_01.jpg

The garden will be split into two levels and will feature over 4,000 plants. The base layer will be a horticultural laboratory where hydroponic technology is implemented, and the raised garden will be a botanic oasis with a natural aesthetic for visitors to immerse themselves in.

During the media preview, the exhibition will also offer an exclusive look at some of the first prototypes that Tom Dixon has designed on urban growing, which will be available globally at IKEA stores in 2021.

After Chelsea Flower Show, the garden will be donated to the charity Participatory City and moved to Barking and Dagenham in East London.

Bert & May Debuts New Organics Collection

Bert & May is delighted to present its new Organics tile collection, a stunning collection of striking natural motifs designed for both urban and more rural homes.

Sprouts, green - from £150 per square metre

Sprouts, green - from £150 per square metre

Inspired by nature, with designs that are reminiscent of leaves, plant stems and sprouting plants, the collection draws on Bert & May’s relaxed approach to everyday living – embracing a softer, more natural lifestyle.

Designed for both urban and more rural homes, the striking motifs naturally conjure feelings of calm. The earthy palettes of greens, reds, pinks and blacks evoke the sense of heritage and reclamation that epitomises the Bert & May brand, bringing a laidback, lived-in feel to any space.


Lee Thornley, founder of Bert & May commented: “Our new Organics collection has been designed for easy living, with a soft palette of colours and new designs that have a heritage feel with a contemporary twist.”

A selection of tiles from the Bert & May Organics range, left to right: 1) Stem, old iron 2) Leaf, cherry 3) Sprouts, green. All from £150 per square metre

A selection of tiles from the Bert & May Organics range, left to right: 1) Stem, old iron 2) Leaf, cherry 3) Sprouts, green. All from £150 per square metre

Introducing Elvang - The New Elegant Scarf Collection

Milan - a new elegant scarf collection in the most fantastic mix of baby alpaca wool and silk In recent years Elvang has extended their scarf collection and for this season they introduce the Milan scarf. 

Milan is feminine and with a light feel texture. The delicate scarf is woven in a wonderful mix of baby alpaca wool and silk and is absolutely magnificent. 


The scarf offers a feeling of luxury and is incredible comfortable to wear next to your skin. With the warmth and isolating qualities of the alpaca wool and the temperated softness of the silk, Milan is not only beautiful to look at, but offers warmth on chilly days and cools you down on warm days. 

Ideal qualities for the lovely spring and summer nights that awaits us. Cosy moments with family and friends in the garden or on the balcony is as Scandinavian as it gets: cosiness and long bright evenings.

Milan has fine eyelash fringes that provide a simple, light expression with a beautiful feeling of density and warmth, as each fringe is slender and airy. With its square shape Milan is easy to style. 

Elvang were the first company to introduce the luxury quality of alpaca throws to Scandinavia 16 years ago. Tina and Lasse, the couple behind Elvang, took the first alpaca throws with them from their backpacking trip to Peru. Elvangs's products are now sold throughout most of the world. The company is known for its high level of integrity in relation to suppliers, collaborators and customers and their products are valued highly for good quality and Scandinavian aesthetics. Elvang is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) as one of the few companies in Denmark.


Handmade, Artisan Objects in an Array of Materials from Oggetto

Oggetto's collection boasts an array of rustic, artisan items - where the quirks and inconsistencies of each piece establish a bond between the creator and consumer. It unifies objects of many materials, all with one thing in common - they've been assembled, woven, thrown, or blown by hand. Whether it's a wooden stool, a woven lampshade or a porcelain teapot, each item has a focus on individuality and employing historic processes that ensure quality, longevity and craftsmanship.

Where some would see a minor, uneven lip of a mug, or an ever-so-slightly wonky leg of a stool - Oggetto see the time and thought that has gone into the production of an object - each and every mark highlighting the joy of an individual act of making.

[oggetto] Black fish trap pendant light, £75, candle holder, £20, Chesil dining table, from £2,150, ceramic blue carafe, £48, woven placemats, £5.50.jpg

There'll be no need to book high tea anywhere else when your crockery looks this good. 

The pink teapot is the refined, adult upgrade from the dream childhood tea party. Made in England from vitrified earthenware, each pot differs slightly in colour and form as a result of its handmade production. 

This terracotta mug, handmade in Southern India, is the end result of a fair trade initiative to secure employment for artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

[Oggetto] Tableware from Oggetto 1.jpg
[Oggetto] Tableware from Oggetto 2.jpeg
[Oggetto] Terracotta Mugs, £9.95 each.jpg

These organically shaped bamboo pendant lights have been handmade in Indonesia, drawing inspiration from traditional Indonesian fish traps. Their artisanal production is consistent with Oggetto's emphasis on simple, considered pieces that ensure long-standing skills and trades continue to thrive. 

The slight gaps in the bamboo produce a cosy, distinctive light which is cast around the room. The larger two are perfect for creating ambient mood-lighting above a dining table, while the smaller of the three would make a cosy, bedtime companion hung above a bedside table.

[Oggetto] Fishtrap pendant lights, from £60.jpg

Living it Up Introduce New Designs and Fabrics

Living it Up have added to their ever-growing range with brand new fabrics and designs to fit in with current interior trends. Living it Up pride themselves in offering on-trend furniture along with timeless classics. The variety of beds, sofas, chairs and footstools mean that there is always a perfect option for any homeowner looking to revamp their humble abode.

With botanical glam taking off in the interior world, Living it Up have introduced bold beds and sophisticated seats to match with the tropical trend. If botanicals are your vibe, opt for the Emilio Bed in Lakeshore Teal, the Frances Armchair in Sedgwick Green or the Drew Sofa. These stylish and functional options are bound to boost the botanical look in your home.

Drew Sofa

Drew Sofa

Yellow hues have recently become a popular colour due to summer approaching. Mix yellows with greys and wood to create a contemporary and earthy palette. The Alison Bed in a Box in English Goldenrod would work perfectly in a smaller space craving a modern look mixed with a traditional touch.

Alison bed in a box.

Alison bed in a box.

Pastel pinks are always a great choice to create a modern and glamorous living space. Opt for the Vincent Bed in Blush Pink for a striking look. If it is your living room that needs a centrepiece, the Harriet Sofa in Blush Pink is a luxurious sofa that will provide both comfort and class.

 Harriet Sofa in Blush Pink 

 Harriet Sofa in Blush Pink 

Burnt Orange homeware will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any home. This colour is one to look out for in Autumn, as the heated colour will warm up your bedroom. The Arthur Bed in Burnt Orange would pair perfectly with neutral colours for a homely feel.

Arthur Bed in Burnt Orange

Arthur Bed in Burnt Orange

Create a focal point in your bedroom with an oversized headboard. This trend is coming back into the interior world and we expect to see it centre stage over the next year. Living it Up have a fantastic range of oversized headboards including the Vincent Bed in Blush Pink and the Memphis in Regency Blue. These bold and beautiful headboards would be ideal in a larger bedroom with lots of living space.

Vincent Bed in Blush Pink 

Vincent Bed in Blush Pink 

Wallpaper Collection Inspired by Wes Anderson Movies

MuralsWallpaper have released a curated selection of wallpaper designs that form the Anderson Aesthetic collection. The collection is inspired by Wes Anderson's most popular movies, and lets lovers of the director's distinct style feel as though they've stepped straight into the whimsical world of Wes.

Inspired by the quirky and beloved interior design style found in the filmography of Wes Anderson, the Anderson Aesthetic collection features a vintage-feel butterfly pattern, a striking jungle tiger design with detailed paint textures, and pastel panelling influenced by camp design and art nouveau.



With Anderson's 50th birthday on 1st May approaching, and upcoming new film The French Dispatch in progress, MuralsWallpaper feel the collection's launch is a fitting homage to the work the director has produced so far in his career, in celebration of the movies the world has come to adore.



Achieve the Anderson Aesthetic

The wallpaper designs of the Anderson Aesthetic collection offer the opportunity to capture three distinct, swoon-worthy styles in the home. The murals celebrate the director's stylistic choices that have captivated the world, and provide an easy way to make any room look like a Wes Anderson movie brought to life.

The wallpapers weave the nostalgia of the movies in with modern design trends, such as insect and botanical curiosities, bold and bright tropicals, maximalism and ever chic dusty pink. This collection is perfect for people who have an appreciation for the Anderson aesthetic, and want to use wallpaper to craft an eccentrically stylish space at home.



Summer Lighting with Umage

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to think about summer dinner parties. With the kitchen being the focal point of the home, why not create functional and ambient table settings with new lighting from UMAGE to extend the summer glow further into the evenings.

Søren Ravn Christensen, UMAGE founder, talks about the importance of lighting in setting the mood for dining. “It is vital that the guests feel welcome and at ease with the surrounding interior, and lighting is key to this ambience.” Through UMAGE’s sleek designs, they provide the right ambient lighting for summer outdoor dining, whilst not distracting from the room or the company. 

UMAGE’s brand values are simple; functionality and sustainability combined with style the key to a brighter future. UMAGE ensures that all their lights are packaged in gift boxes which optimise worldwide logistics and storage costs- reducing the environmental footprint of their products and eliminating the need for bulky storage solutions. This cost saving technique means that the focus is on the product and the consumer.

Acorn black polished brass black cord, from £64 John Lewis of Hungerford Kitchen, photography John Lewis of Hungerford

Acorn black polished brass black cord, from £64 John Lewis of Hungerford Kitchen, photography John Lewis of Hungerford

Asteria, Pearl, £179, UMAGE

Asteria, Pearl, £179, UMAGE

Clava Dine, Matt White, £129, UMAGE

Clava Dine, Matt White, £129, UMAGE

EOS white mini, from £69, UMAGE

EOS white mini, from £69, UMAGE

A Lick of Lacquer With Annie Sloan

Floorboards looking worn? Kitchen cupboards a little tired? A coat of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan followed by new Chalk Paint™ Lacquer will re-energise high traffic areas, making for a quick and cost-effective weekend project.

Chalk Paint™ Lacquer is a hard-wearing, water-based polyacrylic varnish with built-in UV protection. Use it over Chalk Paint™ for a robust finish that will withstand wear and tear – perfect for kitchen cabinets, dining tables, floors, skirting boards and more. Available in a gloss or matt finish, Chalk Paint™ Lacquer applies perfectly clear and dries quickly without yellowing over time, allowing for long-lasting transformations.

Annie Sloan - Kitchen - Chalk Paint in Antibes Green, Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail - Lifestyle - Portrait.jpg
Annie Sloan - Kitchen - Chalk Paint in Antibes Green, Graphite floorboards with Gloss Lacquer detail - Lifestyle - Portrait (2).jpg
Annie Sloan - Kitchen - Chalk Paint in Antibes Green with Valeska stencil, Hands stencil on jug, fabric in Tacit - Lifestyle - Portrait.jpg

Cupboards and table in Chalk Paint™ in Antibes Green by Annie Sloan from £5.95 for 120ml. Floor in Chalk Paint™ in Graphite with square in new gloss Chalk Paint™ Lacquer £21.95. Chairs in Chalk Paint™ in Amsterdam Green Valeska stencil on table, Hands stencil on jug £4.45 each. Cushions and napkins in Tacit in Graphite £44.95 per metre 01865 803 168

Exotic New Homewares From A New Tribe

From their Chatsworth Road store in London, A New Tribe brings together an eclectic, curated mix of interiors objects and textiles from across the globe – representing countries like Morocco, the USA, India, and as far east as Japan. As well as featuring homeware from lands afar, they also celebrate talent closer to home, stocking artists, designers, and makers from London and elsewhere in the UK. Everything in their store is sourced from independent designers and small brands, and selected for the ethos and care that goes into each item, as well as the design. If you’re into handmade and small batch production, this is the place for you.
A New Tribe are also proudly home to ‘The Rug Trade’, a one-stop-shop for all your Boucherouite, Azilal and Beni Ourain needs. It includes rare vintage finds, and newly designed rugs all made by hand using traditional techniques in Morocco.  

You'd be forgiven for thinking that everything here was made far away in exotic lands - reminiscent of goods sold on ancient trade routes. While some do indeed hale from North Africa, Morocco in particular, others are sourced closer to home from London and Bristol - who would guess? 

Ella Jones is the master of selecting items that radiate a worldly feel, and placing genuine antique pieces amongst them that have been discovered and brought from overseas - completing the illusion. Amongst the Moroccan gems sit treasures from London-based Milo Made, as well as ceramics made by Sophie Alda who resides in Bristol. 


Ella needed extra baggage-allowance to bring all of these goodies home, fresh from the Souks of Morocco. The selection oozes decorative and ornate decadence, with hand painted pattern-work and intricately carved detailing featured throughout. There's also a smattering of utility here, afforded by the rattan storage containers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even the carved wooden stool provides a perfect vantage point for some of your potted plants!

[A New Tribe] Hand painted Moroccan eye plates, from £20.jpg
[A New Tribe] Painted antique vases, from £60.jpg


Nestled in the South-East corner of the exotic island-nation that is England, you'll find the bustling city of London. These abstract, clay face planters and mug come from the ceramics studio Milo Made, who are based here. Sip your morning coffee while enjoying a fresh, floral display on table. 

The sculptural, ceramic vessels below are hand built and would make decadent vases or candle holders. Made by Haar East, otherwise known as Sarah Jeffrey, who is based in East London. 


Head west and you'll find the port city of Bristol, where ceramicist Sophie Alda calls home. These blush pink and vibrant blue 'rocket' vases would look equally at home in one of the palaces of Marrakech. 

The wide, stable bottom tapers up into a narrower opening at the top, still allowing room to display some greenery. 

[A New Tribe] Bottle vases from £40.jpg

Bethan Gray Launches Exploring Eden

A sustainable furniture collection with NATURE SQUARED

Bethan Gray is delighted to announce a new partnership with Nature Squared who have been at the cutting-edge of sustainability and social responsibility for 18 years.


‘When I met Nature Squared co-founders Paul Hoeve and Lay Koon Tan, I knew we were kindred spirits as soon as I heard their story and realised how passionate they are about nurturing craft. The opportunity to work with these incredible materials, and apply them to furniture for the first time, has been really exciting, especially as it will bring Nature Squared’s work to the attention of a wider audience and expand their stewardship of Filipino craftspeople in the Philippines ’  -  Bethan Gray

With a shared commitment to natural materials, nurturing artisanal craft and sustainability, Nature Squared and Bethan Gray are both thrilled to showcase their ground-breaking Exploring Eden collection of furniture and accessories to the public for the very first time.


After significant research and development, Nature Squared have diligently created new engineering solutions that merge traditional artisanal skills with precision furniture making and exquisite design. The inlay process for each item takes many weeks to complete due to the intricate detailing and high quality finish – and the results are unlike anything that has ever been created for the furniture market before.


Utilising nature’s finest and most beguiling materials, this collaboration brings Bethan Gray’s highly innovative and elegant designs to fruition.

The collection consists of a capiz shell shelving unit, jade and pheasant feather lounge chairs, pearl shell cylindrical stools, with the hero items including a scallop shell table and a pen shell coffee table.

‘Exploration is at the heart of everything Nature Squared and I do. The Exploring Eden collection of furniture and accessories is our first expression of our shared passion for discovery, experimentation and pushing the limits of natural materials. Our journey has only just begun’  -  Bethan Gray


Exploring Eden will launch at Rossana Orlandi during Salone Del Mobile Milano 9-14 April. Via Matteo Bandello, 14/16, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

New Season Pastels from Dartington Crystal

With winter rolling into spring, we’re beginning to see buds and blossom emerge in this fresh new season. As we welcome back the longer days, make blooms centre stage with the new Juno collection from Dartington Crystal.


This simple, but fun range of three vases comes in fresh pastels, a new colour palette for Dartington Crystal and features white inner detailing.

The flared rim reveals the white inside and acts as a ‘shelf’ for heavy headed blooms and promotes an open posy formation.

Dartington Crystal_Juno_Peach Short Vase_£
Dartington Crystal_Juno_Mint Green Medium Vase_£
Dartington Crystal_Juno_Dusky Pink Tall Vase_£

Priced at £30 each, the new Juno collection is available to buy from and stockists nationwide. Launch Fashion-Forward Sample Service

Staring at a room of white walls can be slightly daunting but interior design should be about fun! Take the guesswork out of creating your forever home with’s new curated sample service. Rupert two and a half seat slip cover sofa in Mercury smart linen, £1790 (mooboard 1).jpg

Choosing colours online can feel a tad overwhelming, so it’s always worth seeing and feeling your fabrics in person before investing in a sofa or armchair. At you can choose upto six samples totally free of charge, delivered straight to your door to try them against your colour schemes and existing furniture. Seeing how the colour or texture might complement your living space should prove invaluable when creating your dream room. Olive cotton matt velvet, Twilight wool marl, Grey Marl Highland tweed, Stone brushed linen cotton.jpg

To make the decision process easier, have consulted with their top experts to create a range of on-trend fabric looks for this season. There’s a total of five looks to choose from, allowing you to bring balance and sophistication to any room. These include the Edit (the brands most popular fabrics), Cool and Contemporary, Timeless Classics, Bright and Beautiful, and Sophisticated Neutrals. SS19 fabric swatches, free to order online.jpg

Think of it as a virtual stylist hand selecting six complimentary tones for you to try out at home in your very own space.

Introducing Visual Comfort & Co

Since 1997, Visual Comfort & Co, has been the premier resources for signature designer lighting. Just over 30 years, Visual Comfort & Co has produced lighting with some of the most influential names in design using materials of exceptional quality and distinctive, hand applied, living finishes. Visual Comfort is proud to offer the industry’s widest range of incomparable lighting choices of extraordinary quality at a remarkable value.

Visula Comfort & Co was established to bring together premium quality and the ultimate style in lighting design. The array of amazing designers include E.F. Chapman, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade New York, Thomas O’Brien, AERIN, Kelly Wearstler, Julie Neill, Alexa Hampton, Barbara Barry, Suzanne Kasler, Christopher Spitzmiller, Ian K. Fowler, Peter Bristol, John Rosselli, J. Randall Powers, Lauren Rottet, Eric Cohler, Barry Goralnick, Clodagh, Michael S. Smith, Joe Nye, Studio VC and Niermann Weeks.

Screenshot 2019-03-25 18.27.13.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 18.27.22.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 18.27.33.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 18.27.40.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 18.27.50.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 18.28.06.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-25 18.28.12.jpg

Lee Broom's Park Life Show Debuts New Eclipse Collection

Lee Broom has created one of his most significant landmark exhibitions to date with ‘Park Life’. Presented with Space Furniture in Australia, the showcase is set within the urban surroundings of an underground car park. The 4,000 square feet presentation is the largest show Lee Broom has created.

Lens Flair Chess Board

Lens Flair Chess Board

The British designer has transformed the industrial car park and created a contemporary interpretation of a traditional garden park.  ‘Park Life’ takes the form of a maze, which guides guests on a poetic journey of discovery through hidden passageways, featuring 16 tableaus and vignettes showcasing the brand’s lighting, furniture and accessories in a whole new light.

The exhibition is inspired by the pleasure gardens of the 18th century which were laid out with mazes and miniature waterways.  These were the places to be seen and to see the latest in art, architecture, music and illuminations.  In much the same way that visitors were entertained in pleasure gardens centuries ago, this modernist interpretation creates a sense of escapism, amusement and drama for which Lee Broom’s shows are best-known for.

Crystal Bulb Pendants

Crystal Bulb Pendants

Fulcrum Pendants in Polished Gold

Fulcrum Pendants in Polished Gold

Ring Light

Ring Light

Lee Broom commented: “I am delighted to return to Australia to present this exciting exhibition with Space Furniture and visit Singapore for the first time during Singapore Design Week. Australia has been a big supporter of my work for many years and it is an honour to create such a significant installation to showcase my collection in Sydney.”

Park Life showcases from 14 to 22 March 2019. Space Furniture, Sydney

Elvang Launches a New Double-Faced Throw Collection

Spring is just around the corner and the need for welcoming this anticipated season into our home grows. Swapping out heavy winter blankets for lightweight throws is an easy way to update and freshen up our home for spring. 

Elvang launches a new double-faced throw called Venice. A wonderful soft and airy throw with delicate eyelash fringes. The throw is double-faced and the douce colour palette and the sumptuous textures make this beauty an essential home accessory. 

Venice is launched in the beautiful colour combinations of white/latte, white/grey and white/nude. The latte and nude colours will inject feminine tones into the Scandinavian homes and Venice in the classic light grey colour will add an elegant masculinity to any sofa or bed. 

Elvang were the first company to introduce the luxury quality of alpaca throws to Scandinavia 16 years ago. Tina and Lasse, the couple behind Elvang, took the first alpaca throws with them from their backpacking trip to Peru. Elvang's products are now sold throughout most of the world. The company is known for its high level of integrity in relation to suppliers, collaborators and customers and their products are valued highly for good quality and Scandinavian aesthetics. Elvang is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), as one of the few companies in Denmark.


Wedgwood introduces Wild Strawberry Gold

Throughout 2019, Wedgwood celebrates 260 years of innovation and craftsmanship. Since its foundation in 1759, Wedgwood has since developed a rich heritage throughout the centuries and, with a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen, Wedgwood is known for a standard of excellence. Wedgwood designers have continued to bring inspiration to the table throughout the decades and for Spring 2019, we celebrate with a new edition to the Wild Strawberry Collection. 

To mark 260 wonderful years of Wedgwood, the Wild Strawberry Collection is complimented with the addition of gold foliage and delicate butterflies. First designed in 1965, Wild Strawberry continues its journey of transformation with 5 new accent shapes to the collection.

The design features crisp and white fine bone china with finely drawn leaves, flowers and succulent red strawberries. Made in England the Wild Strawberry Gold collection showcases British craftsmanship and time-honoured decorative skills synonymous with Barlaston, the home of Wedgwood.

Wild Strawberry Gold.jpeg
Wild Strawberry Gold1.jpeg